Kids & Grandparents’ Holiday Memories

Grandparents have wonderful holiday memories to share with grandchildren if the middle generation (the children) will encourage this rather than considering it simply, “Grandma’s ramblings.“  Even those with Alzheimer’s can contribute to the memory lore.  Sometimes we might say, “especially those with Alzheimer’s”, because those memories become very vivid for them at certain stages of the illness.

Holiday memories image:

Holiday memories image:


Grandparents’ memories, and those of other older relatives, contribute to the family heritage.  Record them, write them down, compile them in scrapbooks.  Those help children realize who they truly are and help form a family bond.

If grandchildren can work on Holiday memory projects with grandparents, these have special meaning, too.  My mother and mother-in-law shared their memories with my daughter. I encouraged my daughter to take part in it, or at least be a good listener.  We now reminisce about some of the things they did and said, passing them along to my grandchildren.

These memories are somewhat like the oral histories of various cultures, when stories were passed along through the generations by word of mouth.  However, so they don’t get lost in time, make sure you record them in some fashion.  The holiday memories are especially precious.

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    • Ron

      Seniors have so much to offer. They have time, wisdom, energy, and stories to tell. Having grandchildren around is often a great gift for them. This allows for them to speak freely about things they remember from when they were young. Some grandparents may benefit from visiting grandchildren because there memories come back to them when they see the smile of their grandchild. Working the memory is a good thing for older adults, so the next time you are around grandma, ask her something about the holiday season when she was young!

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    • Mary Emma Allen

      Thanks so much, Ron, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts about seniors’ and grandparents’ memories and the importance of grandchildren learning about them. Yes, there are benefits for both grandchildren and grandparents. I’d like to share your comments with my readers in a post so more will learn what you have to say and think about the importance of memories.