Giveaway: Avery School & Office Supplies

School just started back last week and we are going to celebrate with a school and office supply giveaway from Avery Dennison.  Hooray!

This giveaway includes great stuff like Hi-Liters, labels, GlueStics, binders, dividers, sheet protectors, Marks-a-Lot permanent markers, and t-shirt transfers. The gift basket has a retail value of over $50!


Avery recently partnered with Box Tops for Education. Now, when you purchase Avery school supplies for the new academic year you also receive Box Tops coupons to clip and return to your child’s school to be redeemed for cash. Each school then uses the cash at their discretion to purchase new supplies, fund programs, or buy much-needed equipment, computers, etc.

I know you’d like to win this great prize package from Avery. As usual, I have several ways for you to earn entries.  Of course, the more times you enter, the higher your odds of winning.  Here are your options:

1)  Leave a comment with something other than “enter me”. Tell me about the school supplies you like or maybe give me your favorite money saving tip.

2)  Tweet about this giveaway on twitter.  There is an easy tweet button to your right.  Be sure to leave your twitter name or status url in the comment box. You can earn 3 tweet entries per day.

3)  Follow @thriftymommy on twitter.

4)  Blog about this giveaway or mention it on some sort of forum. Leave a direct url so that I can easily find the info for your entry.

5)  Give this post a thumbs up on Stumble Upon, Digg It, add a link on Facebook, or some other way of promoting the giveaway.

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You can earn entries for each of these things that you do.  Please leave a separate comment for each one.  It just makes it easier for tallying entries and choosing a winner.

This contest ends Wednesday, September 9, 2009.  Winners will be contacted via email and will have 72 hours to respond.

Good luck everyone!

image from avery


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    • Katie R

      I’m following you on twitter @KJRichards

    • Elizabeth

      I love school supplies- I love glue sticks and the new plastic folders. I love ging a new planner each year. It is all so fun and fresh. a great way to start a New Year!

    • Elizabeth

      I am following you also on twitter@3peasinapod

    • Katie R

      My favorite school supply growing up was new crayons, all even and perfectly arranged in their box. Now, I love getting new pens. I can never find a working pen when I want one and buying a new pack promises that I can find one whenever necessary.

    • Katie R

      I am subscribed to your RSS feed as well.

    • Julie M

      My favorite school supplies are notebooks. My daughter has inherited the same love!

    • Tricia Z

      My favorite school supplies were always those that were for creative projects- like colored pencils. I also loved my Trapper Keeper!

    • Lori

      We are really into drawing in this house so we go through a lot of colored pencils. We also love to paint (even my one year old walks around with a paint brush!). I am excited to be in this giveaway!

    • Megan

      I love school supplies! This has always been my favorite time of the year. My favorites are pens and the quad-ruled paper (like graph paper). I can use it for writing or for drawing. We are able to save money on supplies because my son’s school starts 3 weeks later than most others in our area. Everything is on clearance by the time we get the supply list!

    • Jill

      We try to buy my daughter’s school supplies when Staples has the penny sales
      and stock up.

    • Megan

      Now following you on Twitter :)

    • Megan

      I’m also a Google Reader subscriber. Thanks!

    • Megan

      Retweeted your tweet (ostmega).

    • Lindley

      I love getting great deals on supplies (like the penny deals). I stock up for my home business and for many years’ worth of my kids’ school supplies. Picking out fun folders is my favorite part!

    • Lindley

      I’m an email subscriber-thanks!

    • Tonya

      I am Looking for tips,etc.I am in my 2nd year of homeschooling,on disability,try to stockpile,and looking for ANYTHING to save money.Homeschooling has not become as expensive as I was afraid it would be,but still,every little bit helps,right?LOL

    • Tonya

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    • Tonya

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    • Tonya

      I don’t know if I did it right,but I posted on Facebook,Tonya Wilson.

    • chris p

      On of my favorites things-fresh sharpened pencils and new boxes of crayons. It was always so hard to use the first one!! I pick up freebies at conventions and fairs-and buy in bulk when school supplies are on sale. I donate some to teachers-they are always having to use their own money for supplies, so even a little bit helps!

    • Leigh B.

