Parenting Reduces Blood Pressure, Seriously

I found this article hard to believe but it was on the Internet so it much be true.  (HA!)

A newspaper from the U.K. called the Daily Mail reports that parents actually have lower blood pressures than people who are not parents.  According to researchers who studied 198 adults those who had children averaged four points lower than those adults who didn’t.father and child The assumption is that parents feel that they have a purpose in life and that this reduces stress in the long run.

I have a few of my own conclusions about this study. I think that a lot of us who parent may just have become numb to the things that tend to raise blood pressure.  When you are pulling junior off the ceiling fan for the umpteenth time you stop having adrenalin responses.  The researchers said that there was no difference in the blood pressures of parents with one child and many children, that it was parenting, not how many children were involved that made the difference.

O.k I am not sure I buy this. I would like to believe that after you have dealt with several children you are calmer than when you have only dealt with one child… or maybe catatonic would be a better word. I think that after having 8 children learn to ride a bike I am impervious to scraped knees, chipped teeth, and goose-eggs on foreheads. Surely there has to be some force in the universe that allows parents with many children an extra measure of calm.

What do you think? Is the research off the wall or valid? Do you think you (as a parent) live with less stress than people who aren’t parents?

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    • Lauralee Hensley

      This study must not have been done on parents with rebellious, in trouble with the law, ditching school then dropping out of school teenagers.
      Believe me, my blood pressure was sky high at the time and so was my husband’s.
      However, we finally got him turned around with some tough love techniques.
      Now my step-son is an adult and a very productive, law abiding citizen.
      I think the study is flawed. It should break the study down into parents of pre-schoolers, grade schoolers, middle schoolers, high schoolers, then let me read the results.

    • Marye Audet

      Lauralee… I think it should be revealed what kind of mood altering drugs the parents were on at the time.. and how much

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