Greener Back-To-School Lunches

Waste-Free Lunches estimates that the average child with a take-to-school lunch creates a whopping 67 pounds of waste per school year (that’s about 19,000 lbs of waste per each average elementary school). School lunches are full of waste. Some typical culprits…

  • Paper or plastic lunch bags and containers.
  • Snack packs of cookies, crackers, pudding cups, fruit cups, jello cups, and raisins.
  • Juice boxes, juice bottles, bottled water, or worse hard to recycle squeeze novelty drinks.
  • Plastic baggies, foil, and plastic wrap for all sorts of foods.
  • Lunchables or other building lunch kits.
  • Paper napkins and plastic silverware.

This year green it up with some better options…


Instead of paper lunch sacks or plastic lunch boxes full of chemicals choose a reusable lunch container made with safe materials. My two favorite kid lunch kits are the all inclusive Bento Systems 2.0 Laptop Lunch Kit shown above. and the Waste Free Lunch Kit (shown below) – these are cool because they come with everything you need.


However, you can also simply get a bag then fill it with other eco-friendly options. Other nice earth-friendly options include:

Other gear:

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