      I am an educator and I have a bountiful supply of all kinds of pens. It just amazes me what new kinds of pens they come out with each year the new school supplies are put out. Thanks for this great giveaway!

    • Julie H

      I listen to your posts for deals like Staples and Office Max. Love the great deals. Shop mid summer for best buys before supplies are gone and prices go up. Our teachers ask for Ticondoroga brand pencils each year. They think those are best. Kids love grips for helping keep a hold of their pencils. Got my Avery Binder heavy duty for my 4th Gr boy. He was excited that it had 2 box tops on it! :)

    • Julie H

      It’s a little pricy, but Crayola has a cool melting machine to make swirled crayons. Use old crayons (recycle them) to make new ones. Saw it at Wal-Mart recently.

    • Tassie Montgomery

      I love school supplies. At the end of each year a always stock on on things I know my kids can use each year. I also, like to make a basket for each of my sons teacher for Chirstmas filled with things that they can use of the rest of the year. We do one gift for the room and one for the teacher :-)

    • Kristen

      I always try to stock up on the free deals through Staples and Officemax before each school year, and since my husband and I are both in school, and our daughter will be entering in a year, we definitely need to stock up!

    • Ann F

      I always liked picking out my new notebooks for the school year.

    • Sandra

      I shop the sales to get the school supplies we need, but I also coupon, as much as possible.

    • Rita M

      I love to take advantage of the back-to-school sales to supplement my home office supplies.

    • Margaret Smith

      I love back to school sales. My favorite back to school supplies are spiral pads, loose leaf pages and pencils and pens. I try to stock up with all the great sales.

    • Valerie

      I love school supplies! Can’t have enough!

    • elizabeth p

      I love high lighters! With a husband in college we go through several different colors and styles.

    • Bridgette Groschen

      I love anything that organizes. Three ring binders with colored dividers for different subjects, which leads to my love of highlighters and post-it flags. I have 4 kids so organization has become necessary. Thanks!

    • Bridgette Groschen

      I tweeted you on twitter. id is joeandbridge

    • Bridgette Groschen

      I follow you on twitter. id is joeandbridge

    • Bridgette Groschen

      I subscribed to your newsletter!

    • Linda White

      I shop the sales and keep stuff on hand for later! Crayolas smell so good!

    • Shannon Baas

      buy ahead of time for later in the year.

    • Ron Burch

      In honesty i spend way too much school shopping for my kids. Probably stems from me being in school, i always felt the need to have everything on the shelves eventhough i know i didn’t need most of it! Coupons are your friends when shopping for school supplies! :)

    • Beth

      This is the first year I had to buy a spiral notebook for my son. I always have fun buying things to fill their pencil boxes with.

    • Amber G

      My favorite money saving tip is to use coupons for items that are already on sale – then you get double savings!

    • sandy

      love school shopping and yes buy too much and end up donating some or making backpacks but look at the deals. i stock up for a whole year and send boxes all over and to the troops so they get goodies too. Buy school supplies at the first of the year when there are big deals all over- thats my tip and buy enough for the whole year

    • Roxanne Ellis Raymond

      I keep an eye on the flyers in the sunday paper to see who has very low prices on supplies, and plan from there

    • Roxanne Ellis Raymond

      following you on twitter – saphyress

    • Clarissa Neiding

      school supplies will make you broke real quick these days. when i went to school we took pencils crayons and paper when you got older. scissors, paper towels, baggies…all that sort stuff was supplied. its crazy we have to things like soap for the school!!

    • Amy K

      I think washable markers are the greatest invention ever! lol

    • Amy K

      added on Twitter – @mamawrites

    • Amy K

      Stumbled Upon!

    • Kendra

      awesome giveaway !! yes sales and bargains to be on the lookout for to stock up and be ready !

    • Chris G.

      My favorite school supplies are ruled paper, pencil cases, and steno pads. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Chris G.
    • Chris G.

      I follow you on twitter (sunnyview99)!

    • Chris G.
    • Chris G.

      I stumbled (sunnyview99)!

    • Chris G.

      You are on my blog roll:

    • Linda Lansford

      I use folders and pencils and paper most

    • allyson ayala

      i miss buying school supplies for my kids, so know i donate them to a family center in a poorer part of town…they could really use this

    • Carol Lawrence

      I’m a secret marker sniffer, so that’s my favorite school supply.

