Quizno’s Gift Card Giveaway

Quiznos recently launched the Quiznos Choose 2 menu, which features several low-calorie meal combos, as well as vitamin enriched breads. Quiznos is helping to prove that you can make smart choices while grabbing food on the go.

Starting Monday, Feb. 8, Quiznos will offer fortified breads that provide customers with eight essential vitamins, antioxidants, vitamin E and zinc. Quiznos Choose 2 menu allows customers to select two entrees (toasted bullets, flatbread sammies, soups or salads) for just $5.

To celebrate this new menu, Quiznos is giving $15 gift cards to five winners.

As always, there are a few different ways to enter.  Pick one or all of these options. Just be sure to leave a comment for each one that you do so that the additional entries will be counted. It’s just easier to pick a winner that way.

1.  Leave a comment. You can tell me why you want to win this prize package, your favorite food item from Quizno’s, or anything along those line.
2.  Tweet it up. Follow @ThriftyMommy on twitter.  Tweet about the giveaway.  You can use the tiny url http://b5m.cc/ac5A . Be sure to include a comment for each thing you do, along with your twitter name.
3.  Subscribe to Thrifty Mommy.
4.  Blog about this giveaway.

Giveaway details: This giveaway is available to U.S. addresses and ends Wednesday, February 17, 2010. The winner will be chosen randomly using random.org. I am hosting this giveaway and did not receive monetary compensation.

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    • Kristi

      Why would I like the Quizno’s gift card? Because my family LOVES Quiznos but we just don’t ever have the extra $$ to go there for lunch or dinner. My fave is their chicken carbonara….yummy!

    • Kristi

      I tweeted about your giveaway. You can find me on twitter at kristijmt. Keeping my fingers crossed that I win! Love Quizno’s.

    • Kristi

      I am so excited! I just subscribed to Thrifty Mommy! I’m looking forward to reading some great ideas and hopefully winning a Quizno’s gift card!

    • Kristi

      Wow. I actually managed all four entry methods! Here is the link to my brand new, just started on February 1, 2010, blog. http://amomwithadhd.blogspot.com/2010/02/thrifty-mommy-giveaway.html Check it out! Thanks!

    • Diana

      I want to win this because there is a Quiznos right down the road and we don’t get to go out to eat all that often so this would work great!

    • Diana

      I am a subscriber.

    • http://sewing-chick.blogspot.com Jodie R.

      We live near a Quiznos but since we usually eat homecooked meals, we rarely go there. A giftcard would be awesome!

    • http://sewing-chick.blogspot.com Jodie R.

      I subscribe through google reader :)

    • http://kpmattingly.wordpress.com Kati

      I would love to win this because we really like Quizno’s sandwiches but don’t go there because of the cost. (Heck we hardly eat out at all actually.)

    • Maranda

      I would love to win this gift card. I do not have a favorite really. That’s actually the reason I like it so well, because they have so many unusual subs to try.

    • Lindley A

      My favorite Quizno’s item is the Sammies- the perfect size for lunch and the flatbread is so yummy- thanks!

    • Lindley A

      I am a happy subscriber- thanks!

    • Sue M

      I love their salads. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway.

      s.mickelson at gmail dot com

    • Carol

      I want to win because we often treat our son to quiznos.

    • Nicholina Harding

      Turkey bacon guacamole sub. Mmmmm

      nik_har at yahoo dot com

    • Carol


    • Carol

      follow on twitter cdziuba and tweeted http://twitter.com/cdziuba/status/8912205635

    • Shelley Johnson

      The Chicken Carbonara is my favorite sub! I love how you can also get those mini subs if you aren’t so hungry too.

    • McKim

      If I won this gift card I would send it to my daughter who is away at college. She goes to school full time and works about 30 hours a week. She has to grab a quick meal when she can, and she loves Quiznos!

    • Adrienne Gordon

      Love their torpedo subs.

    • Sarah

      I’d like to win to prove that there is such a thing as a free lunch!

    • Amy D

      i would take my family there.i like their torpedo subs.thanks

    • Sandra

      I would love to win the $15 gift card because I love Quiznos and everything they offer. They have amazing sandwhiches and awesome soup and chilli! Thank you!

    • mami2jcn

      I love Quizno’s tuna subs.

    • mami2jcn

      I follow you on Twitter and tweeted:


    • mami2jcn

      I subscribed via email.

    • http://randomthoughtsandsuggestions.blogspot.com/ Jennifer b.

