Pros and cons of organic Halloween pumpkins

When it comes to organics there are foods you should always buy organic and then some that are on the fence. I’d say that Halloween pumpkins are way on the fence. Why even bring this up – I mean it’s only flipping August. Well, the best way to get an organic pumpkin on the cheap (organic pumpkins can cost a lot) is to grow your own. However, if you grow your own, you’ll need to get going asap.


Let’s look at the cons:

  • Organic pumpkins are large, heavy, and can cost substantially more than non-organic.
  • Organic pumpkins are free from pesticides, but in relative terms, conventional pumpkins won’t expose your family to an overly large amount of pesticides. Most of us only get them a couple of times a year and even if you make pies and eat the seeds your pesticide exposure is lower then say if you eat some non-organic apples.
  • If you’re not at all munching that pumpkin, health-wise in your own home, organic pumpkins make less sense. They do however expose the planet to pesticides (see below)

Pros of organic pumpkins include:

  • Organic agriculture and the ongoing good health of farmers and farm workers are supported with organic purchase.
  • Organic supports healthy rivers, soil, streams, rivers, air, and an overall healthy planet.
  • Other plants can be harmed by conventional pumpkins. “Two of the major herbicides used in pumpkins, clomazone and ethalfluralin, have either the potential to injure the crop being grown or cause severe injury to non-target plants.Source.
  • Pumpkins contribute a large amount of pesticides to the world. It’s been noted that if all pumpkin farms went organic, we’d cut pesticide use by about 400,000 pounds per year.

I think organic is a good plan because it supports an overall healthy planet. BUT if you don’t have the room in your budget, buy foods your family eats often in organic form and skip the organic pumpkin.

What are your plans for this year’s pumpkins? Grow your own, organic, conventional?

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    • Peggy Rowland

      It’s easy to find organic pumpkin filling in a can these days. Buying a big organic pumpkin to make a pie seems like way too much trouble and expense to me!

      As for my pumpkin habits, my mom always gives me five more pumpkins than I want. I’m not sure if they’re organic. I need to ask.

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    • Theresa Niel

      I enjoy the fall with the turning of the leaves colors and pumpkin pie organic or non-organic. For what I have read pumpkins do not absorb pesticides as other crops due to their protective outer coating.