New Mousse Temptation Desserts From Jell-o

One of the best parts of my job is the the opportunity to taste test new food. The other day one of those opportunities came up to taste test the new Mousse Temptation desserts by Jell-o. I have to tell you I was impressed with their flavor.

Jello Dark Choc Decad 6P

The new Mousse Temptations come in threee yummy flavors, Caramel Crème, Dark Chocolate Decadence and Chocolate Indulgence. The desserts are airy, but still rich in flavor, and definitely worthy of 60 calories each. The family favorite was the Caramel Crème. Which surprised me.

I thought my favorite would be the Dark Chocolate Decadence, since I’m definitely a dark chocolate fan. The dark chocolate did come in a close second, but the Caramel was melt in your mouth fabulous.

I would definitely buy any of the flavors again. That’s one of my taste review rules, I don’t write about anything I wouldn’t purchase myself.

The new Mousse Temptations by JELL-O are available at grocery stores nationwide starting this month, with a suggested retail price of $3.19. If you decide to give them a try, stop back and let me know what you think!

Image: Jell-o

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    • Barbara

      Can’t imagine for the life of me how you can be so ecstatic about these things. The packaging looks wonderful and seductive and so we tried. Sadly these things have nothing in common with real mousse. There was nothing wonderful, rich or seductive about this. It is poorly flavored, plasticky, gelatinous goo – a very unpleasant substance. Very disappointing.

    • http:///members/linette/ Linette Gerlach

      Barbara~ I did think they were very good, maybe my expectations weren’t as high? They definitely weren’t as good as homemade, but for a quick snack they worked for me. Sorry to hear you were disappointed:-(

    • Kirsten

      I tried the Caramel Creme. I love it! Maybe I loved it becuase it never crossed my mind it would taste like homemade. I think it is great to be able to throw into your lunch box. I think it tastes like grown up Jello Pudding.

    • Anna

      Are you crazy Barbara? For a chocolate mousse replica this dessert kicks some butt! NO really, this is the best sugarfree snack I’ve found to match the real dessert alternative, and trust me.. I’ve looked all over. It’s amazing in flavor and consistensy among all other sugarfree or fatfree snacks I’ve tried so far.. Most def try it!

    • Tasha

      I have tried the caramel creme one so far, and I too LOVE it. It is extremely yummy. And for a quick little snack, why not?? I can’t wait to try the others

    • Summer T.

      The Caramel Creme is TO DIE FOR, I was pleasantly surprised…am now sharing this decadently delicious find with all of my co-workers….

    • Sunshine

      Hey where can I buy these?? They are not even listed on yet

    • Marc

      The day after I first tried Mousse Temptations: Dark Chocolate, I ran back to the supermarket to grab several more of these low-cal snacks, before they disappeared from the shelves. I am enjoying all three flavors. The first reviewer, Barbara, seriously needs to lower her expectations. You will simply not find any food that tastes like “the real thing” in a mass-marketed plastic container. Mousse Temptations are a very welcome step-up in flavor and consistency from Jello pudding. For the past year, I have been satisfying my chocolate snack cravings with Jello pudding, and I have never cared for them. I just needed a healthier substitute for my favorite real desserts. I’m very excited about Mousse Temptation – a far tastier option. Of course they don’t taste like the real thing… duh!

    • vicky metts

      I haven’t seen caramel yet only milk and dark chocolate. The caramel must be flying off the shelves. This is the best snack for the calories I can ever remember having. It definitely curbs my afternoon chocolate craving. The only problem I have is hiding them from my boyfriend before he eats them all!!

    • Lynne Whalen

      Have been to 6 supermarkets in Philadelphia area and none to be found. At 3 of the stores, the managers told me the item was discontinued. That seems odd since it is new. I thought the chocolate indulgence was the best 60 calorie snack I’ve ever had. Unfortunately I only bought one package and then was never able to find them again. Any suggestions?

    • shantel

      If you are concerned with calories, these are awesome. It is all in your perspective. I imagine anyone who thinks they are horrible isn’t used to low calorie options. I love having a sweet snack after dinner that I know I can jog off in 6 minutes and they are taste much better than jello!

    • Diane

      I tried the carmel cream and it is delicious. I can\’t wait to buy and try the dark chocolate one. I think these are a great treat for 60 calories. I found it to be nice and fluffy with great flavor.

    • Mel

      I am apparently in the minority. I tried the dark chocolate and found it heavy and sponge like. I am not expecting it to be like homemade and I love jello sugar free pudding, so I was expecting more. It’s more like a flan than a mousse.

    • Karen C.

