Gail Ambrosius Chocolates for Valentine’s

I recently had the opportunity to try some Gail Ambrosius chocolates, and as I’ve come to find with most chocolate that comes from hand-crafting chocolatiers, they were amazing!


The chocolates come in a variety of flavors — aside from the classic standards of vanilla, raspberry, blueberry and espresso, there are some pretty adventurous ones, like Shiitake Mushroom, Sweet Curry With Saffron, Fig, and even Rose and Jasmine. My favorite, as it tends to be, was the Caramel Sprinkled With Grey Salt, but I did really enjoy the Rica Organica (bliss) and Cointreau.

There are also some fun ones that kids would really enjoy, as well as hot chocolate, chocolate sauce, even a s’mores kit!

Gail’s chocolates are single origin, and she’s actually gone to live with the farmers half a world away to see and live the process herself. One of my favorite parts of her story is:

“And now, here I am taking this cacao they’re growing and selling it as a gourmet product. I feel passionate about working to ensure that these farmers and their families receive a fair wage so they’re able to educate their children. That’s what dairy farming did for my family. Cacao farmers deserve that same opportunity. Real chocolate—grown on trees by farmers with dreams for their children and transformed into truffles on wintry Wisconsin days—is my passion. And it’s my joy to share it with you.”

That’s a chocolatier I can feel good about buying from!

Gail Ambrosius Chocolates are handmade in Madison, Wisconsin, and are reasonably priced and ready to ship. These would make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for anyone!


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