Would You Buy the Breastfeeding Doll?

Believe it or not they have finally made the perfect doll to explain breastfeeding to your 5-year-old daughter. By this I mean there is a doll, the Bebe Gluton, that your child can now breastfeed! I do remember all the questions my son had on why I was letting his sister under my shirt and why I never fed her.

IMG: istockphoto

IMG: istockphoto

But I just simply explained it and he shrugged it off.  I guess a doll might help others though. Okay on a more serious note, I’m totally against this. But I want to know what you think. I can understand that a child likes to pretend to be a mommy, however it seems a bit disturbing to me as well as a few others I’ve noticed.

Some have stated:

-  Breastfeeding is only natural so why would this be strange?
-  My daughter will never have this.
-  only a pervert would get this for a little girl
-  What were they thinking?

Early this morning when I first saw this I wrote about it on my own blog which you can read at The Life of a Home Mom. Let me know what you are thinking.   I do know that this is not the first time a company has come out with a “controversial doll.”  Here’s some that upset people in the past:

-  The Pregnant Barbie
The 19th Century Pregnant Doll (very graphic)
Midge the Pregnant Barbie Doll (was booted off Walmart shelves)

I won’t lie to you, we had the pregnant Midge doll. My daughter didn’t understand that there was a baby inside my tummy so I bought the doll to show her. Before anyone says anything I later took the tummy away and she had a newborn baby and a barbie. The 19th Century Doll shows how it really is and I hope that it is used in a health class, however this is definitely not one I’d tell anyone to buy for a little girl. Talk about nightmares for life. What do you think? Have you owned one of the above? Would you?

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    • http://piseco.homeschooljournal.net PisecoMom

      No, I wouldn’t buy it… because I don’t care for dolls that have batteries inside! That fake crying gets on my nerves. But both of my kids (a boy and a girl) have “nursed” various dolls and stuffed animals, acting out the natural feeding practices that they see around them. There’s nothing wrong with that!

    • Mindy

      I saw this all over the news with people complaining about it. My daughter tells me that she wants to be like me when she grows up, not a teacher but a “breastfeeder”. All I could think when all three of the news reporters talked about how disgusting it was…was OMG, I have to get that for my 2yo. My 11 yo just saw the add and said, I want one of those. Since when is naturally nursing a baby sick? They likened it to the sex act of making one. I am shocked and saddened each time our media shows how twisted and sick the general public’s mind has become with our prudish mentality in the U.S.