Oilcloth Is a Versatile Home Decor Fabric

Do you remember oilcloth? My grandma was a big fan of this versatile textile, but oilcloth fell out of favor for awhile, partly because the original cloth was so dangerous and time consuming to make (I wonder how many people had their fabric go up in flames while treating it with so many highly flammable ingredients?) and partly because people became excited about all the exciting new man made fabrics. Then, the new oilcloth, which is actually a vinyl product, was born and oilcloth came back into vogue.


Oilcloth comes in an amazing range of colors and patterns and is a very durable, versatile fabric. It can be used for countless projects around the home, especially those that involve messy or wet tasks. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Working on a craft project? Whip out your card table covered in a piece of oilcloth so you can clean up any mess quickly and easily. (I actually covered the top of a scarred up old farm table with a piece of oilcloth that stays on permanently, but I have an art studio. If I didn’t, I’d totally use a card table.)
  • Packing lunches? Whip up some eco-friendly reusable sandwich bags.
  • Feeding messy kids? Make a floor cloth and placemats.

Need a thousand more ideas? Check out the Oilcloth Addict blog. She has all kinds of great ideas for using oilcloth in the home.

Photo: SXC

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