Why talk about fashion? Why wouldn’t we?

Last week, “Lisa”, a first time commenter asked,  “What is with all the project runway garbage on a jewelry site?????”  Gee, that was polite, wasn’t it?  Considering that every week she is getting (for free!) an original project, artist profiles, business tips, book reviews, new products and techniques, and a lot more.  But she feels that a post each week about fashion is hurting her somehow?  Go figure.


Well, interestingly, it set off a debate about whether or not Project Runway was an “appropriate” topic for a jewelry and beadwork blog.  If it were my personal blog, my answer would be an unequivocal “you betcha”, and if you aren’t interested, skip the post.  Here are some remarks from some jewelry designers who answered that question:

…there are tons of examples where the designers have incorporated jewelry or beading into their designs. Like Laura Bennett’s sparkling Swarovski encrusted top in her final runway show, or Kanye Gillaspie’s multiple pieces made throughout the show to accessorize his models…

Project Runway is a rare example of television that focuses on and expounds various designers’ approaches to creative problem-solving. Often times it requires them to think outside of the box. This is a good lesson for ALL designers, whether of clothes or of jewelry.
Andrew Thornton

I read all of the major mags regularly. I consider it part of my job. It’s imperative for anyone who designs jewelry to stay aware of the trends. Those pleats, folds, fabrications, motifs and color palettes all inform my work. If we design jewelry in a bubble, who will buy it? It has to compliment what is on the racks….

Watching a show like Project Runway is a great way to get your design mojo running. A good designer gets inspiration everywhere. I love these columns, keep ‘em coming.
Margot Potter

So there you have it. Project Runway, and posts on other aspects of fashion will continue. But it’s not my personal blog, so in the interest of keeping the network happy, I will be focusing more on the handwork, the beading, and what accessories (especially jewelry) could/should/would be paired with these pieces in real life. Will it satisfy everyone?  Nope. Can’t possibly do that, and really don’t care to try!

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    • http://alwayswiredbeadlady.com Joella

      I love that you ‘talk’ about Project Runway. It has really given me different thoughts on working on jewelry — when you see what themes, etc they are given to work with. Please don’t stop!!

    • http://www.starfalljewelry.com Danielle

      I love that you talk about Project Runway. I think it’s absolutely pivotal to keep in touch with what’s happening in the fashion world and Project Runway is dead center Fashion World!

      Not to menion, on an inspirational level, I love to think about shows like Project Runway and performance shows like So You Think You Can Dance.

      Please continue your posts about Project Runway. I know my jewelry focused blog has had posts in the past on Project Runway and I think that it’s perfectly relatable to your blog!

      Keep writing!

    • http://www.sparklebykelly.com Kelly M

      Although I don’t personally watch Project Runway; I think that it’s an excellent resource for those keeping in tune with current fashion trends.
      I, myself, tune in to fashion news regularly – then decide if there is a trend that my clients would like. Everyone has their “spot” to watch – please don’t be critical of other folks’ “spots”!

    • Della

      Keeping up with fashion is the best part of making my own jewelry. I do not sell my jewelry or give it as gifts. It is my greedy little pleasure. Sometimes I look at a designer necklace that is $1000 or more and think, “I could make my own version of that design for much less.” I clip jewelry ideas from all the fashion magazines. You never know where inspiration will strike!

    • Shay Williams

      I personally don’t watch Project Runway because I detest reality shows. However I support your right to put what you want into this blog. Oh and don’t think that because I don’t care for one topic that I don’t love this blog

    • http://www.christineritcheyjewelry.com Christine Ritchey

      I love your posts about Project Runway! My secret vices are Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen and Project Runway. Although the first two have nothing to do with jewelry, I come from a long line of foodies and love to see what the chefs come up with.

      Project Runway is very germaine to jewelry making! The ability to work with different materials in an artful, stylish way appplies to jewelry making as well as fashion. These wacky paper/hardware/duct tape challenges on PR are among my favorites. If a designer can make a stylish paper or duct tape dress, s/he shouldn’t have any problem with fabric! Shame on Johnny for being lazy and for trying to fib his way out of trouble! Yay for Irena! Personally, my current favorite is the Rastafarian dude! *->

    • http://www.jkdjewelry.com Jeannie

      I don’t watch reality TV, but I think fashion and jewelry go hand and hand.

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    • http://www.mazeltovjewelry.com Cyndi Lavin

      Thanks Joella, that’s good to know! I won’t be stopping, just redirecting slightly. Look for my post on last night’s episode tomorrow morning :-)

    • http://www.mazeltovjewelry.com Cyndi Lavin

      Thanks Danielle! I appreciate that :-) I’m also a huge fan of Top Chef, but even I can’t think of too many ways to relate it to jewelry, except that jewelry makers have to eat…lol!

    • http://www.mazeltovjewelry.com Cyndi Lavin

      That’s right, Kelly! My favorite “date night” with my husband is Home Depot. It wouldn’t inspire everyone, but it definitely gets my wheels turning ;-)

    • http://www.mazeltovjewelry.com Cyndi Lavin

      Saving money rocks, Della! Good for you: you don’t just think about it, you do it!

    • http://www.sparklebykelly.com Kelly M

      I’m glad that I’m not the only one that finds inspiration in the most unlikely places – I love hanging out at the Home Depot with my fella.
      Keep up the great work!

    • http://www.mazeltovjewelry.com Cyndi Lavin

      Thanks Shay! I think most people feel that way…there will always be a post here or there that we just don’t care for, but most of us manage to be civil about it ;-)

    • http://www.mazeltovjewelry.com Cyndi Lavin

      Oh yeah, Christine…I’m big on the food network too. Food and fashion, it works for me!

      I love Epperson’s pieces. It also gives me a thrill that he’s the “old man” in the crowd (49) and is able to keep up the energy and focus with all the young ‘uns :-)

    • http://www.mazeltovjewelry.com Cyndi Lavin

      Thank you for your comment, Jeannie :-)