Giveaway: Ancient Modern polymer clay book!

Over the summer, I wrote a review of Ronna Sarvas Weltman’s unique polymer clay book called Ancient Modern.  Well, now I’ve got a copy to give away!!  If you remember, I told you that Ronna’s style is primitive, organic, and full of joy.  Now here is your opportunity to drop all the rules and enjoy yourself with clay!



Would you like to have this book?  Just leave me a comment below telling me what’s your favorite jewelry style: classic?  edgy?  cyberpunk?  elegant?   Whatever description best fits your faves.  Next Monday, I’ll be randomly selecting a winner!

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    • Kelly M

      Good morning Cyndi!
      My fav, as far as jewellery style, would be best described as classic with a bit of edge thrown in. When I’m creating a piece, I like to keep my lines simple but I like to throw in a bit of the unexpected when I can. Isn’t it so much fun!
      Have a great one, Cyndi!
      Kelly M

    • Alice

      Oh, I’d love to have this book!

      As far as my favorite jewelry style, I mostly go with classic with clean lines. However I like to make a few pieces that lean towards edgy or modern, and a few that are dressy.

      Thanks for a great giveaway!

    • Priscilla

      I don’t do a lot with polymer clay but this book looks really interesting-I’m focusing on Bronze Age jewelry this year and really inspired by it. I love the energy you can feel from the designs.

    • Irene Lenihan

      I think my style of jewelry is “unique”. I never make the same thing twice. I may use the same stitch type but different color.

    • Jean Hutter

      I would say my style is rather eclectic – a little of this and a little of that – sometimes it works sometimes not ; )

    • Robin Christensen

      I love eclectic. I like elegant when there is a need for it – but I love funky jewelry the best!

    • laura

      I love edgy and anything with found objects. I’m always amazed at the beauty that can be found in recycled items.

    • kitty mecham

      I love pretty much all jewelry, but I wear mostly “earthy” looking items, clay, silver, turquoise.

    • Eve Anderson

      Big, loud, colourful, bright, statement, unusual. This is what I like my jewellery to look like but at the same time, classy.

    • Gail Whitehead

      I have been thinking about buying this book,I really can’t afford it,though.So,maybe the book angel will bless me.My jewelry is definitly eclectic.I make classic pearl strands-with a twist!-and I use steampunk.I have the basic polymer clay tools already.I just need someone to tell me what to do.

    • Laurie Brown

      My favorites are from the art nouveau & art deco era; also Victorian mourning jewelry. The jet bead jewelry from then is devine!

    • Melissa Savage

      I like very many styles of jewelry, I probably mostly wear and make the classic and elegant as well as the earthy / hippy kind jewelry. I don’t mind things that are edgy, but what I don’t care for is when it looks more like a sculpture. Jewelry should be an accent, not something that you have to ‘work around’ to wear.

    • Sonja

      Wou, I have this book on a wish list since it’s out. Love the cover image.
      My jewelry is a mixture of everything. Sometimes elegant, sometimes wild.
      Thanks for this great opportunity.

    • Mary K

      I would say funky and eclectic. I also never make the same thing twice and I am always trying new techniques and new ways of putting things together.

    • Carole Carlson

      I would say my favorite style is “offbeat”. Maybe it would be classified as eclectic. I’ll do anything if I think it will fit the vision I have for that particular piece.

    • http://Blisstree Joyce Pinnix

      I like a variety of stlyes, all depending on my mood at the time. Why stick to just one style? One day a simple stand of pearls, the next a plethora of chains and dangles and pendants! Ya just never know!!

    • karen

      The book looks great! My favorite style is pretty much classic, mostly symetrical pieces. Also like big and chunky pieces.

    • Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor

      I would love to have this book Cyndi! I have cut back on the number of books I have been buying but have had my eye on this one for awhile. I would have to say my polymer clay style is eclectic, sometimes chunky and definitely organic with lots of flowers and faux stone, though there are often times when edgy and quirky pop in. I have often described my style as ‘singing opera in a biker jacket’! hahaha

    • von

      My style is mainly asymetrical and hopefully edgy – usually I do whatever the beads want

    • judit

      I like modern with a little edge.

    • Suzy Johnson

      My very fav is anything horsey related! Ronna’s stuff is sooo much fun to try to do! She has the most fun classes if you every have the opportunity!

    • Shelly

      Hi Cyndi,

      My jewelry style is romantic with a modern twist. I use a lot of seed beads and crystals for drama and sparkle. Have a great and creative day!


    • Gilliauna

      I’m always drawn to elegant and understated jewelry. Labradorite is my favorite stone.

    • Tanya

      Thanks for this giveaway My fave jewelry style is classic I like pearls and diamonds

    • Angelica

      Unique, geometric, reduced, monochrome, thats my work. I try to make pieces which make two impressions: the whole piece AND the individual bead.


    • Lynda Dunham-Watkins

      I would love to have this book! I think my style is chunky and primitively elegant.

