Carnival of Positive Thinking

Here are this weeks articles to help you cope with your grief and move through the loneliness and depression that bereavement can cause to a happier life

Adam presents Stages of Grief posted at ZenTactics – Child Abuse Recovery, saying, “Sorry for your loss…Here is an article on the stages of grief…”

Kathleen Gaga presents Daily Awareness: Your best thinking got you where you are at…. so what do you think about that? posted at Daily Awareness, saying, “It is in the day by day choices our life is created. It is in the day by day choices, our happiness unfolds. It is in the day by day choices we design our life or we let life design us.”

Effortless Abundance presents Change Happens: What to Do When Circumstances Shift Unexpectedly posted at The Change Blog.

Derek D. Hambrick presents And for this, thanks. posted at Derek Hambrick’s Blog, saying, “Sometimes positive thinking is thrust upon us by circumstance.”

presents The Driving Force of Tremendous Change posted at The Real Mind, saying, “My article describing desire and how to find the deep motivational force behind positive change.”

Albie presents How you can be a modern hero in your own life? posted at iDevelopWorld.

GreatManagement presents Connect to Happiness at Work posted at GreatManagement Blog, saying, “Happiness is ultimately not in anyone else�s hands or controlled by anyone other than yourself. It is purely a choice you can make.”

Ralph Jean-Paul presents The Ultimate Guide to Giving and Taking Constructive Criticism posted at Potential 2 Success, saying, “A complete guide to giving criticism to friends, employees, and just about any other person in your life. This article also contains ways for you to be able to take criticism gracefully.”

axel presents Cultivating Mindfulness posted at axel g.

Aparna presents Who is a free person? posted at Beauty and Personality Grooming, saying, “inspiring, thought-provoking piece of writing”

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