      I love to get a Toasted Turkey Sandwich from Quiznos. It makes a big difference that they heat their sandwiches.

    • http://randomthoughtsandsuggestions.blogspot.com/ Jennifer b.
    • http://randomthoughtsandsuggestions.blogspot.com/ Jennifer b.

      I subscribe to your RSS Feed.

    • Jessie C.

      I like their veggie sub!

    • Jessie C.

      @tcarolinep twitter follower and tweet.http://twitter.com/tcarolinep/status/8919838361

    • Jessie C.

      I’m a subscriber.

    • Jessie C.
    • Rebecca Graham

      I love Quizno’s Turkey subs with everything except no tomatoes or green peppers for me. Love to eat there.

    • Rebecca Graham

      Following Thrifty Mommy on Twitter and tweeted: http://twitter.com/rhoneygee/status/8920132828

    • Mellissa C

      I love Quiznos salads!

    • kelley wood

      There’s a Quizno’s near my hubby’s work. He’s always sneaking over there (even though I fix his lunch!!) He needs this GC!

    • http://richellesreflections.blogspot.com Richelle F

      I love Quiznos! My favorite is the chicken and bacon ranch (not sure of the exact name, but I get it every time! :) )

    • http://richellesreflections.blogspot.com Richelle F

      I subscribe to your feed

    • liz colman

      hi i love ther food i love the sammies thanks for the chance to win!!

    • Amber G

      I love Quizno’s Baja Chicken Sub!

    • http://www.muddlinthrumotherhood.blogspot.com Tami

      The reason I want a Quizno’s gift card is because I have never ever been there. I always see all the coupons and stuff but have never been in there. I think there is a Quizno’s at our Walmart. The gift card would give me an excuse to go to Walmart too.

    • Pat

      I’d like to win the Quizno’s contest because I like to eat their veggie sandwich on flat bread.
      Thanks for the contest.

    • http://online-sweepstakes Laura

      My favorite is the Mesquite Chicken, it’s been a long time since I’ve been. Would love to go back!

    • susan varney

      i love to eat mverno@roadrunner.com

    • Lori

      I am pregnant with number four and always hungry- I would LOVE this gift card!

    • Maureen

      There are times when my husband and I have no idea what to have for dinner and having the knowlege that we could get Quiznos is a great idea.

    • ali

      I love the plain veggie sub because of the guacamole!

    • Marla

      I’ve never eaten there before and would love to try it.

    • Darcie K

      I would love to win this because I don’t have extra money to ever go out to eat and it would be a great treat for my daughter and I. My fave at Quiznos is the steak and cheese. yummy!

    • Darcie K

      I subscribe via email

    • Jennifer

      Quizno’s has this great Chipotle salad that tastes amazingly sweet and filling that I love getting when I get there. Thank you for the great giveaway!

    • Mel W

      Yum I love Quiznos! I love getting the turkey sandwich and then adding tons of horseradish sauce and pickles!

    • Jennifer
    • Jennifer

      I am already subscribed! Thanks again for the great giveaway!

    • heather crawford

      i love there subs!!!

    • http://allmywins.blogspot.com Jen

      I would like to win because to save money i never eat out, it would be a treat. I love the quiznos salads!

    • Gail Crawford

      I like Quinoz sandwiches.

    • Ellen Ring

      We eat at Quiznos at least once a week & I always get the Honey Bourbon chicken sandwich. It’s awesome.

    • Ellen Ring

      I subscribed to your e mail.

    • Stephanie V.

      LOVE their honey mustard chicken – so good!
      tvollowitz at aol dot com

    • Liara

      OMGGG sammies!!! but theyre too expensive so i settle for subs :( so since its not comin out of my pocket this time, the first thing ima do is get me some sammies!!

    • Cody

      I never take the time to stop at Quiznos, but if I win the gift card I would definately check it out.

    • Danielle Waldo

      I would like to win so i can give the cards to my 11 year old daughter and she can take Daddy out for Daddy Daughter Day and feel like she paid for it.

      waitressdani (at) hotmail (dot) com

    • Melanie P

      I would love a Quiznos gift card, because Quiznos is close to my house and I love their subs and sauces (especially the horseradish sauce). A bonus $15 gift card is a great blessing to a mom of a large family.

    • Darlene

      I want to win this prize because there is a Quizno’s near me but I have never been there. I’d like to try it.