    • Kathryn Lane Berkowitz

      Hi Cyndi,

      I would have to describe my favorite style of jewelry as “cosmos-terrestrial”, meaning most of my jewelry is inspired by the earth and sky. I don’t think anything can compare with the beauty of creation, so that is what I love to see reflected in “art to wear”.

    • Kathryn Lane Berkowitz
    • Brenda Pluskwik

      This book looks very interesting, I’m new to the world of beading and am trying to learn a little something about all of the wonderful forms this type of art has to offer(really to test them out and find out which one fits me the best), I would love to have this book as of right now my collection of books on Beading is 0
      As for style -I love them all ..

      I’m looking forward to seeing your book.

    • Tracy

      My style…totally depends on the day! Two things remains the same, though…movement and color. I love pieces that flow, pieces that are soft and feel good to the touch. The other MUST for me is COLOR! I love bright bright bright colors…another reason why clay is such a cool medium…the possibilities are endless!

    • karooart

      Would love to have a copy of Ronna’s book.
      I would describe my jewelry style as eclectic….just me:-)

    • iris mishly

      i love your jewelry! the elegant clean look is my favorite!

    • Aussie Gwendolyne

      Is there a style called RAINBOW? Thats mine, full of loads of colour. Incorporate that with Faux Stonework and I’m in love! Gems and semi-precious stones have the most amazing colour ranges with quiet subtlety and flamboyant intensity, just look at our Australian Opal,there are galaxys within galaxys of colour.Our shoreline and outback rocky outcrops provide so much inspiration with their colourful banding and striations of pigment.I would so love to win this book as it seems just right for my style!

    • Sarah P


    • Barb Houk

      I am traditional, but I’m trying to go beyond my “comfort zone.”

    • Linette

      I would say my jewelry tastes go back and forth between classic and elegant. I wish I was a little bit daring:-)

    • Chris P

      Hi Ronna,

      I would LOVE to have your book, in fact it is on my wishlist for Christmas but that is still sooo far away (when you want something badly).
      I like to make jewellery that fits my mood. It might be very ethnic, strong and powerful big beads one day, subtile and fine the next, whimsical and fun the other. I get easily bored and equally easily inspired by the fantastic artists around me.
      I started a new sketchbook for jewellery… and I can’t wait until the craft fairs are over to give it all a try. Your book would come in very very handy !

    • Terry

      I would love a copy of the book. To be honest with you, it is because I cannot afford to buy one right now. I have Multiple Sclerosis and my husband has been fighting Leukemia for 6 years now. We only get disability. This would be a Christmas present for me, since everything I have goes to my 3 kids first. Kids come first! 8^D I especially like polymer clay inspired by nature, natural stones, rocks etc. I also love antique and estate style stuff. In reality, if I think it, I make it. There isn’t a style that I really don’t like. It is all art, after all. But I love to try to replicate items and textures from mother earth. I am going to be uploading some of my creations to my flickr page soon. Please, I would so appreciate this book, it is up my alley. Thanks for your consideration no matter if I get it or not. Terry

    • deb wilson

      I love edgy/modern jewelry, second fav are the retro styles.

    • Tonja Lenderman

      I’d have to say my jewelry style is casual. :) If it goes with jeans I’m wearing it.

    • heidi jo

      i really like an antique/romantic look – but i also love whimsical. steampunk is starting to grab at me a bit too… i guess my tastes are eclectic. :)

    • Sesselja K S Karlsdottir

      Hi, I like modern, ethnic,jewelry, I also like asymmetric and ancient patterns-prints.I live in Iceland and have been dreaming of getting this book and some clay whitch I can not get here in Iceland.I love this style and possibility…

      best whishes

    • hagit

      Hi Cindy,
      My jewelry style is modern and a bit ethnic.
      usually my fingers are just working by themselves and it’s like I’ve got nothing to do with it..

    • La Verne McDaniel

      My favorite style of jewelry is eclectic. From the simple to the complex, from the whimsical to the elegant, and from the inexpensive to the expensive-I love jewelry.

    • Genevieve

      My style is definitely eclectic. I love mixed-media jewelry, fibers and braids, I like to mix it up!

    • Anna

      my prefered jewlery style is edgy and sometimes modern or ethnic, well more eclectic, than anything else.
      Thank you for your lovely, full of interst blog,


    • Evelyn

      I LOVE old-world stuff – making jewelry for my friends to wear to Ren Fest.

    • Aik

      I love classy and elegant jewelry, though sometimes I also prefer simple and chic ones.

    • Terry

      Thanks for the chance to win this book. I have an energetic 11 year old who loves to make earrings, but needs help with ideas…unfortunately, mom can’t help in that department!

    • Vaiva

      I am probably more like classic-elegant girl :) With some cute craziness showing off from time to time ;)

      I hope I’m lucky enough to win this wonderful book… fingers crossed ;)

    • artistbooks

      I love edgy bead weaving.

