Carnival of Positive Thinking

From all the comments you can see that we are all suffering with ups and downs of the grief cycle. Here are this weeks carnival of positive thinking articles to help us through our bereavement

DeMarcus presents Jan 23, “Enlightenment” Your 7 day program to Positive thinking posted at Self Improvement Articles Blog.

JL 4 Media presents How To Turn Anxiety To Happiness posted at Live Life to the Fullest, saying, “Be proactive or reactive. You can either be a victim or a victor. Choose your attitude, choose the positive!”

Debbie Pierce presents ?To Thine Own Self Be True? ~ The Power of Journaling posted at Rose Goddess Blog.

Angie Miller presents Changes posted at the greatest of these.

Aparna presents An anger management tip posted at Beauty and Personal Grooming, saying, “If the other person is too angry to understand you and when a proper communication seems impossible at that point of time, it is better to leave the place or suggest to your adversary that you will discuss the problem later at some calmer hour. Both of you will feel less defensive/aggressive then and you might even be able to sort out your differences amicably.”

Stephen Martile presents Feeling Overwhelmed? Try This! | Learn the Power of Your Subconscious Mind posted at by Stephen Martile, saying, “Hi,

I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs. It’s part of life, right?

Well here’s a way to eliminate feelings of overwhelm almost immediately. If you really take the time to look at yourself from an objective point of view, you’ll soon see that feelings of overwhelm can be eliminated when you eliminate your “sloppy thinking.”

It’s all explained in my video.”

Rick presents Confidence Quotes posted at Hap Hits.

Lazy Man and Money presents Maximize Strengths or Minimize Weaknesses? posted at Lazy Man and Money.

Wally Bock presents Think outside your own box posted at Momentor.

Kaushik Chokshi presents Why we don’t do the things that are good for us | beyond karma posted at Beyond Karma, saying, “the karma of conflicting beliefs…”

Beth Dargis presents Creating a Check In Jar posted at My Simpler Life – Simple Living, saying, “This is a simple way to remember to check in with yourself”

Donald Latumahina presents Stop Wasting Time by Matching Your Past High Levels of Effort posted at Life Optimizer.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of positive thinking using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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