    • Cujo

      I would like to win because to save money, I never eat out. Co , winning would really be a treat. I love the Quiznos Meatball Subs!

    • Cujo

      Follow on Twitter – HMB99
      Tweet -http://twitter.com/HMB99/status/8956143949

    • Cujo

      Tweet -http://twitter.com/HMB99/status/8956184626

    • Cujo

      email subscriber

    • Marcia Goss

      I love their Choose 2 For $5. It’s my favorite place for lunchl

    • Marcia Goss

      I subscribe by email.

    • Tracey Byram

      I love Quizno’s steak sandwiches.

    • Heather S

      The Honey Bourbon chicken sandwich is good

    • Denise B.

      I’m very, very hungry right now. I’ll eat just about anything!

    • Sharon Harmon

      My favorite food at Quizno’s is the roast beef sandwich with au jus!



    • Cheryl

      My favorite is the Veggie Delite sandwich. Thanks!

    • Celeste

      I like anything that has chicken. Yum!

    • Brandon Ralston

      I want to win this prize package because I love eating subs there.

    • Renski

      I’d like to win so I can suprise my honey with Quizno’s subs real soon. Thanks!

    • Renski

      Tweet – http://twitter.com/Facetwit17/status/8965104486
      follower – Facetwit17

      2nd attempt

    • kellys

      I love Quiznos! Count me in.

    • amy mayer

      I would love to win this because it is perfect to pick up a hot toasty sandwich on the days I am volunteering all day and have NO time to cook! The hardest thing is what to choose to eat–ALL good!

    • Monique Rizzo

      I would take hubby out to lunch and surprise him! Thanks for the chance.

    • mindy

      quiznos is fabulous and the quality is wonderful thanks for the giveaway

    • andrew b

      i want to win because quiznos is better then subway, and more expensive, so this will help me go down the street a little more to get what i really want

    • Claudia

      I love the Turkey Guac sub, healthy and tastes great!

    • Claudia

      I subscribe to your blog

    • Linda

      We eat at Quizno’s about once a week, love their toasted turkey sandwich!

    • Jen

      I have never tried Quizno’s so this would be the perfect opportunity!

    • Jen

      Following on Twitter and tweeted


    • Jen

      E-mail subscriber

    • Leslie Price

      I looove Quiznos, especially the sammies. Thanks for the entry!

    • Kate

      I want to win so my husband can use this toward lunches during the work week – it gets expensive and he love Quiznos

    • Nancy

      I want to win because I love Quiznos. My favorite sub in the Turkey Ranch & Swiss…it so good:)

    • Suzanne K

      I’d like to try the Honey Bourbon Chicken on 9 grain artisan wheat! Sounds delicious and even healthy!

    • Christina S

      Chicken Carbonara

    • Dagmara

      I wanna win this because I have never had a Quizno’s

    • Dagmara

      I am following and have tweeted http://twitter.com/laurika10/status/8992859553

    • Dagmara Hawkins

      I have subscribed

    • James

      I love Quiznos, that’s why I wanna win this

    • James

      I have tweeted and am follower http://twitter.com/jimmko/status/8992974072

    • James

      I have subscribed

    • Stacy

      I am always looking for a free lunch.

    • Jennifer Miller

      I love this new option! I like mixing the salad with a Turkey Torpedo! I’d love to win so I can treat myself to a few lunches during lunch at my new job (there’s a Quizno’s within walking distance)!

    • Jennifer Miller
    • Holly G.

      I love Quiznos! We went there for lunch today. What sets them apart is their special sauces. This card would get used quickly at our house!

    • Karen Pochodowicz

      I would like to win this because I love sandwiches

    • Jessica

      I love their salads!

    • Jessica

      I follow through twitter and tweeted

    • Jessica

      I subscribe via e-mail

    • Cynthia C

      I think Quizno’s has the best subs. Thanks for the chance!

    • http://www.daybydaysavings.blogspot.com Kim

      I love their toasty subs.

    • Katherine C>

      We have a QUiznos in our mall, and I would love to win so I could stop for lunch one day while shopping.

    • Benita

      I’d like to win because I newver tasted Quiznos.


    • Benita

      Brand new email subscriber.


    • Pat

      I like the Classic Italian Sub.

    • Linda Lansford

      Quizno’s mkes the best subs

    • Jeff

      I like when they have their meatball sub available.

    • Rosalind

      I would take my mother to taste the enhanced subs.

