Teen angst sets mom on fire?

matchesSince when did pouring gasoline in your mom’s bedroom while she slept–then lighting it on fire–become ‘typical teen angst’???

An 11 year old girl and her 15 year old boyfriend (already there is something wrong with that) are accused of doing just that to the girl’s mother. The police say it was “probably typical teenage angst”, and goes on to mention that the girl and her mother had recently argued over stealing mom’s smokes.

The mind boggles. It really does. How on earth is trying to set your mother on fire in any way TYPICAL???

That being said, how do we establish a solid relationship based on respect and trust with out children?

I have some thoughts on that I’d like to discuss with you this week. Put on your thinking caps.

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    • http://asmymotherbeforeme.blogspot.com notasoccermom

      I heard that story this weekend.. and thought the same as you describe. How truly awful. So many youngsters with no respect for their parents these days. And the teens are not the only ones to blame.
      Cant wait for your posts.

    • http://www.blisstree.com Jennifer

      Wow. That’s a new one. I find it terribly amusing that this was called angst and typical – totally crazy. I think this is one of those outside the box issues though, not typical. Overall I think if parents treat their kids more like they’d want to be treated and focus on a yes, or positive environment vs. a no environment we’d have happier kids and families. At my house we have rules but they’re based around danger and kindness issues not arbitrary “because I said so issues” and my son is pretty chill most of the time.

      PS I just read through some of your past recent posts – very nice. Before you moved over here I’d forget to visit and I used to a lot before all the blogs moved. I forgot how much I like your posts. Now that you’re on bliss maybe I’ll be better at visiting :)