Are books giving you guilt?

Books are just crammed full of paper aren’t they. Sadly, many of us can’t live without them, (self included), so what’s a tree hugger to do? It is a problem. You can buy recycled content books, but they’re few and far between (ahem, write your fave publisher and ask that they print on recycled content paper). So what’s your other option? No books OR you could  team up with Eco-Libris. Eco-Libris is an organization that helps you to give back to the earth.


Because no one wants to ban books, Eco-Libris strives to make books guilt free by planting trees for the books you read.

How it works…

  1. You decide how many books you’d like to balance out. You can balance out 5 or 500 books, it’s up to you and your book habits.
  2. You pay for the book guilt at about $1 per book for under 10 books and as you plant more the price goes down (under a dollar per book).
  3. After you pay for your book use, Eco-Libris will work with planting partners in developing countries to make sure that the tree you’re having planted will offer significant value for both the environment and the local communities.
  4. For each book you balance you’ll get an Eco-Libris sticker, which is made from recycled paper. The sticker is designed to help you spread the word about this organization. Plus it shows off an eco-commitment.

See all the benefits of Eco-Libris for you, communities, and the planet.

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