    • Tari Lawson

      I like to stock up on school supplies I will need for next year at the end of this years season. I can’t get everything but I get great deals on many of the things my kids will need for the next year.

    • Sharon Harmon

      I LOVE pens!! I also like spiral notebooks. I save money by waiting til school has been in session 1-2 weeks, then buying supplies, because the
      stores slash prices! Thank you for the contest!

    • Darlene

      I have always liked pens. I like getting new pens. I like getting free pens. I just like pens.

    • Heather S

      I like highlighters and post it notes. I always have post its with me for quick notes.

    • Carol G

      Years ago, I got into the habit of really stocking up on supplies during the back to school sales, and even though my children are grown now, I still do that–not to quite the same extent now though, since it is for household use rather than school. That did change some this year, since both my daughter and my granddaughter went back to school–guess where they came to get most of their supplies!

    • McKim

      My daughter who wanted to go out of state to college now wants everything with our home state logo on it for school supplies. Like they say, you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone!

    • Carol

      My best tip, and it sounds simplistic, is to limit your food shopping to once a week, and other shopping only when you absolutely absolutely must get something. I find that I can be creative with my meals when I have to be, and I use what’s on hand.

    • Carol
    • Carol

      Follow @thriftymommy on twitter. cdziuba

    • Carol
    • Carol

      I posted/shared your giveaway on my Facebook page Carol P Dziuba

    • Carol
    • Carol
    • Laura Collins

      I follow on twitter.

    • Laura Collins

      For a money saving tip I pay myself for each load of laundry I wash.
      Fifty cents if I hang the clothes outside.

    • stacy kin

      I like when the calculators go on sale and look out for them all the time since they can be expensive.

    • Jennifer M

      To save money, buy your kid a cute outfit for the first day of school–then wait! As soon as school starts, all the clothes go on deep discount. Do the rest of the shopping the weekend after school starts.

    • elle

      my tip is to buy a ton of school supplies at the beginning of the school year, when they are dirt cheap- and put half back. new supplies are needed at the semester change, when school supplies are NEVER on sale! anything you don’t need can be donated to your school!

    • karin

      i try to stock up on supplies the year before when they go on clearance

    • denise

      I love new pens and pencils. I hope my kids have the same appreciation for them.


    • Holly W

      I love the colored hi-liters. I have boys in all walks of school: High School, Jr. High and Elementary and they all use the hi-liters for their work.

    • Laura Collins

      id sweepcoupon

    • Denyse

      Can you believe I had to go all over for Earasable Pens. When I finally found them, they’re sold 5 to a pack. The teacher wants 6- No way am I buying 2 packs at $3 a pack for one extra pen! Grrr!

    • Erin M

      i even use these supplies for My OWN personal folders
      and files i make for myself.
      Each for every area of my life that i hold papers for::Like
      Health and Food

      im old fashioned i guess
      i’d rather write things down and put it in my “files”
      helps me remember!!

    • Erin M

      Follow on twitter now~

    • Sonya Sparks

      My favorite school supply would be the markers and index cards. Thanks

    • Shawnna

      The best way to save on school supplies is to stock up for the next year right after school starts. a LOT of the supplies go on clearance.

    • Richelle F

      I love new school supplies, even if I’m not in school. There is just something fun about a fresh notebook and new pens!

    • Jess Y

      I love notebooks and markers.

    • Carolyn G

      I love office supplies. I have a whole stash in the office because I hate running out.

    • Carolyn G
    • Carolyn G

      follow on twitter: carogonza

    • Kelly Ann T.

      I could not get through school without a USB drive.

    • Rita A

      I have always liked index cards and post-it notes. I use them all the time.

    • JC

      Among all school supplies, I like Sharpie the most, every kind, seriously.

    • Kim H.

      We love looking for folders. There are so many to chose from and my girl is quite picky. Thanks so much for this contest!

    • Kim H.

      I am following you on twitter! My name there is asketcher1

    • Alicia

      I like any & all school supplies. At work, we provide backpacks full of supplies to underprivileged kids. I think this year we did 2000+

      Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

    • scottsgal

      I shopped Staples this school year when they had their penny sales – they had really good deals

    • Katie

      I love pens and planners! I’m very picky about my pens, they have to ink and I prefer a fine tip :) Great Giveaway!.

