Carnival of Positive Thinking

On days like today when faced with what seems like an inevitable fate…I still remember the need to stay positive. In any life changing event there is a positive no matter how small…for instance, having his time with Nana is wonderful memories, and really helps you understand the relationship…why it is so important to me. So here are this weeks articles

Editorial presents Power Affirmations posted at Your Best Library, saying, “Power affirmations is a technique to overcome limiting beliefs and adopt a positive mindset.”

ElsabeSmit presents The Truth About Stress Relief posted at, saying, “Stress is always the result of an inner tension which is expressed as tension in your body. Ignore the stress and it gets worse. Deal with the stress and you regain control of your life.”

Aparna presents Beauty and emotions – kinship between them posted at Beauty and Personality Grooming, saying, “There are two types of emotions viz. positive and negative. Positive emotions enhance the beauty of the face, whereas pessimistic ones lessen it. …”

Lissa Jannini presents Attracting Wealth And The Law of Attraction posted at Break Your Shackles, saying, “The Law of Attraction is a definite reality; everyone puts
it to use. However, most people don’t put it to use the
right way for attracting wealth.”

Suzane Smith presents 10 Common Myths About Clinical Depression posted at Online Psychology Degrees.

Kellen Von Houser presents Kellevision: The Body – Thoughts – Feelings Connection posted at Kellevision, saying, “The body/thoughts/feelings connection. Changing what your body and your thoughts are doing will change your feelings.”

Chioma Chiadikar presents Did You Really Fail? posted at

Toni presents Just Sing! posted at Happy Nest, saying, “Sing your heart out and fill it up with positivity!”

Kaushik Chokshi presents Getting into the flow of Awakening posted at Beyond Karma, saying, “Getting into the flow of awakening”

Tom Glover presents Have You Found Flow? posted at Reflection Leadership.

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