Giveaway: Murano glass jewelry

Some of you might remember how much I enjoyed my trip to Murano when I visited Italy. One of the highlights of our entire Italy trip was visiting one of the glass factories there. Even before that, I had a fondness for the beautiful glass beads that are the unmistakable legacy of the glass industry there.

Murano Glass Gifts Co. carries some of the finest glass jewelry, beads, and hand-crafted gifts in the world. Its selection boasts a wide range of brilliantly colored and intricately designed glass pieces, including Murano glass vases, bracelets, earrings, pendants, and necklaces for everyday wear and special occasions.

Murano glass is a complex form of art that originated in Rome in the 9th Century and has emerged as one of the most coveted art glassworks in the world. Murano beads are created when chemical silica is heated to very high temperatures and is crafted by the artisan using a highly skilled glass blowing technique. As the Murano glass begins to cool, the jewelry craftsman will add a unique combination of coloring agents to give each Murano glass bead or jewelry piece its unique design and color.


Murano Glass Gifts Co. has made it possible for me to give away TWO $25 gift certificates here on Jewelry&Beading!  If you win, you can apply the $25 gift certificate to any jewelry item in their entire online catalog!  To sign up for a chance to win, just leave me a comment below telling me what type of Murano glass piece you would like to have.  If you tweet this contest, leave me a second comment and you’ll be entered twice!  In a week I’ll be randomly drawing two winners from the comments below.

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    • Irene Lenihan

      I love that glass. I would love to make something pink to add to my breast cancer jewelry that I have been making.

    • Judy Graves

      I’ve just starting a beading class; and have “wandered” to this site with the Murano free gift certificate offer. I would really like to work with something beautiful like the beads shown on your site. I want to create, not just string beads!

    • Brian J.

      It’s hard for me to say what I want since I’m not looking for something in particular; I need to see a bead to desire it.

      I’d probably want something in red or black, since that’s what I’m working in mostly as I start my beading hobby.

    • Susan

      So much beauty in a drop of glass! I would love a bracelet because I would be able to enjoy looking at it while wearing it.

    • kattz

      I absolutely love the black and gold bracelet! The pink/purple necklace is my next favorite. Black, pink, and purple are my 3 most favorite colors ^^ And of course the marbled red and gold heart is gorgeous, too. I am just learning how to make jewelry, and I love looking at others work. Its very inspiring!

    • Lorraine

      I absolutely ADORE all their fabulous styles, colours of beads but in particular, I think a focal Heart would be just Gorgeous perhaps with some sparkle!
      [By the way, I'm so jealous you've actually been there - it would be a dream come true & I'm sure I would want everything! I'm quite the lampwork bead addict I'm afraid] :)

    • kattz

      PS: I re-tweeted, too ^^

    • Shelly Minnier

      I would totally enjoy a glass vase from Italy. Just to have something different!

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    • Deborah

      I’m in love with both the pink bracelet and the heart pendant above and would be thrilled to have either one. If all their products are as lovely as these, I can’t imagine making ONE choice out of their whole catalog!

      Thanks to Murano Glass Gifts for this generous giveaway – AND to you, Cyndi, as well!

    • Regina

      I love the black and gold bracelet! I, too visited a Murano glass factory during my pre-bead life, so I walked through the factory, bought myself a souvenir quite oblivious to the wonderful world of bead addiction. That was then, today I am totally into beads.

    • Kristi

      Awesome givaway, off to tweet it now!

    • DeeAnne

      I also visited the Murano glass factory many years ago, before I discovered beading! I love the delicacy and intricacy of these glass beads. The pink necklace is a showstopper for me! I would order a pair of the earrings if I win the gift certificate!

    • Sherry Robinson

      I like you have been to Murano and insisted on going on the Glass tour while in Venice., It was fabulous!I was on my honeymoon at the time and my husband was kind enogh to follow me through the maze that is Venice and find a Bead shop, where I bought(WAayyyy too many) beads to bring home. They have been a prized possession and I’d love to be incldued in the Giveaway!
      Thanks for offering,

    • Becki

      Re-Tweeted this contest. Hope many more enjoy the thrill of your generous contest, Cyndi. The more-the-merrier ! :0) Thank you again for allowing us to have an opportunity to have a glass-thrill !!!

    • tina

      I love the heart on the black cord. The necklace you made is really beautiful. Keep up the good work.

    • CJ Vierow

      I LOVE the heart! I have a beautiful necklace made with Murano glass and get lots of compliments when I wear it. CJ

    • Esme Kristl

      Hi, I’m hoping I’m not too late for the Murano giveaway contest. I could really, really use them right now! Unlike everybody else who’s entered… ;-)

    • Uma

      Hi,I love the look of Murano glass & the Black & gold Bracelet is awesome!

    • http://www.DesignsByDawnMarie.ME Dawn D

      Oh what a fun contest! I love Murano glass. I’m a matching set fanatic. Either earrings & bracelet, or necklace & earrings… I just love having coordinated sets! :) Thanks for having such a fun contest! Good luck to everybody!

      Dawn – my blog

    • Hard Candy Designs

      Black and gold is SO classic. I see more silver now than gold, and in my generation gold mixed with black or red was more common. Hence, I believe it to be more classic. The variation of shapes, oval, round, square, makes the bracelet unique along with the juxtaposition of the swirls, dots and solids captures the viewer’s eye admiringly.
      For sheer originality, glamour and style, the Murano glass bracelet wins hands down. Murano glass is timeless and without equal. thank you for the beautiful eye-candy of all 3 creations!

    • Trinka

      I would love to experiment with a several-strand bracelet with some Murano glass beads. Thank you for entering me!

    • fJudi

      I would love to have one of those lovely pendants!

    • Janice Bernhard


      I would love to have a nice selection of some of the larger hollow glass beads. I have a friend who needs lightweight jewelry (health issues) and loves the bigger items. This glass would be lovely for her.

    • Fernanda

      I am in love with the beautiful heart above!! I want one!!


    • Shay Williams

      I am in lust with the Costa Rica Green necklace but I can’t see myself ever letting myself afford it. Now if I could just purchase the beads

    • Robin Christensen

      I just LOVE Murano glass! So beautiful!

    • Jeannie

      First Cyndi I love the first pictured piece in this post. Is it a bracelet?
      I do love Murano Foils. I don’t tweet.

    • Jen

      I was stationed in Italy, not far from Venice, and I am a big Murano lover, too!!! I want something unique and gorgeous…that truly shows off the talent of those island artisans!! :) Thanks!!

    • LB

      Please enter me! I went to Murano late last year. What a beautiful island! I would love to win a Murano glass necklace or bracelet! :)

    • LB

      P.S. I retweeted your contest. Follow me @thelonebeader! :)

    • http://n/a Tamara Lieven

      I don’t know what I would buy! It’s all so beautiful, it would take me all day to make my selection, but what fun it would be!

    • daisyee12

      I love the light feeling that it gives me. I’ld love something in pink.

    • Barbara Pollock

      The glass beads are so beautiful who could pick a favorite. I seem to be going thru a turquoise phase at this time but I love the red and gold heart. Now that I am no longer working a 40 hr a week job I have been branching out with my beading. Don’t think we can ever learn enough as always something new turns up.