Free Fun Winter Activities

During the winter families can get a little edgy being cooped up so much. Instead of allowing winter boredom to take over try some fun and free (or almost free) winter activities for the whole family…


Make snow angels! Or a fort.

Family bike rides (sans snow days) and cool hikes. Winter is an excellent time to hike because nature looks way different than in the summer when families usually hike. State parks with waterfalls are especially cool this time of year. Here in Oregon we go to Silver Creek Falls, but of course you can find a state park near you.

Ice skating at a safe local pond once it’s cold enough.

Set up a tour of the local recycling center or fire station.

Make a family time capsule.

Plan a hot chocolate, popcorn, and game night. Break out all those dusty games.

If you’ve got a sled use it.

Make sock puppets and have a puppet show.

Play charades.

Plant a winter garden.

Wait for night, bundle up, grab a wagon for the very little ones, and go see all the holiday lights in the neighborhood.

Plan a winter scavenger hunt.

Plant some trees!

Grab your flour and have a low-cost holiday cookie baking day.

Hunt down free holiday plays at schools and churches.

Make some holiday crafts:

What does your family like to do that’s free and fun in the winter?

[image via Jennifer's personal pictures - Cedar the snow angel]

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