      Mmmmmmm…Dark chocolate mousse! I just got an email about this new product from Jello in which they offered a coupon for it. Your review makes me want to try it even more! :)

    • Steph

      The Jell-O Mousse Temptations are AMAZING!! So Delish!!

    • BeckySue

      “It’s more like a flan than a mousse.” That’s it!
      I’ve been trying to place it ever since I took a first taste of the Chocolate Decadence flavor. It’s been quite some time since I’ve had actual Mousse, so I thought maybe that was it. However, I recall mousse being delicious because it melts in your mouth. I found the pudding to be too spongy. Just like Flan. I was even a bit fearful of finishing the first cup. The consistency made me think my tummy may not like it at all and I’d taste a different version of it in the very near future.

      That didn’t happen.

      I’m holding out my final vote till I try the other flavors. However, I’m a big pudding fan and LOVE mousse and didn’t find myself anxiously awaiting the next cup.

      Yes, I have always been alright with low calorie foods and know what to expect.

    • Susan

      I loved these desserts. As a diabetic, I’m always on the lookout for anything that’s sugarfree. I rely on Jell-O products a lot at my house and these new desserts are a hit. Thank you Kraft!!!

    • Jess

      I tried the chocolate Indulgence which was fantastic. I had tried the pudding before which was horrible, but the “mousse” part sounded appetizing enough for me to try. I totally passed the Caramel thinking I wouldn’t like it but the way you made it sound, my mouth is watering. I bought several packs for my co-workers whom are mostly diabetic or on calorie-restrictive diets and they absolutely loved them as well. One guy said he got sick eating too many but he just asked me to get more so they must be that worth it to him. Good stuff.

    • Julie

      I loved all three flavors. I actually double checked the label because I couldn’t taste a sweetener in it. As far as a low calorie, sugar free snack goes, this is perfection!

    • Linda

      Can anyone tell me what store brands are carrying this product in the Hagerstown, Md. area? I am drooling….want to try each flavor.

    • C

      I just devoured one of these tasty little treats and I’m impressed! I could only find the Caramel Creme and Chocolate Indulgence at the store (both of which I bought), so I thought I’d pop online to see what the third flavor was. I’m a huge dark chocolate fan, so the second I see those I will definitely be making a purchase. I ate the Chocolate Indulgence today, but after reading your thoughts on the Caramel I’m already looking forward to trying that, too! Such a glutton… : )

    • Judi

      Want to try Jello’s Mousse Temptations, so asked my sister to pick 2 up at the store near her. The only one I can eat is the caramel, since it seems that there are 2 kinds of chocolates. Since I can’t eat chocolate, think you should make strawberry & vanilla!

    • http://none Jerri

      I tried the dark chocolate, I’m a dark chocoholic. I still cannot believe all this flavor in 60 calories, one gram of fat and just one is satisfying! I am thrilled about the quality and will definitely be substituting other horrible chocolate habits for this one, quite nice and NO sugar as an added bonus. Thanks, Jello!

    • Melissa

      YUM!!! I just had the dark chocolate and it was DELISH! I am attempting to lose weight and am so happy I found this satisfying chocolate treat! Can’t wait to try the caramel creme!

    • Pat

      LOVED THEM!!! I too thought they were very good. The caramel creme is my favorite.

    • Holly

      I cnnot believe this is sugar free!
      I have only tryed the carmel creme,I have had it for a couple weeks,but my boyfriend was the first to try it and said it was almost white in color, and I was like ,huh? I thought it was chocolate because of the dark packaging, so i was leary to try it, but I just grabbed one 10 minutes ago,and I tryed to guess the flavor, after a couple bites I thought it was like a mocha,it’s super rich in flavor,well then i smelt it ( i could already like smell it, the cup is finished now and sitting by my feet,and I can still smell it!) It melt as good as it tasted, it was like the first caramel I ever ate! This is the definition of Caramel! I can’t wait to try the chocolate ones!
      Point Deducted for being a little heavier than mousse.
      * But not Gel-like ,it was airy and creammmmmy !
      AGain —> I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS SUGAR FREE!! And I know the DP commercials say the new cherry diet whatever doesn’t taste like diet, but we all know it does! ****BEST SUGAR-FREE DESSERT***

    • Deb

      I cannot find these in suburban Chicago. Where are you buying these? Are they in tbe refrigerated section or the aisle with the boxes of pudding.


    • Tess

      I LOVE the dark chocolate. This reminds me of my favorite sugar galore cake – death by chocolate. WOW, now I really gotta try the caramel, based on the notes above. I have seen them in groceries all over here in Milwaukee. I have been raving about this to my co-workers and I think they will buy too. I don’t even remember what mousse tastes like but this is much better than the pudding snacks. I LOVE the choc mint pudding snack and it looks like they quit making that. Wish they would make a choc mint mousse – i would really be in heaven.

