10 Fun Columbus Day Activities For Kids

Columbus Day is coming up on Monday. It’s always the second Monday in October. So I thought I’d put together a fun list of kids activities. It’s always good to pair fun with learning, use some of these fun activities to help your child learn the history of Columbus Day.

world map

  1. Columbus Day Printable Worksheets for Kids
  2. Columbus Day Word Search
  3. Columbus Day Coloring Page
  4. Make your own version of the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria with these egg cup ships.
  5. Play a Columbus trivia question, with facts and tips about Columbus, his ships and his voyage, there are a few fun Columbus facts to get you started.
  6. Columbus Day Printable Mazes
  7. Here’s a list of Columbus Day Songs
  8. Make a paper mache Earth globe, by putting paper mache on a balloon, then painting in the oceans and the continents.
  9. Make a Columbus day hat.
  10. Here are a couple Columbus Day snack ideas.

Have fun!

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