Dunkin’ Donuts’ 60th Birthday $60 Giveaway

Can you believe Dunkin’ Donuts is turning 60 this year? To celebrate, they’re rolling out the “Create Dunkin’s Next Donut” contest, and have given me the chance to give one lucky Chocolate Bytes reader a $60 Dunkin’ Donuts gift card!

Dunkin’ Donuts, founded in 1950, is celebrating 60 years of delicious coffee, donuts and baked goods, and they’re inviting customers all around the world to join the party with festivities planned throughout the year! Since its humble beginnings as a coffee and donut shop in the Northeast, Dunkin’ Donuts is now indisputably one of the world’s best-known brands.

The company’s “birthDDay” celebration kicks off this week with the return of the “Create Dunkin’s Next Donut” contest. For the second year in a row, Dunkin’ Donuts is inviting donut lovers to channel their imagination and love for donuts for the chance to win $12,000 and have their personal donut creation sold at participating Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants nationwide. Last year, the grand prize winning donut, “Toffee for Your Coffee,” was chosen from among 130,000 entries submitted online for the inaugural contest.

To enter the donut contest, visit dunkindonuts.com/donut. To enter the $60 Dunkin’ Donuts gift card, see below!

How To Enter

Leave a comment here telling me what your current favorite Dunkin’ Donuts product is. Coffee? A particular donut? That’s it! (Please note, there is no right or wrong answer.)


~ Contest ends Monday, February 15, 2010 at 5:00pm PST.

~ One entry per household. Duplicate entries will be discarded.

~ One winner will be randomly drawn and notified by email, and will have 24 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen.

~ Giveaway open to U.S. residents only.

~ One winner will receive one $60 Dunkin’ Donut gift card.

[image used with permission from dunkin' donuts]

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    • Terri L


    • Mariann

      I’m pretty simple when it comes to my donuts: I like a nice chocolate glazed. Munchkins are even better with all that bite-sized goodness!

    • http://southinyourmouth.blogspot.com Amy

      Yum! I LOVE their coffee… Sweet and light. :)

    • Anita Hanks

      Dunkin Donuts plain black coffee is my favorite of all their products.
      Next in line is the Maple Glazed Donut.

    • Annette D

      My favorite current Dunkin’ Donut would have to be the Old Fashioned Cake Donut
      but growing up I LOVED the Chocolate Honey Dipped Stick!

    • Patricia Hill

      I love their coffee.

    • Jackie

      Chocolate glaze is my favorite

    • Nicholina Harding

      My favorite will always be the Boston Kreme Donut.

      nik_har at yahoo dot com

    • http://mangiodasola.com Memoria

      Plain, glazed donut for me, please!

    • Shelley Johnson

      I love a glazed cake donut. Yummmmmy!

    • Brenda

      I like the plain cake donuts the best. They go great with their coffee.

    • Carol

      I like the Blueberry Cake donut and regular coffee with cream.

    • Lynne

      My favorite donut is the chocolate creamed filled and I also love there coffee which I think is the best I’ve ever had.

    • Rebecca Graham

      I love their coffee.

    • John Ferris

      My favorite is the chocolate donuts.

    • Kathy Luman

      I like the long ones creamed filled with chocolate icing. Yummy.

    • Adrienne gordon

      I like the coffee coolatta.

    • Margaret Smith

      We love the Munchkins. So funny, but we brought 50 last night as a surprise for our kids for today. We figured they’d be off from school because of snow and we surprised them with munchkins for a special treat today. I can’t believe DD is 60 years old.
      Thanks so much for this giveaway.

    • mindy

      my boston creme donuts thanks for the giveaway

    • Ann F

      My favorite Dunkin’ Donuts donut is the French Cruller.

    • Matthew

      MY favorite thing at DD is the classic glazed donut. So good!

    • jessica s


    • http://foodette-reviews.blogspot.com Jess

      DEFINITELY a glazed stick. Mmmm!

    • Kristi

      It’s a tie between strawberry cake donut, chocolate glazed donut & the French Cruller donut! lol YUM! I wish I had one of each and a big cup of their coffee right now. :) Thank you for your giveaway!

    • http://mathpost.asu.edu/~diaz/ Edgar Diaz

      hazelnut is my favorite.

    • Jaque

      Boston Creme donut….mmmmmm, mouth watering!

