Blogsurfing Saturday

Something happened to Texas. Not sure what it was but the temperatures dropped a bazillion degrees. BRRR!
How has your week been? Mine has been fluctuating between awesome and awful, depending on the day…and maybe even the hour. Don’t you just hate weeks like that?


Are you ready for some winter surfing?


Enjoy the blogsurfing!

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    • megan

      I hate emotional roller-coasters. Hope your doing OK.
      Thanks for the shout out. Those pound cakes are killer, if I do say so myself. ;)

    • Jonica

      How does the beer cheese bread work without rising it? Sorry I have never cooked with beer and I would love to try out the recipe. But, do not quite understand how it works.


    • marye

      thanks megan! they look amazing

    • marye

      Jonica..I htink it is the yeast in the beer.

    • Jonica


      I made 3 loaves today. I used a very very sharp cheddar from whole foods and samuel adams boston larger. Taste so good and rich. With hubs and friends it went very fast! Had several requests for the bread. If you have a food processor use that to chop the onions and shred the cheese. less tears and mess!


    • Marye Audet

      sounds delish!