Chocolate After Heart Attack = Good Thing

Chocolate lovers have another reason to celebrate their favorite treat: eating chocolate after a first heart attack may actually improve your survival rate.

Schokoladenst¸ckchenResearchers in Sweden followed over 1000 men and women who had experienced a first-ever heart attack. Besides the usual types of questions asked in health questionnaires, these patients were asked about eating habits, including chocolate consumption.

Three months after their discharge from the hospital, the patients were examined and then they were followed by researchers for the next eight years. According to the study findings, which were published in the most recent issue of the Journal of Internal Medicine, the people who ate the most chocolate had the highest survival rates.

Those people who ate chocolate twice or more a week had a 66% reduced risk of dying from a heart attack than those who didn’t eat chocolate; those who at it once a series object on white food - slab chocolateweek had a 44% reduction in their risk of death from heart attack and those who ate it once a month  had a 27% reduction in risk.

This study is by no means definitive as there are many variables that weren’t taken into account, such as mental health. The researchers also didn’t qualify what type of chocolate was eaten and this could be an important factor because milk chocolate and dark chocolate are quite different in properties.



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