    • http://www.twitter.com/erinxduh erin m.

      My brother loves Sub sandwiches and his birthday is coming up!
      This would be a perfect little present he’d love.

    • http://www.twitter.com/erinxduh erin m.

      e-mail subscriber!

    • http://www.twitter.com/erinxduh erin m.

      Following via Twitter.

    • Autumn b.

      we just ate there a couple days ago – great turkey!

      autumn398 @ yahoo.com

    • Barbara

      I haven’t been to Quiznos in ages because I need to lose weight. I’d love to win so I could try some of their lower calorie items. The Baja Chicken sub looks really good – I love just about anything with chipotle.

    • adam

      I’d like to win because I never tasted a Quiznos. Wanted to just never got around to it!

    • Ashley

      id like to have this because we have a quiznos nearby that delivers to work, but i have never eaten there. this would be a great way for me to try it

    • http://thetravelingcoldwells.blogspot.com/ Stephanie Coldwell

      I blogged about your giveaway! Thanks!!

    • priscilla b

      roast beef and cheddar :) yum

    • Renski
    • angie

      Quiznos is a great quick low fat meal. I like the honey bourbon chicken.

    • Julie Moe

      I want to win this because it would make a great lunch

    • Julie Moe

      I subscribe

    • Lisa G.

      With a new baby due any day I would love to win because this would make an easy and delicious supper. The Cantina Chicken Sammie looks delicious on their online menu!
      lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

    • Lisa G.

      I’m following you on Twitter user lisalmg and Tweeted this giveaway. http://twitter.com/lisalmg/status/9107061841
      lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

    • Lisa G.

      I’m an email subscriber. Thanks!
      lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

    • Carol G

      I have actually never tried Quiznos, this would be a good way to do it. Unfortunately, it would have to be on one of my trips into the nearest city, because the one that was here in town didn’t stay in business very long.

    • Ani

      My favorite from Quizno’s is the Baja Chicken Sub.

    • Emily R.

      I want to win because my husband and me love Quiznos, but don’t get to go very often because of limited funds!


    • Theron Willis

      I want to win as I like a good sandwich along with a couple of bottles of beer. Good eating and good drinking go together.

      Hope to win!

    • Alicia

      The Mesquite Chicken Sub

    • Theresa D

      I would love to win because my family loves Quiznos, so this would be a nice savings for a night of Quiznos subs.

    • Theresa D

      I follow you on twitter(terri142)and tweeted.


    • Theresa D

      I subscribe via email.

    • Jacob LaFountaine

      I’d eat at Quiznos everyday if I had the money. My favorite is a classic italian

    • Renski
    • Karen Martin

      I want to win so I won’t have to decide what to cook for dinner. Thanks for the giveaway.

    • Matthew Hallett

      I would love to win to take my girlfriend out for a good but healthy treat : )

    • Danielle

      i would love to win because i just really really love quiznos!


    • Danielle

      tweeted @ferriza2



    • Daniel M

      want to win because i haven’t gone there in ages!

    • Janie Futrell

      love the soup broccoli and cheese is great

    • Christie

      I want to win this because I love Quizno’s Sammies and soups.

    • ReggieMann

      I love the Classic Club with Bacon on Wheat – Would love to win :)

    • http://allmywins.blogspot.com Jennifer

      my favorite thing about quiznos is the pepper bar, I love banana peppers so I stack my plate high with them, yummy! I always get my sandwich warmed too, mmmm toasty!

    • Sarah

      i love quizno’s salads!

    • Lisa Taylor

      I visit Quiznos at least once a week and always have a Veggie Sammie with no onions and soup lezanac@yahoo.com

    • Lisa Taylor

      email subscriber lezanac@yahoo.com

    • Nanette Olson

      I love the chicken carbonara on whole wheat bread and would love to win this prize so I could get some.

    • Holly W.

      I want to win because I LOVE that Turkey Ranch and Swiss Sub!

    • Holly W.

      I follow you on Twitter and Tweeted! http://twitter.com/her5boys480/status/9190532999


      I would like to win because I’ve never tried quiznos and have heard it is really good

    • Amanda Barnes

      I definitely want to win this! I love Quizno’s…there toasted bullets are absolutely amazing :)
      Amanda Barnes
      amandakbarnes90@gmail dot com

    • JoAnn L.

      I want to win because Quiznos has great selections for lunch. I eat there atleast 3 times a week.

