Give Pretty Potted Eco-friendly Plants

I actually love getting cut sustainable flowers. However, clearly a nice long-lasting organic or sustainably grown plant is better from a green point of view. There’s not as much waste involved and the gift recipient can enjoy the plant for a long time. The downside is that potted plants aren’t always as pretty (in my opinion) as a cut bouquet. That said if giving a pretty eco-friendly plant is your goal for Valentine’s Day or another gift-worthy occasion you do have some options.

Valentine Rose Plant – VeriFlora Certified hardy, blooming perennial evergreen with gentle pink flowers that emerge reliably in January/ February.

Organic Meyer Lemon Topiary – Although dwarf sized this plant produces full-sized lemons year-round.  A very pretty plant gift that can be used for lots of lively recipes. Terra cotta pot included. A nice Organic Lime Topiary is also available.

Pyracantha Bonsai – lovely VeriFlora Certified plant with red-orange blossoms that develop into fiery berries in the fall or early winter. This plant comes with a natural ceramic bonsai container.

I think a strawberry plant makes an awesome Valentine’s Day gift – very sweet ;) You can order certified organic strawberry crowns right now from Prather Ranch (they’ll ship anywhere throughout the continental United States) or Seed of Change and while crowns don’t look as lovely as a full blown plant your gift recipient will be pretty happy when those first shiny sweet berries appear. Be sure to plant your gift in a nice sustainable flower pot (not plastic).

Organic lavender! Lavender is utterly useful and always pretty no matter what sort of lavender you get.  Sarah Lavender is a smaller variety and a good choice for containers and gifts.

Columnar Apples – One Green World sells some really cool columnar apple trees that can be easily grown in a pot. Trees form a unique columnar shape for a space saving but still lovely fruit producing tree. Plus One Green World is very eco-friendly. Check out Scarlet Sentinel or Golden Sentinel.

Visit Flowers by the Sea for more organic potted plant varieties by mail and of course visit local area nurseries to see if they have any nice organic potted plants in stock.

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