How to make Autumn Arbor

Technique Tuesday!

I’ve been wanting to share with you about how Autumn Arbor was put together from several different components, but I neglected to take sufficiently detailed process photos while I was working on it.  For those of you who have some bead weaving experience, it’s probably easy enough to figure out. Three basic stitches were used to create the components, and then these pieces were woven together and embellished using the thread tails: tubular herringbone, free-form right angle weave, and spiral square stitch.

Step by step instructions


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    • tagorous

      I like your style. I have tried the spiral square stitch and I just know those twirly wirly things will come in handy

    • Jeannie

      Beadwork is magical.

    • Emi Ramsey

      Beautiful work! I love the colours and the combination of beads and weaves, very cool – thanks for the tutorial

    • Cyndi Lavin

      Thank you! I know from personal experience that you can *never* have too many twirly whirly things around :-)

    • Cyndi Lavin

      Thank you, Jeannie! This piece is one of my current faves :-)

    • Cyndi Lavin

      Thank *you* and you’re welcome! :-)