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There’s a new coupon site in town called CommonKindness. Like other coupon sites, you get to clip and save through online coupons and brand discounts but unlike other sites, this one allows you to give back a little something to non-profits in need. CommonKindness gives up to 60% of its profits to charities and social causes.


Basically you visit CommonKindness, and sign in to save money by clipping valuable, free coupons and discovering free community services available to you in your local community. Various companies pay an advertising fee to CommonKindness (this site costs consumers and non-profits nothing). Then CommonKindness shares 60% of its profits with the charities and non-profits you select.

CommonKindness is completely free of charge to both non-profits and the public.

CommonKindness only asks that you tell all your friends, family and colleagues about the service because to save money for the non-profits they spend very little on advertising.

CommonKindness is timely, because people are hard-pressed,” says Dana Valdez, director of non-profit outreach for CommonKindness and another mother of three. “People need to save money, and cannot give to charity as much as they might wish. As a result, many non-profits have seen a major decline in support this year.” Calandra Cruickshank, COO and co-founder, calls it coupons with a conscience and says consumers can save up to $1,300 in groceries per year with CommonKindness. The coupons at this site are pretty cool too – I saw some large savings offered on groceries, diapers, cleaning products and more.

What sort of causes can you support?

  • Your school
  • Find a nice home for a stray dog
  • Help end poverty
  • Help the planet
  • Fund disaster recovery
  • Support your local food bank
  • And more.

Visit CommonKindness to learn more.

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    • Judy

      Looks like a nice site to help people