Blogsurfing Saturday August 22

I am freezing! The sun is just waking up…and there is a dim glow to the trees. The goats and chickens have not started clamoring for their breakfasts yet, and no one is up except Marc and I. He left for work a few minutes ago..Why am I freezing? The fan in the window is blowing in chilled air!  It is a cool morning more reminiscent of August in Michigan than August in Texas.

I am starting to feel frustrated with being out of my kitchen. I think today I will try to get in there and maintain enough momentum to actually finish something. I have an idea for ….well never mind. You should see it soon. :) I am so ready to be back to full energy that I can’ t stand it. The last surgery I had was when I was 27 and I was definitely back at it before now..of course that was over 20 years ago…Surely I couldn’t be slowing down? The horror!


I was so excited this week because Marc and the kids built a small run for the one, lone chick we hatched. It was the only chick that hatched out of the great “incubation experiment” of 2009 and had been living in the house in a large, metal horse tank tub. It was time for it to move outside, it is half grown and the kids were taking it out everyday for sunshine. It has become a pet, following them around and standing on their feet chirping at them intently. The other chickens would have killed it..and so now it has its very own home. I am hoping to add to it soon.

My scar is healing finally, and it doesn’t look too bad. So much for it being small, though. It is about five inches long, taking up most of the front of my neck. Looks like a five year old sewed it up. I am thinking of getting some black leather and going for a tough-girl look. Thoughts?

O.k… ready to see what I have found?


That’s it for me…I hope you have a great weekend, and I hope I get to do some baking!

image:marye audet

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    • Bellini Valli

      I am glad to hear that life is content and moving forward after your surgery. You will be back in the kitchen again in full force making all those delicious dishes for your family!!Thanks for mentioning my salad it really was good!!!

    • Cori. G

      Well the goth look is definitely in so no one will think a thing about it ;-).
      My sister had her entire upper intestines removed several years ago and said that she was finally able to fulfill a life long dream…entering the Mrs. Frankenstein contest’-O.

      I’m glad you’re starting to feel better even if it is slowly. This may be the perfect opportunity to encourage your kids to take on some of those chores you’ve been dreading…LOL!

      Marye, it is truly the person on the inside that we see. A woman full of wit, dreams, and a desire to make this world a better place. Even if it is one recipe at a time…the world is a sweeter place for having you in it!!!!

      xoxo Cori
      Hey! Were the same age. I turn 48 in December. When do you?

    • Kathy W.

      I would expect your scar to minimize, but it might take longer than 2 weeks!
      I have people who claim they can’t see mine…but I can — it looks like a permanent neck wrinkle.
      However, knowing your flair for the dramatic, if going for the tough girl look floats your boat, have fun! LOLOL

    • Marye Audet

      Valli..that salad looks amazing..thanks for sharing!

    • Marye Audet

      Aww Cori…sniff..thanks..