Ecosystem earth friendly planners and journals

ecosystem is a newer line of earth friendly planners and journals (or books as they call them) that are easily personalized. Ecosystem was further designed to empower environmentally aware product owners. Each book has a unique book ID number, which you can use to track a book’s origins, learn how they are environmentally-friendly, and to find out exactly how to recycle each book.

ecosystem journals and planners

How it works:

  1. You head to ecosystem and choose a book type – ecosystem Advisor, ecosystem Architect, ecosystem Artist, or ecosystem Author.
  2. You choose a cover style.
  3. You choose a size.
  4. You choose the color. Current colors available include the ones shown below.
  5. You customize your book with a variety of insets from calendars to grids to lists and more.
  6. You get to see a picture of the finished product and if it’s perfect you purchase it.


All ecosystem books are made with 100% post consumer waste paper and the following environmental savings are achieved by ecosystem products.


ecosystem is great option if you like to create your own perfect planner or journal.

[images via ecosystem]

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