Games For Travel From Minimus Games

Long car trips can be boring for kids. There are only so many times you can stand to hear “Are we there yet?” We travel quite a bit during the summer, whenever we have the opportunity we head out to the lake, or to the ocean.

When we head out for long trips I always try to make sure we’ve packed something for my son to do during the ride. Travel games are great, when it’s just him he enjoys playing solitary games, but sometimes we have one or both of our nephews along for the ride.

hungry hippo candyland travel games

Minimus Games has some of your favorite board games, and mind games made into miniature versions set up especially for the car.

Memory Sorry travel games

For the little ones they have Hungry Hungry Hippo, and Candy Land in small travel sized versions. For the older kids there’s Memory, and Sorry! car size games.

Rummikub Suduku travel games

If you’re kids have a hard time playing together in the car, or you’re only traveling with one child like we often do there are solo travel games like Sudoku.

Some of these are even fun for adults!


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