A new season of the Bead Journal Project

On January 1, 2010 the third season of the Bead Journal Project began.  I was thrilled to get back to it…the discipline of knowing that I have to make something for a series really motivates me.


I’ve decided to make bead embroidered cuff bracelets this year, one for each month, featuring colors and details that remind me of that specific month…for whatever reason.   To make my life a bit easier, I sat down in early December and picked out the background and backing fabrics that I wanted to use.  I’ve bonded each top fabric to some lightweight interfacing, and have cut out the basic shape (a long rectangle – nothing tricky).  That bit of production work will allow me to just get right into beading each month.

Here’s my bracelet for January.  Even though January is pretty bleak in New England, I always look forward to each new year…the hope and promise of something new.  That’s why it’s brightly colored and sparkly :-)


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    • http://www.tinkstreasure.etsy.com Debi/TinksTreasure

      That bracelet is drop dead gorgeous Cyndi!

    • Sherry Robinson

      Very cool idea and what a stunning beginning to a new year! Do you mind if we make up similar items w/our left over bits and pieces? Looking forward to next months cuff.

    • http://www.blueridgedivadesigns.blogspot.com Kathryn Lane Berkowitz

      I LOVE that idea ! And the bracelet is lovely !!!
      I am doing “CD” sized circles this year (my first year of bead journaling) and I am enjoying it. I am hoping to maybe turn them into a design for a clock when I have all 12 of them done.
      I am working on February now. I would encourage anyone who likes to bead embroider to try making journal pieces.

    • http://www.tammypowley.com Tammy

      You do such great stitch work, love the bracelet!

    • http://www.michellemach.com/ Michelle Mach

      I love this idea! It’s so smart that you did the basics ahead. I am not finished with my January square yet. Eep!

    • http://shaihasramblings.blogspot.com/ Shay Williams

      Wow! That bracelet is gorgeous! I have to learn to do the bead embroidery. The Bead Journal project has fascinated me from the beginning

    • http://www.mazeltovjewelry.com Cyndi Lavin

      Thanks guys! I’m excited about the project this year, that’s for sure! Michelle, you’ll get it done…don’t panic :-) Shay, I’ve got some basic tutorials on bead embroidery here, and I’m definitely going to do a tutorial for the bracelets. Maybe a bracelet could be your first project!

    • http://www.jkdjewelry.com Jeannie

      OH MY That bracelet takes my breath away. I love collage and this bracelet is just that. When I see these types of bracelets they also stop me in my track. Cheers, jeannie

    • http://www.mazeltovjewelry.com Cyndi Lavin

      Thank you, Debi! I’ve already had a chance to wear it, and it’s really comfortable :-)

    • http://www.mazeltovjewelry.com Cyndi Lavin

      I don’t mind at all, Sherry! In fact, I’d love to see what you make…will you share a picture? :-)

    • http://www.mazeltovjewelry.com Cyndi Lavin

      Oh cool! Are all twelve pieces going to be part of one giant clock?

    • http://www.blueridgedivadesigns.blogspot.com Kathryn Lane Berkowitz

      That’s the plan. Not sure hw to execute it, I think it will require my hubby’s help !

    • http://www.mazeltovjewelry.com Cyndi Lavin

      Thanks Jeannie! You’re right…it is collaged. I’ve sewn a bunch of ribbons and lace to the backing before starting to bead!