Chocolaty Weekend Links

I can’t believe we’re at the end of another year! All the build up to the holidays is pretty much over with, and now we just have a little bit more planning to do for New Year’s. We like to spend the evening in with our kids, watching movies and enjoying some snacks. What do you do for New Year’s?


~ White Hot Chocolate at Good Mood Food Blog

~ Rum Balls from The Parsley Thief

~ Peanut Butter and Chocolate Buckeyes at The Other Side of Fifty

~ Thin Chewy Chocolate Cookies from Piece of Cake

~ Italian Style Hot Chocolate at bell’ alimento

~ Chocolate Salami from Pink Bites

~ Peppermint Sandwich Cookies at Wasabi Prime

~ Peanut Butter Candy Brownie Cups from Treat Yourself

~ Chocolate Quinoa Brownies at Gluten-Free Goddess

~ Egg Nog Fudge from Framed

~ French Silk Chocolate Pie at Feasting In

~ Smooth Chocolate Fudge from Pastry Pal

[image: flickr]

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