      Thank you. :-)

    • http://randomthoughtsandsuggestions.blogspot.com/ Jennifer B.

      I like to stop and get my Dunkin Doughnuts Car cup refilled with nice hot tea! Yeah, I love their tea.

    • Diane

      I love the double chocolate donut. Especially with sprinkles!

    • mami2jcn

      I love the blueberry cake donut!

    • PatZ

      Right now I’m into Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla coffee. It’s my afternoon pick-me-up.

    • http://asoutherngrace.blogspot.com grace

      their iced coffee is like none other i’ve ever tried. i’m hooked on the stuff.

    • http://www.ripple6.com Social Networking Platform

      I love the plain donut with chocolate frosting

    • megan

      vanilla iced coffee- double double

    • Mellissa C

      I love their Maple Glazed Donuts.

    • Katherine P

      Just the simple glazed raised donut! Several others but that is my favorite

    • Alicia Webster

      I love their old-fashioned glazed and the custard-filled maple.

    • patricia

      I love thier Cheese Danish.

    • Rachelle

      Chocolate glazed! mmm and vanilla coolata!

    • Melissa Zimmerman

      Their regular coffee and the chocolate lazed donut. I miss DD here in AK, but I take advantage of airport DDs when I travel!

    • Lynn MacNeil

      If I had to pick one thing I liked best at D&D it would be their Boston Cream Donut!

    • Amber G

      Chocolate Munchkins are my favorite!

    • Roxanne Ellis Raymond

      their iced coffee is by far the best

    • paige chandler

      Ilove the Dunkin Donut glazed. Simple and perfect. Mmmmmm

    • Donna Boycott

      I love their dunkin munchkin donuts and their coffee. What a great way to start off the day!

    • Pat

      French Cruller and black regular DD coffee for me, please. Thanks for the contest.

    • ky2here

      Dunkin Dark is awesome coffee.

    • jperonto

      My favorite is the double chocolate cake donut! Great giveaway!

    • susan varney

      i love the boston cream donut mverno@roadrunner.com

    • angela cunningham

      there coffee have to have it every day.

    • Jill L

      I love Bavarian Creme Donuts.

    • http://obsessivesweets.blogspot.com Rebekah Burgess

      Old-fashion, traditional chocolate glazed. Can never get enough!!

    • Betty

      absolute fave – boston cream donut



    • SANDY

      fresh donuts

    • Betty K.

      Love their coffee especially the iced coffee

    • H. McLaughlin


    • Vicky H.

      I like their doughnuts, like the chocolate frosted (normal) ones.

    • Jess

      Either the toasted coconut or heath bar doughnuts… SO TASTY.

    • Cindy Merrill

      Down here in Richmond Kentucky, the nearest Dunkin Donuts is a 30 minute drive- and you have to call ahead if you want lemon ( my favorite) because Lemon donuts are not “sweet” enough for Kentuckians. SIGH. I miss Maine.

    • Aaron

      I love their French Vanilla Coffee and Kreme-Filled Long Johns!

    • Tom

      Chocolate frosted donuts rock !

    • http://newmebabysteps.blogspot.com/ Nadine L

      My favorite thing is the Dunkaccino, but they have not had them this year :( so my second favorite is the Coolatta

    • robert reilly

      I always get a hot chocolate w/ whip cream and a glazed stick. Those are the best.

    • Darcy B

      I love the fresh glazed donuts and the iced coffee–Mmmmmm.

    • Jill Myrick

      My favorite Dunkin Donuts treat is a Hot & Now Glazed Doughnut and a Hazelnut Latte.

      Thank you so much for the chance to win.


    • Jennifer

      I love their sprinkle donuts even though that is fairly boring! Thank you for such a great giveaway =)

    • heather crawford

      i love their iced coffee!!!!

    • Jacob

      I’ve always been a fan of the cinnamon donuts

    • Lim

      Double chocolate donut.

    • http://allmywins.blogspot.com Jen

      my favorite has always been boston cream, i never get any other kind!

    • Barbara

      give me 3 plain glazed donuts, please!

    • Ellen Ring

      I love their White Hot Chocolate.

    • theodore esteghamat

      I always get the boston creme.

    • Jessie C.

      I heart their iced latte! It’s the best !

    • TLC

      Chocolate Munchkins always put a little happy in my day. I like the name, I like the easy-sneak size, and I like the chocolaty goodness!