    • Katie

      I’m now a twitter follower @punkiepie1022

    • May Schultz

      We use the Glu Stiks a LOT, and also Hi-Liters. But personally I just LOVe a new pen to write with. Somehow it feels so good to be starting out new again.

    • Ellie W

      I have a thing for pens. My philosophy is that you can never have too many. I love every shape, size, and color pens. It’s a sickness.

    • angie

      I like highlighters, markers, and notebooks.

    • Daniel M

      my niece and nephew go back to school next week and could really use this, i like the multisubject-organizer notebooks

    • Meghan McFadden

      I have a pen fetish. I love new pens, especially the ones with comfortable grips. Thanks for the contest opportunity!

    • barbara wright

      I’ve learned that the stores WAY overbuy school supplies. So if you wait until all the kids are in school, the sales get better. That’s the time to stock up for next year. And don’t just throw what you buy in a closet. Have a set place in your house that the kids can go when they need more pencils, pens, etc. Then you won’t forget that you bought them, PLUS your kids won’t have to ask you where the xxx is, because they will already know.

    • barbara wright
    • barbara wright

      I follow you on Twitter – bsw529

    • barbara wright
    • Shilo Beedy

      I try to buy all the supplies on sale and usually shop for them at walmart.

    • Susan Ledet

      It seems like I’m always having to buy some type of school supplies on a monthly basis. We go through markers, paper, pens and hi-lighters like crazy. This is a super nice package with lots of goodies for school.

    • Mya Brooks

      My money saving tip is finding sales and using coupons!

    • Kimberly L

      I like pens, paper, highlighters, markers, and notebooks

    • Denise B.

      We homeschool, and we also use supplies for arts and crafts such as paper plates and paper bags.

    • shel

      There are times I wish I was back in school just because I have a school-supply fetish. At least I live vicariously through my children every school year. My favorite school supplies are pens and that great paste that came in the jar..that smelled wonderful and brings back so many school memories. Secret confession, I often open that paste up when I’m in the store and I see it, just for a whiff.

    • shel
    • shel

      Thifty Mommy is on my blogroll

    • shel

      Stumbled (auntiethesis)

    • reallycool31

      I am a fiend when it comes to highlighters, smooth-writing pens, and cute post-it style notes.

    • Jaime

      I love school supplies and office supplies. I find it hard to resist buying new crayons. There is not much better than opening a new box of crayons.

    • mickeyfan

      We got thru highlighters like candy around here! And there’s something about a brand new notebook that just makes me smile.

    • Jaime
    • Jaime

      i follow @thriftymommy on twitter (@thelightsgodown)

    • AmandaK

      My money saving tip is to always make out a list of what you want to spend when grocery shopping. Also, put that grocery money aside. Don’t spend any more or any less than that.

    • Lisa D

      For back to school supplies you gotta go to like Target or walmart or kmart. They have those huge bins of supplies and you can get something like 10 spiral notebooks for $5 and pens, pencils etc. for cheap. Get them now while they still have all those supplies because once they are gone you have to buy the ones that are basically the same thing for me. I always get a supply and stock up this time of year.

    • Laura Collins
    • Jayne

      Store magic markers in a horizontal position and they will last longer than when stored upright.

    • Lauren McCormick

      These are superior products. We do better with the binders. It helps my son to stay organized so that he does not have to go hunting for lost papers or notes. And we can see the grades a lot better too without hunting!

    • Sharon A

      Our local bank is hosting a school supply collection for those students who may not be able to afford supplies. I would donate this to that program.

    • Theresa D

      We usually buy school supplies at Target. My sons seem to find everything they like there and I like the prices.

    • Theresa D

      I follow on twitter

    • charlene canfield

      Wow, this is the biggest school basket I have seen. I love the highliters. My son is in a small school so we order his books. He has already highlited so many things. It makes it easier for him to study.

    • charlene canfield

      I blogged about this giveaway.

    • charlene canfield

      following Thrifty Mommy on twitter.

    • Laura Klawitter

      School supply shopping is always fun- lets you feel ready for new beginnings, and a new year!

