How to Make a Candy Cake

By Guest Blogger Kathy Zengolewicz

I have been crafting for some years now and I’d like to share some of the things that I’ve made over the years. I love to give home made gifts to people at Christmas, but my crafting projects are great all year. If you’re interested in taking some unique ideas and turning them into a finished craft like me, follow me on this blog. I will have a new and exciting project every week for you to try. Please leave comments before and after you try you hand at my crafty ideas. If you have a better way of completing a project you see here, please share!

The first project I will share with you is a candy cake. It’s not a conventional cake, it’s made with mini Hershey bars. Here is a four tier candy cake that I have made.

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Image: Kathy Zengolewicz

You will need:

  • Approximately 90 mini-Hershey bars. You can buy a big bag at Costco’s or Sam’s Club.
    • 12 bars for the 4 inch disc
    • 19 bars for the 6 inch disc
    • 25 bars for the 8 inch disc
    • 31 bars for the 10 inch disc
  • A large bag of Hershey kisses
  • Four styrofoam discs – from any craft store
    • One-4 inch disc
    • One 6 inch disc
    • One 8 inch disc, and
    • One 10 inch disc
  • A glue gun
  • Double sided tape – if you are personalizing the candy bars, to tape the wrappers to the bars.
  • Wooden skewers – available at any craft store
  • Spool type spacers – also available at any craft store
  • A graphics program if you want to personalized the candy bars, which I did.
  • Heavy medium sized rubber bands
  • Cardboard cake rounds

The first step that I take is to cover the discs with pretty paper. Just get scraps of paper, place the discs on the paper and trace and cut out. Next, glue the paper to the discs and let dry. If you are going to personalize the candy bars, you will need to print and cut that paper to fit your bars. If you don’t have an application to print the candy wrappers, don’t worry they looks just as nice with just the Hershey paper showing. Okay, here goes.

Take your candy bars and start gluing them around the sides of the 4 inch disc. If you want, you can place the bars around the disc and hold them in place with a large rubber band and glue them one at a time. That’s the way I do it. Make sure that the candy bars are tightly together. Repeat this step with the other discs and let them dry completely.

Once the candy is secure take a spool and glue it to the center of each disc except the 4 inch disc. In turn, glue the 8 inch disc, with candy, to the spool on the 10 inch disc. Then glue the 6 inch disc to the 8 inch disc, and lastly the 4 inch disc to the 6 inch disc. When you have the four tiers assembled, be careful it is fragile, take your skewers and run them through the four tiers to stabilize the cake. Place the skewers toward the middle of the cake. Glue the cake onto a 10 or 12 inch cardboard cake round.

There will be a slight space between the tiers, just enough room to put some kisses in there. Decorate the top with a bow and you’re all set. You have a candy cake to give as a gift or to enjoy yourself.

Kathy Zengolewicz is an author, ghostwriter, editor and proofreader. To learn more about Kathy and her services, visit her website at

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    • Miki Turowski

      Maybe someone has already given you this suggestion, but when I have covered these mini-bars I use 1″x2 5/8″ (Avery 8160) address labels that I can print with any graphic/background/text that I want. Or you could decorate them with inks and rubber stamps. They are the perfect size for covering the Hershey’s mini-bars and are stickers, so no glueing or taping! Love your idea of building a cake with them! Thanks for sharing!

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