    • Liara

      glazed munchkins!! yummmyy :)

    • Danielle Waldo

      Bear Claws are Greatttttttttt.

      waitressdani (at) hotmail (dot) com

    • deb c

      I love the donuts with the maple icing.

    • Darlene

      Chocolate Glazed Cake Donut

    • http://sharichj.blogspot.com/ Sharon Jones

      Large iced coffee extra light, 2 sugars…YUM

    • http://wolf.ryan@gmail.com Ryan

      Gotta be the coffee – hot in the cold months and iced in the warm ones!

    • debi welbon

      I just love their donuts! Not just one in particular – but alot of them!! The boston cream ones, the cake glazed one, choc. glazed ones – the list goes on and on!!

    • Tari Lawson

      I like the chocolate iced donut.

    • Tracey Byram

      I like the chocolate glazed with sprinkles.

    • Denise B.

      My favorite was always the butternut donut.

    • Heather S

      I like the chocolate frosted donuts

    • Lynn H

      I love the coffee…I even buy it to make at home! Love the healthier choices that are now available…flat bread egg white with vegetables! Donuts are great also.

    • Eileen Burke

      I love their pumpking muffins!

    • Trish O’Connor

      Glazed Donuts are my fave.



    • cathiem

      I always buy their bagels and muffins

    • Cheryl W

      My favorite item is their chocolate cake donut. Thanks!

    • DeeAnn S

      I love the Munchkins! Little bites of different flavors. Thanks.

    • Laura

      I love their coconut donuts!

    • Renski

      My favorite is a glazed donut and coffee – heavy cream & sugar. Makes me happy just thinking about it.

    • Sarah Hirsch

      I like a regular cake donut with chocolate frosting on top

    • Debbie Armus

      My all-time favorite is the pumpkin spice latte. I wait for them to arrive every year and am so disappointed when they are gone

    • Monique Rizzo

      I love the Chocolate Doughnuts. Thanks for the chance.

    • Sylvie W.

      Top of my list is the jelly donut.

    • Jillian

      Boston Creme Donut – yum!

    • Linda

      My favorite is their twist dounut with the sugar on it and coffee!

    • http://cookbookhabit.blogspot.com Jessica

      I love their hazelnut coffee with milk and sugar…but their Christmas donut with candy cane sprinkles was surprisingly good!

    • Marc Cerny

      any of their coffee flavors!

    • Jen

      Glazed donuts

    • rose waterston

      I love their healthy fat-free products – oh, wait, they don’t have any.

    • Leslie Price

      I love love love Dunkin Donuts coffee with strawberry frosted donuts.

    • janice Golden

      Butternut crunch dnuts oh my oh my

    • Nanci K

      I love the white cream donuts.

    • Charles P

      I enjoy their glazed and Boston cream doughnuts.

    • Barbara Wilson

      I love doughnuts nearly every type but I will take one with chocolate frosting and sprinkles as first pick. I love dunkin’ doughnuts!

    • jperonto

      Double Chocolate Cake Donut!

    • Chris M.

      My favorite donut is definitely either the bavarian creme filled.

      Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Anna

      I love glazed donuts.

    • dorothy l

      I like the cream filled donuts

    • Sue E

      Plain ole Glazed Donuts for me. Thanks!

    • Brent

      Double Chocolate, of course!

    • joni

      I love the plain glazed yeast donuts.

    • Jennifer Miller

      Dunkin Donuts’ chocolate long johns are THE BEST! Yummy!

    • Kelly Ann T.

      Chocolate long johns are my favorite.

    • Karen Pochodowicz

      any donut with the maple glaze

    • Cynthia C

      I like the glazed donuts best, and the coffee is also good.

    • scarlette

      I like just the regular coffee w/ cream and sugar!

    • Nicole

      I love to get 2 double chocolate donuts and a bottle of milk at the drive-thru. Yes, I know I eat like a 10 year old.

    • http://myloonyverse.com Dddiva

      I like the coffee coolatta

    • Jennifer M

      I like the glazed blueberry cake donuts!

    • Stacy

      I like the Coolatta’s!

    • Susan

      My favorite is the White Hot Chocolate! YUMMY!!

