ECOBAGS Organic Bag Choices

ECOBAGS offers all sorts of organic reusable bags that can help you green your world. Why use a reusable bag?

Reusable Bags offers these (and other) facts related to plastic bags:

  • 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are used per year – or one million per minute. Insanity; um yeah. Most don’t make it to a recycling facility.
  • “According to Australia’s Department of Environment, Australians consume 326 plastic bags per person, per year.”
  • “Plastic bags are among the 12 items of debris most often found in coastal cleanups, according to the nonprofit Center for Marine Conservation.”
  • In 2001, Ireland consumed around 316 plastic bags per person. After the PlasTax, a tax on plastic bags was introduced in Ireland, plastic bag consumption was actually reduced by 90%. That amount has saved around 18,000,000 liters of oil.

Think paper bags are the answer? Think again. Paper bags are almost as much of a drain on the environment as plastic bags. The only green option is to go reusable. ECOBAGS can help you out as they carry many different reusable bag options and offer affordable prices too. I recently tested two of their bags…

certified organic cotton lunch bag

ECOBAGS Certified Organic Cotton Lunch Bag: At just $7 this 100% GOTS certified organic cotton canvas lunch sack  is an excellent value, but has a few cons. First the pros though – Fair Trade, SKAL Certified Organic, lovely natural creamy shade, easy to use VELCRO like closure, natural string handle and flat-gusset bottom, plus it’s machine washable. Nothing fancy just a nice basic lunch sack for a great price.

My con with a bag like this is that you can’t put an ice pack in it. You can get a reusable ice pack with a cloth cover but a sack like this just won’t keep food cold for all that long. Also, with bag style lunch sacks I’ve found that my son will dump out all his food or he won’t and then won’t find stuff (i.e. he’ll fail to eat). He likes to pop open his lunch kit and see his food laid out. There are better reusable lunch bags for kids. However, if you’re an adult on the go, and don’t need the icepack this is a great simple lunch sack. It’s also roomy enough to use for a bunch of toddler snacks and small gear, for say, a play date.

drawstring produce bag

ECOBAGS Organic Net Drawstring Bag: I don’t usually like drawstring, mesh bags. I own produce bags but they’re basic organic cotton, non-mesh bags. In any case, it turns out that this mesh bag is pretty useful. This produce bag is GOTS certified organic and can be used for carrying vegetables, fruits or whatever else you choose to tote.It’s also machine washable, and when I did wash it (in cold) it cleaned up fine, and didn’t massively shrink or experience undue wear and tear.

The best thing about this is how cashiers manage this bag. I get so many freaked out cashiers when I use reusable produce bags. Cashiers roll their eyes, sigh, and make a big deal of pulling out a flipping apple to see what type it is. Yeah, they shouldn’t, but they do. With these bags, the cashiers are able to glance at the bag, and still see what’s inside which makes their job faster and I get fewer eye rolls. At just $4 (less when you buy more) these are an excellent deal. You can never have too many reusable produce bags in my opinion because not only can you use them for produce, but you can also use them for bulk soaps at the farmers market, and the non-mesh ones for other bulk food items.

Visit ECOBAGS to see all their reusable bag options and check out their cute Loofah Art products too!

[images via ECOBAGS]

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