    • brittney

      my money saving tip – at th beginning of each year i round up all y purchases and save the change.. at the end of the year i have enough money to take my daughter on a shopping spree

    • Jen

      I’d love to win these for around the house more than for school supplies. My kids are starting pre and kindergarten this year. They would be extremely helpful in our office though!

    • Leann S

      I would love to have these for my classroom. I love the smell of new school supplies..mmmm

    • Leann S
    • Becky

      My husband is a teacher and would love to have these supplies in his classroom!

    • mary l.

      Highlighters are an absolute must when it comes to back-to-school shopping. I like the new erasable kind. Anyone tried them?

    • Jill Myrick

      When back to school shopping begins and the stores have all of the great prices on supplies I buy in bulk and store items such as paper,notebooks,report folders and pencils for later in the year.
      THank you so much for the chance to win.

    • Jill Myrick

      I am following on Twitter as jlsc123.

    • Courtney S

      I love pens and sharpies! I also love to look at the cute spiral notebooks!

    • Sonya

      To save money on school supplies I shop the sales all summer and save a ton!

    • Sonya

      I follow on Twitter as dewer421.

    • Christie

      Use coupons, absolutely, to save money, of course, but also to have fun! To me it is fun to check out and then see what you saved.

    • Audrey M.

      My daughter loves pens and dividers.Both daughters go through alot of pens. Thankyou :)

    • Huguette E.

      My tip is watch for sales and buy the extra you’ll need during the year while it is on special. Walmart had paper one week for 33 cents, now that’s a great deal!!

    • Mary Marlatt

      The people in my office go wild for GREEN ink pens! Weird. Me, I like calendars — of all kinds!

    • Huguette E.

      I’m a follower on twitter – henglish

    • shawna

      I love pens and highlighters. When things go on sale we stock up.

    • Amanda S.

      We did most of our school supply shopping in July. The stores seemed to have the best sales then! With three kids, I have to stock up when they’re on sale. :)

    • Selene M.

      My favorite school supplies would be markers with various size points, 3×5 cards, class organizer, and plenty of notepads.

    • Bryanna P.

      I love yer blog!….thanks for yet another great giveaway!… =D

    • amy delong

      I like highlighters&cool folders


    • My3Sons33

      I have 6 school supply lists to shop from this year, and I still don’t have everything that my boys need. My tip is to shop early, if possible. Unfortunately, our schools don’t give out supply lists ahead of time. I wish they would.

    • My3Sons33
    • Belinda Shaw

      I really like to use coupons for school supplies. I also buy pens and markers for my grandchildren to use at home and at school.

    • Jennifer

      Using coupons helps and buying the stuff on sale

    • Huguette English
    • Huguette E.

      stumbled – henglish

    • Patty Boutin

      Thank you so much for having this contest. I really appreciate it.

    • Melissa Resnick

      read the adds compare prices

    • damon

      We buy when things are on sale and buy extras for the following year.

    • Jenny Gibbons

      My favorite money saving tip is to toss all of my spare change into a big jar. After a few months, I’ve got a nice emergency fund of coins. You’d be shocked at how quickly you’ll build up $100-$200.

    • Kathy Scott

      My kids are begging for mechanical pencils.

    • Happi Shopr

      read the ads, comparison shop, use coupons/rebates

    • Angela Palmer

      I always hit the sales. You can get some great bargains at the beginning of the school year. My kids gave up on regular pencils a while back. They much prefer the mechanical ones. I can’t figure it out. I always preferred the feel of the reg #2 wooden ones.

    • EL Valente

      My new favorite item that I use constantly is the retractable hi-liters I found at an office store.

    • Bambi M

      We love pens! I’ll use anything, but hubby *has* to have fine pens (0.5mm). It means we always have pens to hand out when needed :)

      Thanks for the great giveaway :)

    • Sean Loup

      I love T-SHIRT TRANSFERS. Great for kids. Office supplies places give away coupons all the time! USE THEM!!!!!!

    • Paula H

      My best money tip is to always check your receipt before leaving the store. Today we had to buy a small cabinet that was on sale. I checked and found that I was over charged $24! I also try to watch closely when they are ringing me up. I catch a lot that way, too.

    • Paula H

      I follow on Twitter- @ksh123

    • Shane Murray

      I love backpacks – so useful! And it’s so cool that Avery has Box Tops 4 Education.

