myWallaby Doll Carrier Review

I’ve been checking out the myWallaby Agile bag for about a week now, the same myWallaby Doll Carrier we’re giving away here at Play Library, hop over and enter if you’d like to have one of your own.

My wallaby doll carrier

So what do I think of the myWallaby bag? I think it would make a wonderful gift idea for a little girl who loves to take her dolls along with her wherever she goes. There are several features I really like about the bag.

  • It’s hard to tell by the photos, but the materials and fabrics the bag is made from are very nice quality. The shell is canvas, and the straps and bottom are made of a soft microfiber material. The inside of the bag is made up of a satin fabric.
  • I also like the Velcro safety release on the strap. I always worry about straps, so this definitely put my mind at ease on the safety issue.
  • Another great feature is the bag bottom, there’s a kangaroo pouch that unfolds and drops down to allow room for the dolls legs. This allows the doll carrier to hold dolls of several different sizes. Smaller dolls can be held in the bag without the pouch down. For dolls that need a little leg room little fingers can easily release the pouch to accommodate their longer legs.

I always like to judge items I review on whether I would buy the product, and I have to say this is one product I would definitely buy for my niece who loves to haul her dolls around with her wherever she goes.

While we’re holding the myWallaby giveaway, myWallaby is also offering free shipping for anyone who purchases the bag during the giveaway and for three days afterwards. Just add the promo code “PLAYSHIP” when you’re ready to check out.

I think the myWallaby doll carrier would make the perfect gift for a little girl who loves dolls, and it’s a unique gift idea that you won’t find anywhere else.


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