    • http://www.more4momsbuck.com cristine

      I like the egg white sandwiches. Healthy and yummy

    • andrew b

      plain of sugar dounts

    • Linda Lansford

      I just love all their donuts

    • Candice Murray

      Hey, I am turning 60 yrs. old this year too! My favorite is just plain old
      coffee, double sugar double cream and a jelly donut! YUM!

    • Ellie W

      My favorite are their strawberry jelly filled donuts. Yum!

    • Crystal F

      The white chocolate latte looks super yummy! Thank you!

    • Melissa D

      I’m a coffee lover in general, and I love Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee especially! Thanks.

    • Rosie

      Ooh…I love Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast! My favorite item on their menu is the Egg White Turkey Sausage Flatbread.

    • http://micheleslittlebitofthisandthat.blogspot.com/ michele

      Yum, maple bars! Thank you for the giveaway.

    • http://www.bl5h0p.net Andrew Bishop

      My favorite item (s) are the Glazed Chocolate Cake Munchkins.

    • angie

      I like their blueberry muffins.

    • Christina

      I’ve ALWAYS loved Dunkin’ Donuts Bavarian Creme donuts, plus I think their coffee is great!

    • Jeff

      I like the breakfast croissant’s.

    • Paul

      I have never found a chocolate donut as satisfying as Dunkin’s…not even the all-holy Krispy Kreme.

    • hj

      I am a fan of the simple glazed donut and coffee.

    • Theresa D

      I love DD’s Hazlenut coffee with cream.

    • Rosalind

      My Fav is a French Vanilla creme bismark with a swig of coffee.

    • Nancy

      The blueberry cake donut is delicious!

    • Victoria

      I love the Glazed Chocolate Cake Munchkins! Thanks.

    • Ani

      Blueberry Cake Donut!

    • barbara wright

      I love their coffee and the vanilla Kreme filled doughnuts equally.

    • kelley wood

      DD coffee for sure!! MMMMM

    • Diane F

      I love Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee

    • scottsgal

      they have the best hot chocolate

    • annalene

      I like the iced coffees!

    • Alice C

      coconut cake donut yum

    • Donna C.

      My favorite thing is the chocolate cake doughnuts

    • Tawnda

      angel creme donut with chocolate icing… yum

    • Gail Famous

      The flavored specialty coffees during the fall – so tasty and comforting!

    • Phyllis P

      Vanilla coffee is my favorite

    • Debra F

      I love their dark roast coffee and a boston creme donut!!

    • Melissa M.

      The kids and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the chocolate glazed!

    • adam

      My fave is a custard donut and a small dark roast coffee!

    • tracy

      I love the glazed munchkins.

    • denyse

      I LOVE the sesemee bagel.

    • http://thetravelingcoldwells.blogspot.com/ Stephanie Coldwell

      I love the donut with pink frosting!

    • dianne

      I go for a custard donut.

    • http://M Marjorie Whitney

      I enjoyed their hot chocolate just today. When my daughter was pregnant we had to make several stops at DD daily for coolatas.

    • Daniel M

      i’m addicted to the cinnamon doughnuts

    • Laura Benjamin

      I love their eclairs!

    • Christie

      I like their Sour Cream Donuts.

    • Amy L

      My favorite donut is their creuller.

    • Kristin Harris

      My favorite product is their plain bagels and cream cheese.

    • http://www.melodicmom.com Melodic Mom

      My favorite is their Boston Cream Donut.

    • Alisha Lesage

      Love their Iced Coffees! Yummm!


    • Carol G

      My favorite is the custard filled donut (otherwise known as a bismark!)

    • Amber G.

      My favorite donut is just a plain cake. They are so tasty!

    • Rebecca Peters

      I LOVE their hot chocolate!!

    • Danielle

      The boston creme doughnuts are AMAZING!

    • http://www.weeshenanigans.blogspot.com brooke

      Love their Iced Hazelnut coffee

    • Annette E

      I like their regular coffee.

    • Annemarie

      I love the chocolate frosted donuts with sprinkles!

    • Adele

      I like their yeast donuts. Thanks for this offer.

    • dianne

      I love the iced coffee.

    • Julie K

      The caramel iced lattes are the best! Thanks.

    • Barbara

      I like plain old glazed raised donuts.

    • Jennifer R

      I love Dunkin’ Dark coffee.

    • katie

      I like their flatbread sandwiches!

    • Karen Martin

      Dunkin has the best coffee but I really love their muffins. Thanks for the giveaway.

