Healthy New Year’s Goal: Get Fit!

Healthy and money saving goals for the New Year often coincide seamlessly. That’s awesome in my opinion because why not kill two birds with one stone!? Over the next couple of days we’ll look at some very healthy New Year’s goals that will also save you money big time.

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Goal # 1 – get fit: A common New Year’s goal is to get more exercise and eat better. This is an excellent goal on many levels. Getting fit not only makes you feel good but saves you scads of money in the long run.

How goal #1 saves you money:

  • You’ll save money on food because you’ll buy fewer junk groceries which aren’t healthy for your body or budget and you’ll spend less money eating out – especially on fast food. Seriously people, if you drink one liter of soda a day (soda is a common contributor to being overweight) right there you’re spending an extra $380 or so a year or more. Drink tap or filtered water instead. PS – think diet soda will help – NOPE! Go with the H2O.
  • Smaller clothes cost less than bigger clothes because you have more choices and don’t have to shop at specialty shops.
  • People who are overweight spend about 42% more on health care costs then people who are a healthy weight and physically fit.
  • If you’re fit, you may even make more money at work.
  • If you’re in shape your kids will likely be fit too – which yes saves money on all of the above as well. Obese kids are an epidemic that not only costs us money but it’s unfair to our kids to set them up for a life of high costs and unhealthy habits . We own it to our children to stop the fat kid epidemic now. If you get healthy it sets an excellent example for your children.

Achieve goal # 1: Start walking more, grow a garden, use nature as your gym, play with your kids more (and by play I mean run, bike, swing, and so fourth). Most of all don’t be scammed into diet aids. This is why people think it’s expensive to get fit. Trainers, diet books, pills and so on are totally unnecessary.

The big secret to weight loss and getting fit is that there is no secret. Eat less, eat healthy and exercise – that’s it! Weight loss and staying fit is eating less calories (or simply enough calories to maintain weight) plus 30 – 60 minutes of exercise per day (some cardio, strength, and stretching).

See more  inexpensive ways to get fit, plot your own exercise plan, or visit for more ideas. Coming up more healthy New Year’s goals that save money plus a round up of healthy goals on New Year’s Eve!

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