International Delurking Week 2010!

It’s International Delurking Week 2010, that time of year where bloggers ’round the world ask their readers — new and faithful — to delurk and leave a comment!

Who are you? Leave a comment!

Who are you? Leave a comment!

Whether you’re a first-time reader, first-time commenter, or long-time subscriber (thank you!), please let me hear from you! As an incentive, if you also have a blog and you link your name to it, I promise to leave a return comment on your site!

Not sure what to say? Tell me how you found Breastfeeding 1-2-3, how long you’ve been reading, or what you’d like to see from the blog in 2010. Tell me which country you call home — let’s see how many report in! Or just say hello!

Leave a comment! Even if you’ve left a comment before, delurk again in 2010!

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    • Carrie

      Hi! I’m Carrie and I’ve been breastfeeding my son for 7 months today! Don’t know how I found you, but I’ve been a subscriber for probably close to a year now. I love reading your articles. Keep up the good work, and THANKS!

    • Amber

      I’m not sure I can really ‘de-lurk’ since I haven’t been lurking, but I’m here. Happy International De-lurking Week! :)

    • Andi

      Hey Angela… I’m a lurker, for sure! I check you regularly!

    • Becky

      I have been reading for about 2.5years – also the length of time I have been nursing (did not see that as a milestone or goal when I had my son but that’s how we have ended up!). You are in my google reader so I read all the posts and I think I found you during all my new-mom panic searches through the internet :o)
      Thank you for all your information and work that you put into this site!

    • Sarah

      *blushes* Yes, I’m a lurker. Totally guilty. I started reading your blog about 18 or so months ago, when my daughter was born. I also have two older sons who I wanted to breastfeed, but I had problems with it and “gave up” after a week with my first and a month with my second. Not to be deterred by prior bad experiences, I tried breastfeeding my daughter when she was born. Something clicked between us and I breastfed for 13 months. Now I’m preggers with baby #4 (the last one for us….) and I’m going to go for it again! Your blog really helped on those days when I was just too tired to want to go on nursing, and I love reading about the cute things your nursling did that mine did to – it reminded me of just how sweet it is.

    • Sarah

      Hi! I’m a lurky turkey, never miss a post. I subscribe to your blog via my Google Reader. I love all your posts and often forward them along to friends. I am nursing my 14 month old daughter and stumbled on your site while searching something breastfeeding related. Keep up the great work, you are a real asset to breastfeeding moms. Thank you!

    • Megan

      Hi! I just recently ran across your blog and I love it! I’ve been breastfeeding my daughter since she was born 7 months ago. We’re hoping to make it to a year and then try for baby #2. I hope to continue nursing while pregnant, but we’ll just have to see. I get horrible morning sickness (but I read somewhere once that nursing can help ease morning sickness. Any truth to that???) so we’ll just take it one step at a time. I really appreciate the encouragement from your blog as well. There are rough days and even more rough nights, so it’s good to be reminded why I’m doing this. Thanks!

    • jeanine

      you have another lurker here. what a neat idea to get people who wouldn’t normally participate to comment! i’m jeanine from ohio. i have 4 children. my situation is similar to sarah: i tried bf in the past (i have an 11, 3 and 2 year old) and it didn’t work out. i now have a daughter who will be 6 months old tomorrow and she can’t get enough of the boob! i love reading your emails and feeling part of a big community of nursing mommies!

    • Tracy

      Hi,I’m Tracy. I am a Chinese, currently co-hosting a Chinese mother/baby health care forum. In the past few years, my partner and I have done a lot on giving advices to mothers who had problems with breast feeding. It will not be a surprise to see comments like breast milk is inferior to formula, breast milk is less nutrient after the first 6 months, etc. pop out in our forum from time to time. We are glad to see there are more mothers coming out to question such comments and offer help to those who need it.

      I breastfed my kids for 1.5 and 3 years respectively, wonderful experiences!

