Saturday Surfing October 17, 2009

Happy Weekend!

It is chillier and chillier in the mornings. The leaves are turning color and the days are shorter. It is an awesome time of year -  probably my favorite time for food. The flavors of autumn are spicy and robust, warm and comforting. It is a great time to try new combinations and new spices and ingredients. Try switching Chinese Five Spice powder for the cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, or apple pie spice in your favorite recipe. The addition of star anise to the rest of the “normal” autumn ingredients can push it over the top. Brown the butter rather than just melting it, use bourbon or brandy instead of water or milk in cake…there are a lot of ways to taste Fall!


I just want to take a minute and talk about things that look real but aren’t. The image above is a bowl I found at a local thrift shop. I was pretty excited because I love Depression glass and I want more pink than I have now. I use it for a number of things; decor, table setting, and photography props for my blogs.

Anyway I brought it home and when I compared it to my vintage Depression glass it was not the same. It lacks color, luster, and weight. The differences aren’t obvious until you get it next to the real thing. This was a knock-off, made in the past 10 years from an old mold. It looks the same but it isn’t.

There are a lot of things in life that are like that. Ethics, beliefs, people; we think we are getting the real thing and end up with a pale imitation. We need to be careful in our own lives to always be real.

But we do the same with food. Artificial flavors, artificial colors, skimmed milk….It isn’t until we taste the real food that we realize that we have been duped into eating a poor imitation for years and years. Next week on Baking Delights it is going to be pumpkin week. I will be previewing some of the posts tomorrow, but I want to say that this year, in this season of bounty begin to try the real. Instead of buying canned beets buy fresh and roast them rather than boiling. Buy a pie pumpkin and make your own puree (and I am going to show you how to do that),  spend some time at the Farmer’s Market or other source and buy local, buy fresh, and buy real. The flavor is intense and you will discover a whole new level of taste-bud nirvana.


Ready for a little surfin’? Here’s some recipes to get you in the mood for Pumpkin Week!

Just a reminder to check out Baking Delights Flickr group. There is some amazing imagery there ….add yours to it so it will be MORE amazing!

image:marye audet

surfing image: Cori who is an amazingly talented blogger and photographer!

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