Green uses for six everyday products

When you choose products that have many uses and that are natural you’re making green choices. Obviously that’s a good thing for the earth and your personal health. Another perk is you save cash. It’s so much cheaper to buy a big ol’ box of baking soda and some lemons for the year than a bunch of toxic cleaners.

There are plenty of non-toxic products that have all sorts of handy household uses, health uses, and other cool uses, for example…

Vodka - it's not just for drinking!

Vodka - it's not just for drinking!

Vinegar – I’m so not a vinegar fan. I can’t stand the scent. However it does have a multitude of uses and it’s totally non-toxic. Even though I hate the smell I have to admit it’s good for making eco-friendly cleaners.

Vodka – you always hear about vinegar as a product with multiple non-toxic uses, but vodka? Vodka is a natural product and according to the Daily Green, vodka has 12 great uses from cleaning to heath care to flower preservation and more. Who knew?

Chalk – traditionally chalk is not 100% eco-friendly, however, it’s a natural resource, it’s non-toxic and has a ton of uses.

Baking soda – ah non-toxic baking soda, as useful as vinegar, but without the gross smell. You can clean with it, brush your teeth with it, deodorize with it, shine silver and much more.

Table salt – basic table salt will remove rust, clean hot oven spills and so much more, without a toxin in sight.

Lemons – lemons are one of my favorite multiple use items because they also smell lovely. They’re perfect to clean with, beautify with, and have other uses you’ve likely never thought of.

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    • Tony Wentworth

      Yes vinegar, my mum swears by it for almost everything that needs cleaning, especially cleaning windows with vinegar and newspaper. I must say it seems to work!