Making beaded flowers

Technique Tuesday!

The exact bead counts will depend upon whether you decide to use Delica beads or the rounder Czech seed beads.  Both are size 11/0s, but the difference in shape means that you’ll be able to fit 16 base row beads (and therefore 16 full sized petals) if you use Delicas.  If you chose to use Czech see beads, you’ll only be able to fit 14 around the circumference of the 8mm bead center.

Materials & Tools

8mm crystal beads
Delica or Czech seed beads
Nymo thread, size O
Beading needle

Step-by-step instructions


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    • haifa

      dear Cyndi
      i have been contemplating about french beaded flowers for such a long time,always felt intimidated by the complexity…or so i thought.i’m not very good with needles…a lot into wire.but your instructions are so are so generous sharing your expertise…promise i will give it a try….and show you …if anything worthwhile comes out.
      thanks again
      haifa shawwa
      jewelry designer since 2000.

    • tagorous

      Hi Cyndi I have tried your beaded flowers. I am quite pleased with it. I think like everything it needs a bit of tweeking here and there. Thankyou for this great tutorial.

    • Jeannie

      Cyndi, These are sooooooooooo pretty. I just look. I don’t attempt because I’d have a big beaded mess. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

    • Jenny Lawson


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    • Cyndi Lavin

      Haifa, that would make me *very* happy to see what you make! It can feel awkward at first to work with thread when you’re used to wire, but please don’t be discouraged. I didn’t show you the first flower I tried to make…it was TERRIBLE! :-)

    • haifa

      yes…patience is not my best trait…..(i’m a Gemini…hah…)Thank you so much for visiting my blog,you are so kind to complement me on my pieces.Thanks again for your endless generosity in spreading jewelry and beading related regards

    • Cyndi Lavin

      It’s all part of my evil plot to convert the rest of the world to beading ;-)

    • Cyndi Lavin

      Since it’s always more fun to use your own beads than to duplicate someone else’s project exactly, it will definitely take some experimenting :-) Everyone’s tension is different too, and that can lead to variations. I’m glad you enjoyed making them…please share what you do with them when you’re finished!

    • Cyndi Lavin

      LOL!! Who said there was anything wrong with a hot beaded mess? Sometimes the mess can be quite enchanting in its own way :-)

    • Cyndi Lavin

      Thank you, Jenny!