Carnival of Positive Thinking

As always on a Sunday here are articles which may help you if you are feeling depressed and get you to think positively again despite your grief

Jon Beebe presents Perception of Life, or Creation in Mind? posted at Blog, saying, “Article about why apathy is present, how you control it, and how to overcome it for good, so you can start thinking positively.”

Erin Pavlina presents 5 Good Ways to Ground Yourself posted at Erin Pavlina’s Blog, saying, “Have you ever heard someone talk about being grounded? Are you grounded? Or is your energy drifting off like a helium balloon in the sky? What does it even mean to be grounded and why is it important?”

Vincent presents 10 Ways To Help You Get Out Of A Slump posted at Hit Your Goals, saying, “Learn how to get out of a slump using these 10 ways.”

Taylor Coburn presents Quiz: Abundance of Time and Goals posted at Motivia, saying, “What is the secret behind one person wasting their time and another person spending it engaged pursuing their goals?”

Lana Kravtsova presents Law of Attraction Tips-What Is Your Vision? posted at Dream Followers.

Celes presents [Delete] Button posted at Celestine Chua, saying, “Do you find yourself often thinking negative thoughts and feeling negative? Here’s a useful concept to get remove your negativity and focus on the positive.”

Bill presents Attitude is Everything posted at Bubble Planner, saying, “We’d be delighted to be part of your carnival.”

christopher foster presents A little time in Heaven ? waiting in a medical clinic posted at, saying, “This post describes a personal experience of inner peace and joy while waiting in a doctor’s office”

Warren presents Six Success-Enhancing Behaviours that Good Moods Bring You posted at, saying, “You might have thought of happiness as being a result of things that happen to you, but research is now showing it can actually be a cause of things too. Here’s a quick review of how it works.”

Patricia Turner presents 100 YouTube Videos to Instantly Improve Your Mood posted at MRI Technician Schools.

Wise_Bread presents The Best Book I’ve Ever Read About Making Changes Stick posted at Wisebread.

Donald Latumahina presents How to Get Your Morning Off to a Great Start posted at Life Optimizer.

fourleafclovergoodluckcharms presents Four Leaf cLovers posted at Four Leaf cLover Good Luck, saying, “Luck plays a hugely significant role in many different aspects of our lives. Luck has the power to transform both our personal and professional lives. Do you feel lucky?”

Kiko Erel presents The Separating Mind – Contrast Relativity and Yin Yang posted at Selfish Help.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of positive thinking using our carnival submission form.

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