    • Gabriel J.

      I love using coupons, it saves me money!

    • Auriette

      I have an inexplicable fascination with office supplies. I think my love of pens and paper comes from my love of writing. A blank page is endless possibility. Paper clips and thumb tacks come in such interesting shapes and colors. I enjoy just walking down the aisle and looking, and on those rare occasions when I permit myself to indulge, I will hoard my new treasures and wait for the “right” time to use them.

    • Kerrie Mayans

      I am a crayola products junkie. Every school year i end up buying myself and kids more products for the art supply closet at home when we go school supply shopping. This year, I bought these cool triangle shaped crayons that don’t roll adn encourage preschoolers to hold the crayon correctly.

    • Kerrie Mayans

      I follow you on twitter – kmayans

    • Dddiva

      Even though my youngest is in HS we still have to stock up on Crayola and her very fave are Sharpies!
      We try to buy as many as we can when prices are at their lowest- some to donate, some to share and some for as needed.

    • Dddiva
    • Dddiva

      I follow you on Twitter- dddiva

    • theodore esteghamat

      I always get school supplies when the sales start.

    • Darcy B

      I have 3 teens –so when it comes to back to school supplies it gets expensive–I read read all the Sunday store circulars and take advantage of all the deals I can–then I take everyone’s requests and get compromises where I can–so I can split up items (I package of pencil grips divided 3 ways).

    • Jammie

      I love crayola and to save money I wait until the supplies go on sale and I buy several extra just to have. Crayons and markers make great gifts as well.

    • Jammie

      I follow you on twitter Jammie79

    • amy

      I love school supplies, I wish I could just go to school forever. My snoogs is preschool age but this would be great for nieces!

      My money saving tip doesn’t involve school but it does involve free. Its a site called Inner Rewards and its all about creating balance in your life – the topics are family, beauty, natural makeup and more. The reward is free haircuts/massages/pilates lessons. I just won a 1000 certificate to Aquaceros (I chose spa) and last month I earned $300 which I will use for the Mark Pardo Salon – I use the money for hair color/cut and hair and skin care products and natural makeup. if you go and like what you see – don’t sign up – or at least consider – emailing me your email – so that I can send you an invite from the site and get credit – you don’t have to of course!

    • dawn0124

      I like 5 subject notebooks with pocket dividers.

    • Michelle Draveski

      Love to buy stuff out of season on clearance for the next year

    • Sheila Hickmon

      I used to love new school supplies, I was hooked on collecting as many folders as I could get my hands on! Thanks for the chance!!

    • Sheila Hickmon

      I follow you on twitter! mom2anutball

    • Debbie Nifong

      I love to save money by using coupons at the grocery store. The grocery game website really helps to organize those coupons and shows which ones to use each week. The coupon clippers websiteis a site to buy coupons already cut that do not appear in Sunday paper or you want more of a certain coupon. I’ve also heard of people dumpster diving for coupons. I’m not to that point yet. Right before school starts lots of stuff on sale for lunch box. I stock up at this time in my basement pantry. My girls tell me that they love when I do coupons cause they have more food and bigger selection. Key is to buy item on sale and always have a coupon for that item. After school starts go shopping for next years back to school stuff that is when you will find great deals. Many school websites have a supply list posted for each grade that rarely changes.

    • Crystal F

      I love buying school supplies for my girls but wish they weren’t so expensive. lol The list of supplies go up every year and so does the price. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Patricia Hill

      I always coupon shop, read the ads and ask stores to match prices found at other stores.

    • Lighthouse27

      One of my favorite money saving tips involves buying gas at the gas pump. We all know how Gas prices and our economy in general has spun out of control but if you’re mindful and thrifty you may well take advantage by doing this next time your filling up your vehicles gas tank.
      You can get medium grade(Plus) gasoline for about $2.60 cheaper if you fill 1/2 your tank with Premium grade(Super) and 1/2 your tank with Low grade(Regular)which will make (Medium grade)-Plus if you do so. It may take a minute longer to do this but if you’re saving near $3 I’d say better the money in your pocket than in the Oil companies pocket!
      This was told on a news media show I listen to so I’m assuming its accurate and true. lighthousee27{at}

    • Lighthouse27
    • Lighthouse27

      Following @thriftymommy on twitter.(id- litehouse27)

    • Huguette E.
    • http://OLS PAT JASMIN

      avery makes great stuff

    • Deborah R

      I like to buy school supplies in bulk when they’re dirt cheap, so I keep a mini “supply closet” in the pantry. When the back-to-school stuff gets used up, I have backup supplies that I don’t have to pay full price to get.

