Ten simple eco-focuses for green living

There are tons of ways to go green or to stay greener, but here are some good areas to focus on.

ten green focus areas

  1. Energy: Look into renewable energy. Lower your thermostat, see if you can sign up for green power through your local energy providers, and turn out the lights.
  2. Waste: Buy recycled goods, reuse the goods you own, compost buy items that come in recyclable packaging, buy used goods, and implement a home recycling routine.
  3. Water: Take shorter showers, build a rain barrel, use low-flow shower heads, and test your toilet for leaks.
  4. Community: Organize community clean up efforts, petition to plant more trees, tear down fences and make friends with your neighbors. People who communicate are better equipped to create eco-friendly change in a community.
  5. Dwelling: Build or buy green homes or look for a green apartment community. Keep your home free from toxins and improve your indoor air quality.
  6. Transportation: Take public transportation more often and walk, carpool, or bike more when possible. Choose a fuel efficient car.
  7. Food: Buy local food and organics, especially the most important organics. Support local farms by signing up for a CSA or shop at your local farmers market.
  8. Businesses: Buy products from local (when possible) sustainable businesses that have eco-ethics.
  9. Employment: Many folks spend more time at work than they do at home. All those things you do at home – saving energy, conserving water, recycling, and so on, are all things you should do at work too.
  10. Kids: Talk to your kids early on about green living. Teaching younger generations about eco-friendly living is one of the best ways to ensure positive green changes.

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