Lollipop, Lollipop, Oh Lolli-Lollipop…

When I was a kid there was nothing like a huge, in  your face lollipop to make the world perfect. At least for me. I have always had just that bit of sweet tooth. Bit? Like Grand Canyon is a bit of a ditch.

Anyway, in my search for the ever so cool I found  Lolliphile. It is the coolest site. It was new to me, although it might not be to you.


Guess who Kyrie takes after? Uh Huh. This was taken at a local candy store, by the way.

They have unusual flaovred lollies like Bourbon, White Russian, Absinthe, Wasabi Ginger, Maple Bacon, and Pomegranate Tangerine. They look like oversized Dum Dum pops.

Wasabi Ginger? I am seriously looking these over wondering which I would start with! It would be a cool stocking stuffer for the foodie on you list this Christmas..not too early to think about that.O.k. yeah, it IS too early to think about that but get some anyway..they look awesome.

image:marye audet

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    • Cori. G

      Hi Marye,
      I’d have to go for the Pomegranate Tangerine. Wasabi in a lolli, I’m not sure about that one ;-O!
      Hey, I’ve been trying to get over here all week long. Just a hint, if you pick up that book, don’t tell Marc you’re reading it. My sweet hubby has made several comments like, “I think you need to go read that book.” Dishes on the counter, laundry needing to be done, and I’m playing on my computer.

      xoxo Cori

    • Cindy W.

      Hey Marye!

      I received a few Lollyphile candies from a friend as a gift, and they were good enough to get me to go and order a bunch for myself. That’s where the good news ends, though!

      After almost three months of waiting on my order and sending in more than five emails, I haven’t received the product or a refund or even any response from the company whatsoever. A quick look around the ‘net revealed that a ton of other people have had the same problem! Some got their product after a few months, and some are still waiting and have been waiting even longer than me!

      As fun and nice as this company’s product sounds, I just had to mention (even though this is years after you’ve written your article) that the customer service is by far the worst I’ve ever dealt with and it seems they love to run away with customer money!

      Best wishes,

    • Marye Audet

      LOL! I know..I have had that experience before with other books. :/