    • David Senderling

      Extra large coffee and blueberry muffin.

    • christopher h

      boston creme donuts

    • JoAnn L.

      I love the Dunkin Donuts regular coffee, it’s the only coffee I make at home now.

    • Joanne

      DD Boston Cream Donughts…the best

    • Chris R.

      My favorite is a medium hazelnut hot coffee with cream and sugar.

    • Donna L

      Jelly Donut

    • Sheila

      Everything bagels and cream cheese. YUM

    • Sheila

      Everything bagels and cream cheese.

    • Sharon Seneker

      I like the original Dunkin Donuts coffee! Thanks! senekers@comcast.net

    • shirley

      my favorite is vanilla coffee and jelly donut

    • Angie O

      I’ve actually never been to one before – this would be a great incentive to go!! :)

    • Tracy P

      I love the lemon filled donuts

    • Emmy T

      My DD standard is a toasted everything bagel, chive cream cheese on this side, and a non-fat chocolate iced latte. Oh yum!

    • Mishmasho

      chocolate munchkins!

    • Paula Hafner

      I love their Raspberry Jelly-filled Doughnuts.

    • Richard Licata SAYS


    • Jill McNamara

      mmmm vanilla cream donut

    • Erica C.

      I like the Boston Creme donuts!

    • http://samsakara.blogspot.com/ Shilo Beedy

      I love there Blueberry Cake donut

    • http://jinxyknowsbest.blogspot.com Chrysa

      I love the vanilla kreme doughnuts!

    • misty

      My favorite DD donut is Bavarian Kreme Donut! Sooooo good!

    • http://auriette.blogspot.com Auriette

      Dunkin Donuts just opened in Pensacola, and my husband is thrilled. I don’t really have a favorite DD, but hubby loves their Chocolate Honey Dipped.

    • Lauren

      I am obsessed with the Strawberry Frosted Dunkin’ Donuts!!! They are my all time favorite donut!! I would absolutely LOVE to win a gift card for some delicious Dunkin Donuts!!

    • Jennifer

      Love all DD’s… yummy making my mouth water, they are insanely delicious! Whether chocolate, glazed, cake, wow need them NOW! LOL

    • Pamela S

      My favorite is the simple glazed donut. Thanks.

    • Maggie Mata

      Their coffee is wonderful! I can’t start my morning without it.

    • Jesselyn

      Much to our surprise (considering how good their donuts are!) We have really fallen for their rich, delicious yet mellow coffee. We now buy the coffee beans as well so we can enjoy this wonderful coffee at home on the weekends.

      With all the gourmet and upscale (and over-priced) coffees around these days, we were VERY pleasantly surprised that Dunkin Donuts brand is one of the best!

    • Sarah

      I like the basic cinnamon donuts.

    • karen

      I love blueberry cake donuts. Thanks.

    • sal williams

      The coffee is the best anywhere. we buy it on special 4 lbs /$20 and it is a real deal!

    • Jennifer gersch

      love the Blueberry Cake donut

    • Karen

      My favorite Dunkin’ Donuts product is the iced hazelnut coffee. Yum!

    • Ivan Messinger

      We love d&d cold coffees–any of them!

    • Kim

      Dunkin Donuts coffee is the only coffee we drink. Before it was available in stores, we faithfully ordered it via the DD website. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • oneangel

      Raspberry Jelly FIlled-yummo!

    • wendy wallach

      i like the boston creme donut with sprinkles.

      madamerkf at aol dot com

    • Amy Delong

      My favorite is the iced vanilla coffee!


    • Andria

      I love their coffee with lots of sugar and cream

    • Nicole D.

      I love their French Vanilla Coolata!

    • Marc Kelly

      Boston Creme Donut

    • Jenn S.

      Currently, my favorite do-nut is their iced blueberry cake. Yum!

    • Lily Kwan

      My favorite item is the Boston Creme donuts.

    • Elizabeth N.

      I LOVE their Egg White Veggie Flatbread!

    • Brandy Byrne

      Don’t get me started on my favorite donuts – yes plural- donuts! But I will pick their Sour Cream Glazed donut.

    • Billy Collins

      I love the rich chocolate muffins most of all.

    • Suzy

      I love the bavarian creme filled!

    • Derk Thomas

      Medium coffee regular. I also like to buy their coffee and make it at home.