    • http://myloonyverse.com Dddiva

      I want to win because I haven’t been to a Quiznos in years and I’d like to try some of their new offerings.

    • http://myloonyverse.com Dddiva
    • Erica C.

      The meatball sub there is tasty!

    • Steph

      The Alpine Chicken Flat Bread Sammie sounds good. I havne’t eaten at Quiznos in many years, looks like they have some great new stuff.

    • karen

      I like the veggie sammie. Thanks.

    • Jason

      My favorite thing at Quiznos is the Mesquite Chicken with Bacon on Wheat!


    • Jason

      Twitter follower – parkerozgood

      tweeted http://twitter.com/parkerozgood/status/9200163559


    • Jason



    • nicole gladit

      Love the roast beef subs

    • http://www.melodicmom.com Melodic Mom

      I love their Italiano Sammie!

    • http://www.melodicmom.com Melodic Mom
    • Janna Johnson

      I love the chicken carbonara!
      Thanks for entering me! Great Contest!

      Janna Johnson

    • Ryan Smith

      I want to win because it’s free and my wife loves the cobb salads.

    • staceyk

      haven’t been there before, but they look good!

    • staceyk

      subscriber via google reader

    • Mary Ward

      I’d love to win it for my son. He works nights for UPS and he can always pick up a sandwich on the way home.

    • matt twohig

      I lovvve Quizno’s It’s MMMM—Goood and it’s near my house!

    • Amy

      the love the veggie sandwich. Id love to win this!

    • Mia J.

      I love the hot italian sandwich….kind of reminds me of hoagies.

    • lorena f

      i love the classic sub of veggies and flatbread sammies !!

    • lorena f

      Follower @ThriftyMommy on twitter

    • lorena f

      paz247 & RT

    • James Coyne

      I like the meatball hoagies

    • Annemarie

      I want to win because I love eating there! I love the tuna on white with mayo and tomatoes!

    • Annemarie

      I subscribe via email.

    • Derk Thomas

      I would like to win because it has been years since I have been to Quizno’s and this would give me a reason to go again.

    • http://thethingswehopefor.blogspot.com/ Erika

      I’ve never been to Quiznos but have always been curious to try it. This would give me a great reason to try it! Thanks!

    • christopher h

      love their meatball subs

    • wendy wallach

      i would like to win this because i have never tried Quiznos and this would certainly be an incentive.

      madamerkf at aol dot com

    • Pamela S

      We LOVE Quizno’s. My favorite is probably the chicken carbonara, although I like to try different things each time. Thanks.

    • Pamela S

      Subscribed to feed with google reader. thanks.

    • Kathleen S.

      I’d love to win because we have a Quizno’s right across from my workplace. I love their Classic Italian, so yummy! Thanks!

    • Angela Winesburg

      I love their veggie sub, thanks!

    • Jesselyn

      I want to win this because my husband loves Quiznos (especially the Turky, Bacon and Avocado)but we are on a tight budget and he is prone to skipping lunch. This gift certificate would be a real treat for him. He works hard and deserves it!

    • Joseph

      My favorite Quiznos item is the “Turkey Club – Toasty Torpedoes” on the sleek ciabatta baguette.

    • Jennifer gersch

      i want to win because i love the turkey subs

    • electric island

      I want to win because I love food!

    • electric island


    • http://newmebabysteps.blogspot.com/ Nadine L

      I love the Classic Italian on the 9 Grain Artisan Bread

    • http://newmebabysteps.blogspot.com/ Nadine L

      I follow (@eyzofblu63) and tweeted http://twitter.com/eyzofblu63/status/9231721015

    • http://newmebabysteps.blogspot.com/ Nadine L

      I subscribe by email (iheartsweeping@aol.com)

    • Deborah Wellenstein

      I love their Classic Italian. Thanks!

    • barbara wright

      I want to win because I like Quiznos, but my husband likes Subway better, so guess where we end up going :-( . But if we could go to Quiznos for free, he would like Quiznos better, too :-)

    • barbara wright

      I follow you on twitter and tweeted: http://twitter.com/bsw529/status/9235460065

    • barbara wright

      I subscribe with google reader

    • Sheila Hickmon

      I love Quizno’s subs! Their Honey Bacon Club! Yum!
      Thanks for the chance!

    • Doug

      Like their product line, would be great to eat there.

