Planning My 2010 Garden

The Christmas decorations are put away, the New Year has been celebrated, the garden catalogs are arriving daily in the mail. It’s time to start planning my 2010 garden.

garden tomato 3

I usually make a few notes in the fall when I put my garden to rest for the season about what worked, what didn’t work, and what plants I’d like to try again next year, and what I’d like to change up.

I like to take a look back at those notes when I’m planning my new garden, and make some more notes on what I’d like to plant before I look at too many seed catalogs. Otherwise I have a big list of seeds, and no plan to go with it (or space to plant them).

I thought I’d kick off the first week of 2010 with couple posts to help you kick off your garden planning, and help get my garden planning in gear at the same time.

Image L Gerlach

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