    • http://Jellotemptations Debby

      Ireally was very disappointed in this. I did not like it at all. I found it not to be cream and smooth but rather very bland and made you want to choke when you at ate.

    • wuf

      we tried the caramel creme….yuck! it was awful. i don’t know what was worse, the taste or the texture. horrible. boooooooooooo!

    • Kay

      I tried the chocolate mint and it was wonderful. The best part was that the sweetener was more natural because it was sweetened with stevia. It did not have that awful after taste that we sometimes get with other diet sweeteners. Since then I have not been able to find it with this sweetener. I want to know where to get some more. Even my grandkids loved this and they wanted some more and they are skinny kids.

    • effin

      Kay, where did you find the chocolate mint? I haven’t seen it anywhere.

    • Dave Ellis

      I’ve always been a fan of pudding. It’s one of my favorite desserts. I latched right onto these Mousse Temptations the first time I saw them in the grocery store. No doubt about it, all the flavors are tasty.

      When they were first released, my favorite was Chocolate Indulgence, but since this article was published, they’ve come out with an even better one: Mint Chocolate. I know the combination of chocolate and mint is what some people would call an acquired taste, but I think the cooling mint goes with chocolate quite well.

    • Jerane

      I eat the mint chocolate one religiously. I absolutely love the texture and it satisfies the chocolate urge. I am a chocolate queen!

    • Kelly

      These are made with sugar alcohols (in place of sugar) – so they taste just as sweet as a sugared product. Take care though, as this sugar substitute can have adverse (bathroom) effects if you eat too much of it. Otherwise, an amazing product, and the taste is incredible for those watching calories (or carbs)

    • Inez

      I, too, love this dessert, but I hate the new Temptations commercial in which the mother terrifies her daughter to keep her away from it. NO dessert is worth traumatizing your child over… ‘Negative message for Jell-o — of all companies!

      • phyllis

        I also agree that the commercials are really disgusting and I will not purchase any because of the scare tactics used to try and sell them.

      • get real

        boo hoo I think commercials are real!

    • Barbara

      i really don’t like the commercial with the parents talking to the kids about stealing food. There is real abuse going on out there take that poor little girl that was killed for stealing food, or the poor little 5 boys that had to eat from the garbage. Please rethink you ads.

    • khalida

      hello i whant to ask you about jelatin if it’s from cows or from pork because all my family loves mousse jell-othank you very much ,have a great day.

    • Ann Rosine

      I like your product but I find your latest round of cheap and didcusting choice of advertising to promote your product to be an attack on the child/adult relationship.
      Parent are supposed to protect their kids not attack them. There is enough bulling going on without it coming from your parent. These kids should never trust their parents again for protection or anything. Is this the best ad you can come up with. I was in Walmart and saw a family shopping for food. When the family was looking at your products, I saw a little 5-6 year old went into hysterics to get away from your product when she saw it. She said “please mommy, please. Don’t get this. Please don’t get this. That bad Mommy and Daddy really scared their kids on the TV. The little girl and boy just wanted a treat. Please don’t buy any for our house. I don’t want you and daddy scaring me like this”
      I hope this was not the reaction you were going for. What were you thinking?
      What, did some kid steal something from the lunch sack of the Ad Ex on the day that person came up with this. I predict that your sales of this product will not be
      what you are hoping for, or at least not the target market you wanted. This should sell well creeps who like to abuse children. At least this product shouldn’t work as a tool to approach child molesters. I’m an adult and this put paid to me buying this product., who knows what unsuspecting child would find this in my frig. I have seen at least 3 kids in local grocery stores choose another product because of you ads. Better put the ad on TV after the kids are in bed.!!!!!!

    • abdul

      i just want to know why is it only for us grown people whats n it to make it so special

    • Kath

      I absolutely HATE fat free anything, but am trying to lose weight this year – like everyoene else. I saw this in the grocery store and bought the dark chocolate. I was pretty skeptical, but when I tired it, I LOVED it. I have to have sweets after every meal (which is why I want to lose weight!), and this is really good. Of course it doesn’t taste exactly like the real thing, but after throwing away so many other fat free deserts, this is a keeper. I put a small teaspoon of lite whipped cream on it, and it was great – but I really like it alone too. I haven’t tried the caramel, but after the comments, I definately will buy that next.

    • jess

      The only grocery store in Md I go to is ‘Giant’ and so far, all of the ones I’ve been to have them.