Weekend Foodie Links: Seafood

For this week’s link roundup I thought I’d keep an eye out for foods and recipes that involve fish and other seafood as I visited my favorite blogs and links.


Now, truth be told, I’m actually not a big fan of seafood. I didn’t grow up with it as a regular dish at home and never really seemed to develop a taste for it otherwise. I’m still experimenting and exploring, though, and haven’t written it off! What are your favorite seafood dishes?

~ Grilled Cuttlefish from Nyonya Food

~ Greek Salad with Char-Grilled Salmon at Living Tastefully

~ Lobster Salad at Rue le Sel

~ Fishball Soup from Yours Deliciously

~ Sautéed Squid Concassé at Guilty Kitchen

~ Smoked Salmon Blinis from JBug’s Kitchen Antics

~ Poached Salmon with Corn and White-Wine Butter Sauce at Pink Parsley

~ Petrale Sole with a Beurre Blanc Sauce from Thibeault’s Table

~ Chinese Stir-fried Shrimp with Snow Peas at Use Real Butter

~ Bloody Mary Tomato Salad with Shrimp from Food o’ del Mundo

~ Spicy Salmon, Philly, and Shrimp Tempura tutorial at Soupbelly

~ Asian Noodles With Shrimp from Jessica’s Dinner Party

~ Tuna Salad Roll at Feasts and Fotos

~ Stir-Fried Salmon with Caramelized Lemon from Passion 4 Eating

~ Seafood Casserole at Never Enough Thyme

~ Salmon with Sour Cream and Dill Sauce from Dreaming of Winter

~ Creamy Shrimp and Bacon Linguini at The Life and Loves of Grumpy’s Honeybunch

~ BBQ Mackerel with lemon and Smoked Sea Salt from The Good Mood Food Blog

~ Salt and Pepper Shrimp at Ravenous Couple

~ Warm Cured Trout with Deconstructed Bernaise from Spork and Foon

~ Spicy Ahi Poke on Wonton Chips at The Bite Me Kitchen

[image: flickr]

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    • http://www.jbugskitchenantics.typepad.com June

      Heather R – thank you very much for linking JBug’s Kitchen Antics to your article today on seafood. I appreciate the recognition, never mind being mentioned in the company of such great fellow bloggers. Cheers!