New Nick Preschool Series~Team Umizoomi

Nickelodeon is adding a new show to its preschool lineup this month. Team Umizoomi, the first preschool series to focus entirely on math, will premiere on Nickelodeon Monday, Jan. 25, with two back-to-back episodes beginning at 11:30 a.m. (ET/PT).
Set to a soundtrack of preschool-friendly pop songs, the series is designed to hep build preschoolers’ conceptual understanding of math. Kids are exposed to math concepts like numbers, counting, computations, measurement, patter

ns and shapes while they’re helping Team Umizoomi on their missions and adventures.

From Nickelodeon Studios:

“Math surrounds us everywhere we go, which is why we wanted to create a fun, adventure-filled, interactive series that engages preschoolers and encourages them to practice and refine their mathematical thinking skills,” said Brown Johnson, President, Animation, Nickelodeon/MTVN Kids and Family Group. “Team Umizoomi is an action-packed series with interactive math games and catchy pop songs that provide kids with takeaway tools to help them learn and use math in their daily lives.”

After the premiere on Jan. 25th, Nickelodeon will air two weeks of brand-new episodes from Tuesday, Jan. 26 through Thursday, Jan. 28; and Monday Feb. 1 through Thursday Feb. 4 at 11:30 a.m. (ET/PT). Two back-to-back episodes will also encore on Nick Jr., on Sunday, Jan. 31, and Sunday, Feb. 7, at 7:00 p.m. (ET).

Team Umizoomi features the voice of Donovan Patton (Joe from Blue’s Clues), and mixes 2D and 3D animation with live action to create Umi City, a uniquely patterned urban environment. Look for more information at

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    • Stephanie

      My daughter is 2 n she loves this new cartoon. She counts, says the shapes , sings n dances with it. I hope they make toys soon (if they haven’t already as I haven’t been able to find any. Its a great cartoon, would like to mayb see them teach some spanish too.

    • T.J.

      My granddaughter just loves the new Umizoomi series…where can I find to buy or record what episodes you have had so far?
      I would love it if you could show these cartoons a lot more often.

    • Michelle Hammontree

      My 3-year-old daughter loves team umi zoomi. I wanted to buy her an umi zoomi toy for Valentine’s Day but I don’t think they are selling any yet. ;( She would have completely flipped out. Can’t wait till I can surprise her with one!

    • Evelyn

      I watched this show with our Grandchild, who usually is not easily entertained.
      She liked it and was envolved in the searches.

      I think you may have a real good show here.

    • Nikki

      My 3 year old absolutely loves the show! I can’t wait until they come out with clothing or toys that I can buy for him!

    • Toni

      My son’s 4th. birthday is March 31. He tells me all the time that he wants a Team Umi Zoomi party. I sure hope you come out with party supplies before then. He truley loves tha show.

      • MIchelle

        My daughter has her 4th b-day in Aug and she is asking for the same thing. Not having much luck finding birthday party supplies in that theme yet, just edible cake topper. Starting to worry!

    • http://nickelodeon Joyce

      I think this show is so wonderful. My 6yr. old can sit there without moving because it teaches all about the shapes and colors. Whoever directed that two thumbs up for you……..

    • Autumn

      My almost 3 year old son absolutely loves this show. He has me on the Nick Jr. website daily printing out stickers and printables. He carries them around everywhere, even to bed. He loves participating with the shows and loves playing the games on the website. I hope they come out with products soon because my son keeps asking for a Geo toy!!!!!!!

    • dawn

      My almost 3 year old son would not even look at the television… absolutley no interest in it… until we found Umi!!! We now have 16 episodes DVR’d and have to watch them 27 times a day it seems! He sings along with each song and now requests certain episodes… the playground is his current favorite… He has learned his shapes, counting and measuring and is beginning to solve the patterns on his own! This show is AMAZING!!! He will definitley have a head start when he begins school thanks to Umi!! Can’t wait to find toys on the market!!

    • Sally

      My daughter LOVES this show and is dying for a Milli doll for Christmas. I can’t find any toys out there for Team Umizoomi yet. :( Shoot!

    • Connie

      My 2 year old loves this show. she interacts and responds to the show. Its Great!
      I hope that they come out with some toys and clothes soon. she would love that!!!

    • Denise

      My 2 year old loves this show! It’s his favorite! Even if I just sing part of the intro, he gets excited. I’m looking for some toys for him for x-mas, but can’t find any. Nickelodeon needs better marketing people, because they could have made a lot of money off of a lot of people shopping for x-mas gifts this year!

    • Samantha

      My 3 year old son LOVES umizoomi he interacts with them and dances.. the best part is this show doesnt grate on my nerves. Thank goodness for a DVR. I am so dissapointed there arent toys for Christmas!! They could have made a boatload of money..what were they thinking?? Hop to it Nick JR

    • misty

      so need umizoomi toys for christmas have looked everywhere any suggestions r greatly appreciated

      • tara

        I am in the same situation. I havent been able to find any dvd’s or toys anywhere..if you find out where can you please let me know thanks..

    • tara

      i havent been able to find any dvds or toys..if you happen to find some please post!

    • Tracy

      I found some t-shirts on eBay, but no luck finding toys or DVDs. :( I can’t believe Nick Jr isn’t trying to cash in on this! It is the only show my daughter will stop playtime to watch. With catchy tunes & fun plots, Nick Jr could make a fortune off Umizoomi if they marketed this show have as much as Spongebob & Dora.

    • Irene

      I’m shocked I can’t find anything Umizoomi for Christmas……It’s been out for almost a year……come on Nick Jr……..get with it!!! So frustrating not being able to get something your child really wants for Christmas!! Grrrr…….

    • Tasha

      I agree, its an adorable show. Very few shows make it past the mom and dad test, and since we only watch one show per day or less, you know it has to be good! I too was looking for Umizoomi toys for xmas. I have decided to ask my friend who makes felted wool dolls to make a set of the characters. She can make anything and I love that they aren’t cheap plastic stuff that I want to chuck as soon as it comes in the door. I think Millie, Geo and Bot will look adorable! I just wish I had thought of it sooner. I guess I thought umizoomi stuff would be easy to get. :( If you want some for yourself, she is on etsy… I think under Bori Dolls.

    • Bernadette

      My boy/girl twins LOVE this show! They think they are Geo & Milly, lol. I am planning (as of 10 minutes ago) on doing an Umizoomi birthday party for them in March and desperately searching for ideas. If anyone finds any, could they please email me at lacostamom at gmail dot com? THANKS!

    • debbie a.

      my granddaughter just loves this showshe wants it on all the time.she learned to pick up new words from repeating bot, you hve to come out with dvds so i can play them all the time and i get my tv back so i an watch a show. thanks