    • R Hicks

      I would like to win this because they are one of my fav places to eat and their classic italian sub is my fav

    • R Hicks
    • R Hicks

      subscribe to you via email

      ardy22 at earthlink dot net

    • Trish O’Connor

      I love sandwiches and would love to have this.
      Thanks for the giveaway.

    • Lori C.

      The two Quizno’s Restaurants in our town closed last summer. It was really disappointing and surprising. Well, just the other day, we saw a “Grand Re-Opening” sign at our favorite one. Can’t wait to go back for a traditional sub on wheat.

    • Lori C.

      e-mail subscriber

    • Lori C.
    • dispatcher_kristy

      I want to win because I love Quiznos!!!

    • dispatcher_kristy

      following thriftymommy on twitter- mommy_to_2_chis

    • Tanya Ramirez

      I would love to win this because we have a quiznos about 5 minutes from our house and have never tried it before.

    • http://ols pat jasmin

      we have one that just opened up and i would like to try one.

    • Stacey M

      Follower on twitter …. tweet: http://twitter.com/jettaway75/status/9246247260

    • Stacey M

      I want to win because my son likes Quizno’s.

    • Susan Smith

      I love their classic Italian sub.

    • Happi Shopr

      I love the Classic Italian Sub!

    • Harriet

      Love their roast beef sandwich

    • Mir

      I love the sammies and the bullets. Would love to win cause we don’t go there too often so this would be almost like a treat.

    • Rosey

      I would like to win this to give it to my husband who has a Quizno’s on his work route. Thank you!

    • Rose Alexis

      I am an e-mail subscriber.

    • Chuck Darrah

      I go to subway everyday for lunch. If I won this gift card I could pay for my boss to switch it up and we could hit quiznos.

    • kathy pease

      i love quiznos i love their turkey and bacon subs :)

    • kathy pease
    • Angie P

      I want to win because I love Quizno’s subs. So good!! :D

    • Angie P

      follow and tweeted @xangiepx


    • Angie P

      subscriber thru google reader (Angie P)

    • Joanne Schultz

      I love free food! And I do like Quiznos subs. The other day I was going to visit a friend who lives about half an hour away, and I decided to bring Quizno’s subs for lunch. I checked and there was A Quizno’s in her town, and I was able to order & pay for them online. There was a line when I got to the store, but they had just finished making the subs, and when I told them I was picking up an online order, I moved to the head of the line!
      Too bad my side of the river doesn’t have online ordering! That was just so very convenient!

      Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Joanne Schultz

      i follow on twitter – js22222222 .
      tweet: http://twitter.com/js22222222/status/9257022471

    • Joanne Schultz

      I subscribe to your blog’s feed via google reader.

    • Jennifer Jozwiak

      I love quiznos sammies and their chocolate chip cookies, so winning this would be great and such a treat!

    • Diane Baum

      Love their smoked turkey

    • lorena f


    • Sand

      I’d love to try the turkey bacon guacamole sub.

    • http://thriftyjinxy.blogspot.com/ Chrysa

      I love Quiznos! Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Brian E.

      Thanks for the giveaway…I love their Turkey Ranch & Swiss on wheat !!!

    • Brian E.

      Following via Twitter: @brianpiero

      Tweeted: http://twitter.com/brianpiero/status/9264157935

    • D

      I want to win because my whole family eats at Quizno’s(-that’s hard to do). One stop family fun.

    • jeanine

      i would love to win because i love quizno’s toasted subs!

    • jeanine

      tweeted neenee_is_me

    • jeanine

      email subscriber

    • Barbara Long

      I want to win because I really like the Pesto Turkey Bullet.

    • melissa

      i like the double cheese cheesesteak sandwich from Quiznos.

    • pam

      I’d like to not think about dinner for ONE night! lol

    • Nancy S.

      I would love to win this for my son because Quizno’s is his favorite. I like it too but he could eat there every day.

    • Nancy S.

      I follow you on twitter and I tweeted.

    • Nancy S.

      I subscribe to your feed.

    • John Deal

      I like the Cheesesteak.

    • prizehound7

      I want to win this prize package because I have never tried Quiznos before(there is not one local).

    • Veronica Garrett

      I want to win the prize package because I want to check out the low calorie menu items. I want to eat healthy.

    • celia

      I would use this gift card to try the flatbread sammies, it has been years since I last ate at Quiznos, but their new Sammies look nice, especially the alpine chicken and the veggie with guacamole!

    • Gianna

      I’d like to win it for my husband for those days I don’t put together a lunch for him.