Top 5 Creative Ways to Pull a Loose Tooth

Truman has his first loose tooth and the thing is wiggling like Jell-o. I’m ready to get that tooth out and start playing Tooth Fairy, so I scoured the Internet for some of the best ways to yank a tooth. Some are old favorites from when we were kids. Others, well, others are a bit more innovative.

Top 5 Creative Ways to Pull a Loose Tooth

Dart Gun / Loose Tooth Pulling Device?

Dart Gun / Loose Tooth Pulling Device?

5. Wiggle it to death. When it’s ready, it’ll come out. But who wants to wait for that? Of course, you kid could swallow it, which by the way, is fine. Says Baby Center, “Other than disappointing the Tooth Fairy, swallowing a tooth won’t cause any harm.”

4. Feed you child an unpeeled, uncut apple. The idea is that the tooth should pop out with the first bite. My challenge would be to get my kid to eat an apple in the first place! You can also encourage your child to gnaw on a rag (what a pleasant thought) or bit into ice or frozen carrots. Nice idea, but ouch.

3. If your kid is a heavy sleeper, wait until he falls asleep. Then reach in and yank. I’m sure my son would never forgive me for this.

2. Tie one end of a piece of string or dental floss around your kid’s loose tooth and the other end to a doorknob. With the door closed, the string should be taut. Open the door and have you kid take one half step back. Then slam the door. The tooth should fly out of his mouth. I actually tried this when I was a kid and no, it didn’t work. But it did hurt like hell.

1. And the all-time most creative way to pull a tooth – use a dart gun and coax your child to “shoot, baby, shoot.” Want the details? See the video here at Observations From The Nation’s Capital blog.

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    • Eliza

      OUCH! Okay now as far as the door, it does not ALWAYS work…my dad tried this when I was younger. Oh and neither do pliers, at least not in my case. Here’s a few not tried on purpose but techniques that worked for us:

      - eat a sub, my son ate a meatball sub and when he was all done we’d realized he’d swallowed it. Boy that was not a fun night, he was so upset.
      - eat a pizza, my daughter did this one. Once again, another upset child. (this is because both this one and the top one swalled it)
      - let them play with one another. Mine were rough housing in the hall, which was never allowed as we had ceramic tile floor, it wasn’t the floor that did it. She went up by accident and bopped him in the face, tooth went flying since it was already loose.Big mess to clean.

      • jshdjshl

        why that didn’t make sence

    • graysen link

      my friend said to yank it out when i was young. i did it and i cried for a half our.

      the end

    • karieee

      need 2 pull out a tooth that has a cavity in it…………. any ways u can think of????

    • karieee


    • ang

      someone help me i tried everything i just want the tooth out

    • Shelby

      i only got 2 hours of sleep cuz of my tooth this isnt working!

    • Biggest_Gleek4Evs!


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