    • Alyssa


      I’ve been reading your blog for about a year now! I love it! It’s been such as help as I embarked on the journey of breastfeeding with not much support around me!

      Keep up the great blogging!

    • Amy

      Hi Angela, I have been subscribing to this blog for about a year maybe. I forget how I found you, probably searching for some bf’ing advice, as I’m still nursing my second child, 23 months old. I enjoy reading your personal stories and advice, as well as connecting here for the Carnivals – those are always interesting! And I’m pretty sure I have commented before – I tend to have opinions that I’m more than willing to share! Thanks for your work on this!

    • Elisa | blissfulE

      Hi – I comment occasionally, usually on the posts that have to do with tandem nursing, since I’m nursing my three children aged three and under. You’re in my Google Reader so I never miss a post. I find your information encouraging and helpful. Thank you for all you do.

      Australia is my home now – and one of my favourite things about the culture here is how friendly people are and how much breastfeeding is the norm. I was blown away one afternoon while conducting an emergency nursing session for my youngest on a bench outside an appliance store. Lots of people walking by, and they each expressed delight in my nursing child.

      I particularly appreciate the research you highlight on here – how incredible to hear what scientists are continuing to discover about the benefits of breastfeeding for mother and child.

      With warm regards and best wishes for 2010,

    • Jill

      I started reading this blog to support my brilliant, beautiful, articulate sister who writes it :) and I continue to do so because it is so well-written, well-researched, humorous, and informative, a great resource for parents everywhere. Love you!

    • Nicola

      Hi Angela
      Ive been reading your blog for about 6 months now – im an IBCLC in Ireland in PP since 2005. I have your blog on my blogroll. I enjoy reading your posts and really just try to keep up todate by reading as much as i can.
      Im a mum of 4 (soon to be 5 ! due in early March).
      Best wishes from lurkdom

    • Vanderbilt Wife

      Hi! I’m Jessie! I’ve been a subscriber for quite a while and I have no idea how I found your blog. I nursed my daughter for 11 months (while working and pumping) and hope I’ll be able to nurse any future children well into toddlerhood!

    • Pamela

      I love your website, and have yet to post, so I guess I would be considered a lurker! I stumbled across it while googling breastfeeding one day. I am a strong believer in breastfeeding and I’m still nursing my 17 month old. It’s been the best experience and I know it will continue as long as she is interested. Thanks for your great blog!

    • Jennie

      I haven’t breast-fed in twenty three years, but I went to your blog through Vanderbilt Wife (my niece). I’m not really lurking on your blog, but you are welcome to lurk at mine,

    • Karen

      I enjoyed your “delurking” message. This is the first time I’ve been to your blog (I came to read about delurking!) but I’m sure I’ll hang out for a bit before heading back to post more on

      Thanks for reminding me to let the blogs I love know how I feel.

    • Jenny

      I am not really a lurker. I love leaving long comments when the mood strikes, frequently one-handed while my baby nurses. But, anyway, I found this blog a while back during a breastfeeding carnival. The Santa article you wrote last month was one of my favorites–very helpful!

    • aMom

      I’m definitely a lurker. I found this site when my son was a few months old and I was looking for some guidance/reassurance. My son is 11 months old today and is still breastfeeding. My goal is a year but we just take it day by day. I thought it was over just 2 weeks ago when he started biting me (and drew blood) while nursing but the phase has passed for now… I’ve really enjoyed this site and typically read it through my Google Reader. Thank you for your site.

    • Tania

      Hi there!
      I’m not a lurker, but rarely leave comments, as I prefer just to read.
      I found this blog while searching some stuff about LLL Leaders, being a Leader myself, and come back often ever since. I really do enjoy Breastfeeding 1-2-3, thank you, Angela :)

    • Diana

      I am not a true lurker as I have commented before. I really enjoy reading your blog. When my oldest daughter was born three years ago this week my goal was to breastfeed for 6 months and couldn’t imagine doing it for one day more. Now, I am still nursing her at three years, have nursed during a pregnancy, and tandem nursed now for the last year. Things change! I wouldn’t have given up the special bonding with my girls for anything. I am so glad that I stuck with it at first. I can’t imagine not having nursed. It has been such a wonderful experience. I found your blog from another mom whose blogs and had your button on her site. I have been reading for about a year now.

    • Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      Hi Carrie! Thanks for de-lurking and being a subscriber! Happy 7 month birthday to your son! :)

    • Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      I always appreciate your comments, Amber!

    • Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      Thanks Andi and right back at you!

    • Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      Hi Becky! I love hearing how you have ended up toddler nursing — that’s exactly how it happened for me, not as a goal but something that evolved naturally as the nursing relationship progressed.

      Thanks for subscribing (and coming out of Google Reader to comment! :) I love Google Reader!)

    • Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      Hi Sarah! Thanks for coming out of lurkdom to share your story! It’s so great to hear that you were not deterred by bad experiences and that you’ve had a better experience now! Congratulations on baby #4 and best wishes to you and your future nursling! :)

    • Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      Hi Tracy, it’s wonderful to hear from you and to know that you too are working to educate mothers about breastfeeding! Keep up the good work!

    • Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      Hi Jeanine,

      I am so happy it feels like a community — that’s exactly the kind of feeling I hope to promote with the blog. I am happy to hear your breastfeedingexperience is going well this time around!

    • Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      Hi Megan,

      Thanks for your comment! I had not heard that about nursing easing morning sickness but it would not surprise me. I certainly believe that it can help to have the luxury of sitting or lying down to nurse your toddler when you are not feeling well.

      You’ve probably heard me recommend the book “Adventures in Tandem Nursing: Breastfeedingduring Pregnancy and Beyond.” It really helped me!

    • Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      Hi Sarah,

      Thanks for coming out of lurkdom! I am so happy to hear that you have forwarded some posts on to friends — that’s a real compliment! :)

    • Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      Hi Alyssa — I’m glad you’ve found some cyber-support for breastfeeding! Thanks for your comment!

    • Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      Hi Amy! I’m so glad you enjoy the Carnivals — it’s great to hear that feedback! Thanks for reading and for your comment!

    • Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      Hi Nicola,

      Congratulations on your pregnancy — I hope it is going well.

      Thank you so much for including my blog on your blogroll! I’m off to visit your blog now :)

    • Karen

      I forgot to mention I’ve been breastfeeding for over 5 years now. Just wrote about nursing my 2.5 yr old yesterday!

    • Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      Hi Jenny! I am so glad you enjoyed the Santa article and I appreciate your telling me so! It was one of the more controversial posts I’ve written and it helps to hear that you liked it.

    • Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor
    • Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      Hi Tania! That’s a wonderful compliment coming from an LLL leader — thank you very much!

    • Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      Hi Elisa! If you ever want to do a guest post on tandem nursing your three children I’d love to feature it! Your children are lucky that you are committed to breastfeeding that way!

      Lovely to hear about the attitude toward breastfeeding in Australia! Thanks for your comment.

    • Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      I love you too! Thanks for the high praise :) and the effort you make to read and comment on a regular basis. It’s appreciated!

    • Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      Hi Jessie! It’s great to hear that you did so well working and pumping! That’s not easy of course and it’s good for other mothers to know it can be done (happily and with the desire to nurse into toddlerhood next time!)

    • Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      Yay, a genuine de-lurker! Thanks Pam for your comment! Nice to “meet” someone else with a toddler my daughter’s age (she just turned 18 months this week!)

    • Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      Hi Jennie! Thanks for your comment! Good for you for breastfeeding when it wasn’t even done as often as it is now!

    • Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      Hi Karen! I enjoyed reading your post on toddler nursing! Thanks for de-lurking!

    • Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      Hi Diana! Happy birthday to your oldest daughter! It’s great to hear how nursing — including tandem nursing — has been such a wonderful experience for you.