    • carol lewis

      Boston Creme donuts are my favorite! So yummy!

    • Sarah D.

      I LOVE their Chai!

    • Sue Timmsen

      I love just the regular good coffee and an apple fritter.

    • R Hicks

      I love their French Vanilla coffee with a tasty donut!

    • Veronica Garrett

      The Bavarian Cream donut is my favorite.

    • Liz Kovalak

      My favorite DD treat is the good ol’ eclair because it’s the best for dipping in coffee!

    • Rosey

      No one has better coffee than Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s my all-time favorite.

    • Emily R.

      I love the coffee and this prize sure would buy a lot of it;)


    • kathy pease

      i love their bluberry muffins :)

    • Katina

      I love their unsweetened ice tea!

    • http://www.over30mommy.blogspot.com Carrie Miyake

      I love their boston Creme donuts, I think some places also call them bismarks

    • Charity S.

      I love the Jelly Donuts. Thanks

    • http://ols pat jasmin

      i like the boston cream donut with there coffee yumyum

    • Lauren

      I like the coffee the best, and the breakfast sandwiches.

    • Laurie C

      My favorite item at Dunkin Donuts is the coffee, particularly a bag of the whole bean coffee, ground fresh each day at home. Thanks for the contest!

    • Teresa

      The Blueberry Cake donut is my fav!

      :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

    • Lori C.

      We always like their seasonal sprinkle doughnuts. For instance for Valentine’s Day, DD had a chocolate donut with pink & red heart sprinkles.

    • heather c

      I love their chocolate iced long johns filled with Bavarian cream. It’s sinful, but soooooooo delicious!

    • Laura Collins

      I like chocolate donut.

    • Richard Rosen

      Coffee straight almost everyday. $60 worth would save me a lot of money!!

    • NAOKO Y


    • Terri L

      I like the everything bagel with plain cream cheese.

    • Kristin

      Hands down, no doubt, without question, their coffee. It is simply the best tasting coffee in the country. And, I’ve checked around.

    • Happi Shopr

      Blueberry Cake donut is my fave

    • Jennifer W.

      I love the chocolate donut holes.

    • kim e

      I am a kid at heart and and still love the cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles.

    • Jennifer Jozwiak

      I love the Boston Cream donuts!

    • Susan Smith

      I like their glazed donuts

    • estella miller

      Mocha iced coffee! Can’t live without it!

    • steven lewis

      I have drank a lot of DUNKIN coffee

    • Maja Meza

      boston cream donuts


      My favorite is the Bosten Creme Donut.

    • prizehound7

      My current favorite Dunkin’ Donuts product is the Glazed Munchkin.

    • http://www.talesofasweeper.com Ellen Brower

      Their coffee is wonderful! Love to go late and night and get coffe and a cream donut.

    • DanV

      My favorite is boston creme donuts

    • Jackee

      I am addicted to their coffee


      boston cremes are my favorite

    • Sand

      I love their coffee and blueberry cake doughnut.

    • Mela P

      Mmmm love the coffee because I’m supposed to resist the donuts! :D

    • Arla

      Glazed donuts, so delicious and fresh!

    • http://www.thriftymaven.com catherine copeland

      my favorite dunkin donut is the maple frosted donut. then again i love the chocolate sprinkles. Then again i love the chocolate cream filled…….just suffice it to say i LOVE dunkin donuts

    • Alicia

      I LOVE the Chocolate Glazed Cake Donuts

    • http://onlinesweepstakes Diane

      I love the peanut ones

    • Jennifer

      I love their plain cake donuts.

    • Joanne Schultz

      I like their coffee- no cream, no sugar, just black! It’s not too strong like I find Starbucks!

      Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Danielle

      plain bagle!! yummm

    • Jay f.

      I still like peanut doughnuts the best.

    • Gianna

      Raised glazed donuts :)

    • Barbara Long

      My favorite Dunkin’ Donuts product right now is the white hot chocolate.

    • Kathy Schell

      A good fresh warm glazed donut.

    • Sue

      I absolutely LOVE their coffee!

    • Robert R

      chocolate covered cream filled is my favorite!

    • sam

      boston creame

    • Jacob LaFountaine

      blueberry cake donuts

    • Angela Winesburg

      I love the everything bagel with cream cheese, thanks for the chance!