DIY: Pretty Pom Poms

Did you ever wonder how those pretty, furry pom poms were made? With it’s rather simple form, the way it was made is nothing close to complicated. Come to think of it, it’s actually a no-brainer even!

Looking at the endless possiblities of using these pom poms was the absolute component that drew me to them. I actually felt the urge to find out and understand how they were made. Gone were the days that these babies were used solely for hairclip adornments only. Through the years, the pom poms have been present in almost all craft-related projects that included table settings, scrapbook embellishment and even as a decorative item like the one below:

Image by: Domestifluff

Image by: Domestifluff

The pom poms have figured prominently in the design world and it has adapted to an impressive selection of materials already. But what I have for you today is the old timer kind – yarns. Domestifluff has an easy step-by-step tutorial over her blog. I am curerntly itching to make some for my front door. Spiders are a good choice for this month, don’t you think?

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