Alternatives to toxic cleaners

In Green Cleaners Aren’t Worth That Much, I noted that I’d be back with some safer, greener options to conventional, toxic, store-bought cleaners.

Basically, you’ve got three eco-friendly options:

  1. Make your own natural, non-toxic cleaners.
  2. Buy natural, non-toxic cleaners.
  3. Don’t clean.

I know, don’t clean really isn’t a great option; just making sure you’re awake.

how to buy green cleaners

If you’re going to buy green cleaners, one, expect to pay more than you’d pay for conventional toxic cleaners (in most cases), and two, don’t be swayed by greenwashing companies if your goal is a better green lifestyle. For example, Clorox Greenworks is in truth, a safe non-toxic cleaner, BUT there is WAY more to being a green company than simply making one product, dying it green, and calling it a day. Clorox also makes mostly not eco-friendly products, many are super toxic, and there are plenty of other actual green companies who make green cleaners day in and day out, making them a more ethical choice. Also if you buy keep the following tips in mind:

  • Labels mean nothing. Ignore fancy ‘green’ packaging, cute little eco-labels and actually take the time to read your labels. See which ingredients are in said green cleaners. A little tip – if you can’t easily pronounce it, if you’re not sure what it means, there’s a good chance that an ingredient is not green.
  • Look for products that don’t test on animals.
  • Make sure the packaging is not excessive and make sure it’s recyclable. Buy the biggest container you can.
  • Learn more about the specific dos and don’ts of buying eco-friendly cleaners.

Some green store bought cleaners I can actually recommend include…

My favorite choice is make your own. You save money, you know exactly what’s in your cleaners, you save packaging (you can reuse the same bottles again and again), and it’s easy. If you want to try your hand at some super easy, not at all expensive homemade green cleaners take a look at the following helpful links:

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