5 Myths About Skin Cancer, Video Tuesday

With so much in the news these days about skin cancer, what does it all mean?

While the sky isn’t falling in quite yet, there are major concerns about how the sunlight is affecting our skin and causing increasing numbers of serious and potentially fatal skin cancers. On the other hand, we also read about how we’re not getting enough sunlight and we’re becoming Vitamin D deficient.

Moderation is absolutely the key in most things. By taking in bits of sunshine to satisfy our vitamin D needs, we’re not usually exposing ourselves to enough sunlight to have to worry about melanoma (skin cancer). However, by believing in certain myths, we just may be increasing our risk.

To help you sort out what is what when it comes to sunshine and skin cancer, here is a video made by Dr. Neil Schultz,  a practicing NYC dermatologist. Click on the TV screen below to watch Dr. Schultz as he debunks five common myths about skin cancer.



Image: iStock.com

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