    • Amy J

      I like jewelry that is casual but has some style to it. Not to dressy so it works for everyday wear. Chains and glass beads, but a little swarovski thrown in for sparkle.
      Lately, I’ve experimented with polymer clay beads. Like to mix it with metal spacers and chain. Imitation coral is my favorite thing to do with clay – doesn’t endanger the coral reefs and looks as cool.

    • Libby Habeck

      I love Ronna’s polymer jewelry and would love to see more! I would also love to own a piece or two, but that goes without saying, right?

    • gina

      I really like artsy and unique edgy designs. I would love to win the book! It looks wonderful! Thanks!

    • Kristen Varian

      I love bold, colorful jewelry with lots of interest. I make enameled pendants and I combine them with glass and stones.

    • Yol

      I love jewelry that is a mix of classic with modern, the end result being casual elegance.

    • vicky

      i am new to jewellery but love the pandora range and my hubby makes anything with polymer clay and cant wait to get started any advice or books would be great help

    • Amy D.

      I like to go with any style jewelry that i can make with my own 2 hands.I also will use many different types of beads to design my jewelry. I am into learning new ideas and ways to design i mostly use glass or seed beads at this time. Would Love to learn how to make polymer clay Designs.New Books and ideas are wonderful i buy all types to learn new techniques and would love the Book to learn even more

    • Rebecca Pember

      I love jewelry…all of it. When I’m feeling pretty, I want to sparkle to I wear crystals, rhinestones, and faceted gemstones. To Sunday mass, I wear semi-precious necklaces and earrings that class up my Arizona casual church attire. In a business setting, I wear conservative necklaces and bracelets. This is the coolest thing about working with polymer clay. I can make beads that match any outfit combination. Because polymer clay beads can be highly polished, they can mix with my nicest strands of gemstone beads. My favorite kind of jewelry is what I receive as a gift from my husband and daughter.

    • Lisa

      I do like a lot of looks, but I guess my favorite would be more of a natural look that’s soft and interesting. I think polymer clay is great!

    • m.e.

      What ? pick a favorite style ?
      Impossible for me .
      I am always so amazed by the wonderful variety of jewelry
      designs I can admire from my computer monitor !
      My favorite is usually the one I am looking at !
      I want it all!!! (Why oh why can’t I win a lottery?)
      Admittedly there are things I would love to own, but might not wear.
      Some jewelry is pure ART ,some is mostly function .
      I am most attracted to designs that have a nice balance of
      Wearabilty and WOW!!!
      :) m.e.

    • Jeannie

      This would be a honor and a great addition to my library.
      I have my signature design, but I don’t like to box myself into on style.
      I like to try everything.

    • Regina

      My style is classic modern. I would like my jewelry to be timeless and not necessarily trendy. Once in a while I step outside the box.

    • Mira

      I love it all! I’m just starting to learn, and am beadweaving right now. I’ve always liked “steampunk” style, even before it got the name.

    • Sarah

      My jewelry style is somewhat natural yet casual with strong themes of Southwestern flair. Not sure quite how to describe it!

    • Bette

      I like my jewelry to be a little funky. Sometimes symetrical, sometimes not, but with lots of unusual items to make it interesting. I really like steampunk themes too. I am making some of my own polymer clay beads and love experimenting with surface and shape techniques.

    • lucinda

      i would say – overly decorative organic or neo-baroque naturals.

    • Heather P

      I feel like I have an emerging style and I don’t know what to call it. I really like making my own polymer clay beads and cabuchons. I enjoy making seed bead spirals to suspend them and also combining them with glass beads and chain. I am in love with copper and just discovering the beauty of brass. I am also experimenting with more 3D beading on my art quilts. You can find me on Etsy-heatherp22 and Flickr-aquariart.

    • http://N/A Roberta in Florida

      I like any style that I can make and I try and make all of them. Lampwork is about the only thing I haven’t tried. I love polymer clay!!

    • Kate

      I just found out about this on ARTBEAD Scene, hope I’m in time. I prefer using natural elements, organic style, sometimes literal, sometimes more impressionistic.

    • Sharon

      I love jewelry….period. All styles and media.Im beginning to appreciate polymer clay more and more in my work. Would love to win this book!

    • Lolly

      I love elegant jewelry that give you that classy look for evening wear and functions. I also love chunky jewelry for the more funky and casual look. Jewelry that real give a person looking to give you that second look and say waaah! now thats beautiful.

    • Elizabeth

      I love edgy and elegant, sometimes combined. Thank you for the opportunity to participate. Happy beading.

    • barbara hopkins

      i lov3e to make contemporary jewelry,but my favorite is to put the past with the current and the future,by doing so i get some really extraordinary’s like looking in a crystal ball and seeing the past,present,and future,howw cool is that!!!

    • Deb Schneider

      I’m a vintage jewelry nut. So much so that I collect and sell it. Love beads, love pins, love it all! I make my own jewelry out of polymer clay.