    • Deborah R
    • Deborah R

      I’m already following you on Twitter (AsTheNight).

    • Deborah R

      I Dugg your post (AsTheNight).

    • Nicole Kay

      This basket of goodies would come in so handy. I love Avery products, they make it so easy to use with their templates. As for a money saving tip, I just try to look for the best deals. When it’s back to school time all the stores try to out do each other, so I stock up for the year. For school and work! Thanks for the contet!

    • asimetria

      Can we use Twitter for educational activities?

    • My3Sons33
    • Gloria

      My favorite school supplies are nice new pencils sharpened with a clean eraser. Also I like notebooks with something on the front of them (a neat picture maybe).

    • Gloria
    • Gloria

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    • Gloria
    • Gloria
    • Gloria
    • Joanne Schultz

      I like to combine shopping sales with using coupons and rebates! I always say it’s not what you spend, but what you save, that counts!

      Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Joanne Schultz
    • Joanne Schultz

      i follow thriftymommy on twitter – js22222222 .

    • Joanne Schultz
    • Maggie Mata

      I love buying any item that has a mail-in-rebate. Staples usually does this and you can do it on-line so you save a stamp.

    • Molly Capel

      With 4 boys in school, we always need a ton of supplies! We try to stock up when the stores have sales.

    • My3Sons33
    • Carissa

      I like that Avery is now a Box Tops partner. I don’t have any school age kids, but I know several teachers, so I help them stock up for the year by shopping the sales.

    • Carissa

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    • DanV

      I like basic school supplies like notepads, markers, pens, pencils, etc.

    • djgroz

      I never have enough spiral notebooks. Sure can use some.
      Thanks for the chance to win a Prize!

    • Julie

      With 2 kids in college and one in high school, these supplies would sure come in handy

    • Brian E.

      Thanks for the giveaway… at the beginning of the school year, when I was a kid, my Dad would give me a brand new pen / pencil set & fake leather portfolio embossed with the name of the company where he worked; with these, I thought I had the coolest school supplies in my class !!!

      senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

    • Melissa Essex

      This basket would be perfect for me. I’m a teacher in a high poverty school, and the kids often don’t have money for school supplies. I stock up on things for them when Staples and other stores have sales.

    • Melissa Essex

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    • Melissa
    • Sarah Z

      School supplies that we had to buy this year changes since my daughter moved to middle school. She had to have binders and pockets for each class – hasnever used a binder before, she is growing up!

    • Pamela S

      I love all school supplies since I love stationery products in general. I especially love markers and pretty folders!. Thanks so much.

    • Veronica Garrett

      Our state has a tax free holiday right brfore school starts. You can buy school supplies even computers tax free. It saves money.

    • Maja

      we love school and office supplies.

    • Maja


    • Chrysa

      It’s best to buy school supplies enough for the whole year during the back to school sales…it’s way cheaper than having to stock up mid-year!

    • Chrysa

      I’m following you on Twitter. (My Twitter name is @ThriftyJinxy)

    • Heather C

      I always love buying fresh notebooks and cool crayons.
      Money saving! Be sure the scissors you bought last year make it home, and then you can reuse them this year!

    • Heather C

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      We love pens and highlighters.We go through a lot of them.Different pens for

    • Charlene Kuser
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    • Gianna

      I love combining coupons and sales.. I always look at the clearance section too :)

    • Rosanne

      I use coupons and listen to a Saturday shopper program on Sat mornings to buy restaurant and store certificates. I love crayons and fat pens.

    • Rosanne

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    • Lily Kwan

      I like notebooks and mechanical pencils.

    • dawn

      I love all school supplies this is a great giveaway. Thanks

    • nidhi

      Thanks for writing this blog…Well done

    • Julie

      A brand name you can trust with a variety of needed products for school and office that is made of good quality. I love Avery products and highly recommend them.