Beyond spring cleaning: improving your blog

Do you have a jewelry blog?  If so, you already know that it’s not a matter of “if you write it, they will come.”  Now it might depend upon your goals whether or not you care whether they come, but if you’d like to have more than just your closest circle of friends (online or off) reading your blog, you really have to pay attention to your content.


Only a very few people can manage to build an audience by just free associating or ranting.  The rest of us need good solid content.  But that content can vary a lot: a picture journal of your projects, information on how you actually create your pieces, industry news.  It all depends upon what your goals are for your blog.  Are you trying to build a circle of friends, or are you trying to get a book deal?  Something in between?

Here are two articles that may help you to either nail down your goals, or to improve what you’re already doing:

Rajesh Setty has written about the 9 ways people respond to your content online.  It’s really good to think this through if you are trying to build repeat visitors. (via Sharon B, on Pin Tangle)

Craftzine reports on a new e-book by Diane Gilleland called Creating a blog audience. Diane already has a book out called Making a Great Blog.  You can find links to both on the Craftzine link.

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